How to Write a Stellar Report in Leadership Studies

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Posted on February 18, 2020

Lots of educational establishments regularly assess students with various assignments. A report is one of them. Even though it is not considered to be a complex paper a few people anyway postpone this task for later. This may lead to missing deadlines and as a result bad grades or even retaking the exams. To get rid of continuous puzzlement connected with writing papers, let’s cover the most interesting topics related to Leadership studies, and speak of the tips for prewriting and post-writing stages.

What Is the Report and How to Write on Leadership Studies?

A professionally composed report is a type of paper aimed to provide the audience with the clear stated facts, description of the events, and their further solution. In all the cases, there is a purpose of writing and a party that asks to write it usually provides a person with a brief guideline on what problems or events you should address. Besides, to deliver the report, there should be sections if possible at least a few and subheadings that allocate information gradually, thus the audience can easily understand the issue.

Nowadays, there are scientific, business, technical reports. But, as far as our subject is Leadership Studies, there will be the composition required by the educational establishments. However, the most important is still to find out what this subject stands for, and accordingly to choose the stellar topic.

Leadership Studies is a discipline that deals with the leadership aspect in organizations and human life. At the same time, there are multiple fields of this study, and a person when getting a degree possesses knowledge in political science, human resources, ethics, healthcare, retail, and many more. So, a student has a wide range of professions where to turn to. Of course, when speaking of the topics of this subject, a person is scared to be puzzled because there are many possible variants to write about. But sometimes they may turn out to be not related to Leadership. Let’s see some of the bingo examples.

What Are The Perfect Topics for Leadership Studies Report?

Before coming up with an idea of the perfect match, check with your educational institution on the list of common topics. Usually, the colleges post them online on their site, or the professor may advise the one from the previous courses. If there is free blue-sky thinking, think about something extraordinary. For examples, avoid the next mentioned boring topics, because they are already well-researched:

  • Leadership in the Roman Empire;
  • How to Raise Leaders in Any Business;
  • What Features are Integral to Leaders;
  • Leadership is a Machine for Success.

This is just an approximate example, but more and more students follow the path of the least resistance and choose the subjects that are the most spoken online. Why? Because, there will be many materials needed for bibliography in the report, and already composed hooks and thesis.

Try to play another game. Think about the below-mentioned topics.

  • Teamwork or Leadership. First off, make sure your report will not look like a compare and contrast essay, this is one of the most common mistakes. A student just should state the facts on these two events and provide the solution to refer to one approach. For example, provide some proven facts when consistent teamwork led to the top results in large corporations such as Microsoft, or Coca-Cola. And, offer your strategy on how to gain leads in the market if relying mostly on the leaders.
  • Strategic Planning of a Good Boss. Imagine you are a boss, try to persuade the audience why this strategy will work only because you say so. Mostly, the leaders are too confident in their actions, thus show by providing examples of failures in popular companies how a good boss’s strategic planning helped to get rid of the obstacles and earn a big profit or vice versa. Then, report on the few ways of your personal vision on such planning, and explain why they can fit.
  • Political Leaders of all the Centuries. To make it even easier, a person may choose today’s political figures. But, try to avoid well-known people because due to the Internet and television, there will be less information to surprise the audience with. Take, as an example, the leaders of Norway, how they managed to build a progressive country where citizens care much about the environment, or how their people have a decent living thanks to the government.
  • Leadership in Hospitality. Here you again can take any field like IT, Healthcare, etc. Regarding hospitality, a student has a chance to gather much information if he conducts research. For instance, do not neglect the idea of visiting the website of hotels and learning their designated programs aimed to raise leaders. Speak how restaurant leaders work on educating the staff, how they contribute to their promotions, and how to become a general manager from a simple server.
  • Efficient Ways of Boosting Employees’ Performance. What about your personal vision of how a boss should contribute to inspiration within departments and teams? For example, take Apple corporation, and research what are the bonuses or privileges are monthly organized to provide the workers with motivation to hit the new targets. Or, describe the most efficient approaches used by small companies that transited to the middle-sized asset businesses.
  • Gender Leadership in the Show Business. If you are sure you can provide enough facts and information about this topic without being sexist, it can be quite interesting and will definitely impress the audience. Speak what is the rate of successful leaders in the music industry and cinematography. Discuss the wages, and find out how the situation can be possibly changed.
  • Teaching Leadership: How to raise a kid as a leader. This is a perfect topic for those students who care about the importance of primary education. Discuss the educational approaches used by schools to motivate kids to be better, stronger and act as a leader. And, mention what are the tactics that deprive children of becoming successful. In the end, present recommendations on how it can be also changed for good.

