How to Write AMA Paper Format?

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Posted on December 10, 2021

It is always necessary to get acquainted with the specifics of the written work before handing it over to the teacher or supervisor. This procedure is mandatory, because, for example, to publish your work in the journal, you must follow certain rules so that your work is accepted for consideration.

How to Cope with AMA Style Paper Right?

You are likely to get acquainted with the AMA if you are studying in a medical university or college. The AMA style has been specially developed for biomedical professionals, by the American Psychological Association. AMA paper format has several strict requirements that can be used in scientific research works but can be freely published on the Internet. The structure of the AMA is quite simple and versatile, so it is obvious that it is used by many students at universities. Based on the evidence of the importance of this style of writing, we encourage you to learn more about AMA.

How to Structure AMA Paper Writing?

Properly structured information of your research will help the reader to focus more fully on the content of the essay and not be distracted by the creative design, which in this case is inappropriate. That’s why many people choose an AMA writing style due to its simple rules.

AMA writing style is used in the formatting of many academic papers, including psychology because it was developed by the American Psychological Association.
Most likely if you are studying psychology at a college or university. Your teacher may ask you to write an AMA study. Professors at universities and colleges often require students to write essays following the AMA style of writing. Therefore, the question “How to write in AMA format?” is currently relevant and is gradually gaining popularity among inquiries so that don’t have a discussion with the teacher in the future.

1. Use Professionalisms

First, you need to understand that the AMA style is designed for health professionals who tend to use numerous professional definitions in their work. And this is obvious because the topic of your paper will be scientific, which requires wide use of professionalism. That is why it is inadmissible to use many epithets and emotionally colored language. It is necessary to formulate your opinion clearly and without unnecessary details, you add just to extend the volume of the document.

2. Look at the Ready Samples

When writing a new type of research, it is better to analyze how it was performed by professionals. Analyzing a sample will make it easier for you to navigate the tips and requirements. Templates of AMA-style work will come in handy for a flawless result and high appreciation from colleagues in the same field.

3. Font Settings

In the AMA style, it is allowed to use the font from the proposed list, which lists the Times New Roman, Courier, Arial, Tahoma. So you can choose the one that will be easier for you to work with. As for the font size, it is better to choose 12 for the body text, and 14 for the headings to the fourth order. You can also use another font for the heading, for example, Arial.

4. Consult with the Teacher

Before you start writing content, you need to make sure that you understand the teacher’s requirements correctly. This will help you avoid unnecessary rewriting. Before writing the AMA paper format, it is better to consult with your supervisor, who will draw your attention to details that may go unnoticed or that are not prescribed, but still are necessary. Make sure you know the structure nuances.

5. Take Care of a Logical Structure

To start writing your AMA-style research, you should make an introduction, which will highlight the hypotheses of the study and their purpose. The next section will describe in detail the conditions under which the research was conducted, and how many people have participated in it. All the details should be provided so that the reader can better understand how your work was carried out. Also, at this stage, you should describe the results which the team of experts received.

The following paragraphs should describe the discussion of the study at the special council involved in the project. The sections should contain critical remarks on the work and a comparison of the hypotheses mentioned in the introduction and the results.

The final structure part is developing a conclusion. A full-fledged section is very important. It is the part where most people make mistakes, that is why you need to be very responsible when writing.

6. Pay Special Attention to the Titles

To successfully submit a written paper, you need to consider such a powerful detail as the titles. At first glance, everything is simple, but there are also certain requirements for their formation.

Firstly, there should be no abbreviations in this paragraph. If you still need to insert such a definition, then you have to explain its meaning there.
Secondly, keep in mind that you shouldn’t use links in headlines. It is also undesirable to insert abbreviations, except where it is an acronym. In this case, it is necessary to describe it at the first opportunity.

Thirdly, to make the correct quotation marks in the headings or subheadings means to put double ones. Also, the first letter of the title must be in uppercase if it is a preposition, up to 3 inclusive letters.

Note that your title should not be abstract, but clear and concise. The title should tell the reader what he is supposed to read.

7. Create the List of Citations

To avoid misunderstandings and penalties for non-compliance with the norms of text uniqueness, it is necessary to indicate references to the sources used in writing the work. For the AMA style in-text citation, it is typical to mention them twice: first in an in-text quote, and then in the list of references at the end of the research.

If you borrow some information from the sources, be sure to make a note by marking it with a number that corresponds to the item number in the list. If you want to mention a direct quote, i.e., the words of the author, then highlight it with quotation marks. You can also paraphrase the author’s thoughts and add them to the text without quotation marks.

In one way or another, the quote should not exceed the 4-band limit. And the last requirement is easier.
You need to create a list of citations, in which you should indicate all the sources that you used to conduct the AMA research. It will prove the reliability and reasonableness of your research.

That’s why when you start working with a new type of writing, you need to get acquainted with all its requirements. Therefore, if reading the home assignment you saw the requirement to write a study in the new AMA format you see for the first time, you can use our article, which contains all the necessary information for writing. If you are worried about: “Who can write my paper in AMA format?”. You are not alone, – professional writers from CustomWritings will help you online.

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