If these topics are not enough, please there are other fields that concern leadership ethics, quality, training and development, and even psychological.

Pre-writing Tips for Your Report in Leadership Studies

If you selected the right subject to write about, then it is advisable to create a plan of writing. First of all, it encompasses the materials needed to study the subject. Make sure there are not only the online sources but books, journals, or even the drawings from conducted research. Then, dedicate 1 – 2 hours to gather all the thoughts on the subject and convert them into a text. It can be anything related for example to Leadership in Hospitality like ‘training from learning and development departments, incentives from hotel to boost the motivation of leaders’, and so on.

Then, let’s move the structure of the Report. How should it look like? Actually, there is nothing extraordinary compared to the essays and papers, there are an introduction, main body, and conclusion. If needed or possible, students add also the paragraph dealing with the research results. Otherwise, many universities or colleges provide students with their requirements guidelines on following the structure. In most cases, you should stick to the next advice:

  • Title
  • Content
  • Executive Summary – one short description in no more than 3 paragraphs where a student outlines what is a report about;
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendices

When only starting the composition of the report, you may write without following the order but then make sure to adjust the text to the above-mentioned structure. Other tips:

  • When dealing with the main body of the report, a person has to avoid the first narratives, there should be logical arguments and facts. For instance, instead of writing, I think the Hilton chain has many designated programs to train the staff, you should visit their dedicated page where all the programs are open for public access and mention a few of them.
  • Always seek for logic in the sentences. If one sentence deals with leadership strategies in American large corporations, the second sentence cannot speak of the boss’s failures. The information should be consistent, otherwise, a reader will be puzzled to pieces.
  • Ask yourself questions to find out the relevance of the text. It is an interesting topic? Will I persuade the professor that my tactic is actual? Is there enough evidence on the subject? Does my strategy to educate children to be leaders work? While answering them, a person understands if he mentions all the key features that should be discussed.
  • Try to find figures, polls, statistic results, diagrams to demonstrate how a problem impacts people. Besides, add helpful phrases that will direct the reader such as As can be seen in the polls, Figure 1 shows…
  • Avoid footnotes, stick to 1.5 or double spaced lines.
  • Use the Pomodoro technique when you cannot make yourself write even a single sentence. Break down your work in 25 minutes and during them write non-stop. After each interval have a short pause and then get back to work. Usually, students say it is a good way for lazybones who cannot even stand up from the sofa. But, it works individually.

And, the last but not least tip when you are on a prewriting stage, always tend to write something unique, with a bit of humor, and without using plagiarism. Even when a selected topic does not have enough online materials or books, do not give in writing it. Try to turn to the professor and ask him about the list of suitable literature, or ask advice online. There are many websites where students from around the world share their feedback, ask for advice, or even help.

For instance, Leadership in Hospitality topic, does not demand you to only refer to hospitality management materials, you can watch inspirational video of the hotel chains, the books of the founders of restaurants, and even visit the social networks dedicated to staff of one bar to check their opinion on what can boost the desire to be a leader when starting as a simple housekeeping attendant.

Post-writing Tips

When moving to the last stage, the main target is to proofread the text attentively. Here students may come across such typical mistakes as slang or mix of British and American English. If you have strict requirements from professors to write scientifically, do not play with words because it may lower the grade. And pay attention to the words you use in the report such as:

  • Leaders are always 24/7 on their cell phones. – American English
  • Leaders are always 24/7 on their mobile phones. – British

Then, check the number of references you presented. Usually, there should be a minimum of 5 but again it depends on the professor’s requirements. Make sure there is an equivalent number of paper books and online sources. Some educational establishments may lower the grade if a student only used the materials from the Internet. However, check it individually because it varies. And, of course, a student cannot just indicate the names of materials as they are written on the covers or just via adding a link to the source. Use specialized sites where a system cites references to make them look professional.

Moreover, if you know that you are weak in grammar and spelling the words, refer to online helpers such Grammarly. It fastly detects the mistakes and corrects them. Otherwise, when rereading your report, spend 1 minute on each sentence and check it from different points such as sense, grammar, spelling, and logic.

And one more recommendation, a person can give his report to the people who are not interested in saying the compliments about the content. It will help to get to know independent feedback and spot extra mistakes or sentences that are irrelevant and do not have any sense. There are plenty of groups on Facebook or, where students share their works and let others evaluate them. As a bonus, after submitting your work and receiving it back graded, you can sell it online at the same sites, and get a good amount of money.

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