A Complete Guide on Writing a Business Studies Research Paper: 5 Secrets Behind It

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Posted on February 4, 2019

The research of business affairs is not as simple as it can seem for a professor with a business degree, who has written many research papers on Business Studies. Research is vital to the business major. Every student, who needs to write a business studies research paper, should remember that it differs from a common piece of writing. A research paper is a special type of writing that demands some considerable practical skills, serious practice and systematic approach. Is there really a secret of success in writing a great business research paper?

This business studies research paper guide is your helping hand in writing your business studies research paper. It is devoted to helping students identify a research topic, the main components of a research paper and effective strategies for writing. Use our help efficiently to make sure that academic success is waiting for in the near future.

Choose Good Business Research Topics to Write on

Like many academic papers, the aim of a research paper is to perform a detailed examination of a specific research question/issue. Business studies research papers cover a broad range of subjects, such as Accounting, Business Administration, Law or Ethics, and many other fields in which many interesting topics are found.

A topic, which an instructor thinks fit, may be assigned to a student, but most often instructors enable students to select a topic of interest. According to the education research by the United Nations, the flexibility in learning leads to deeper student motivation and engagement. As a result, it plays a central role in making education in the 21st century successful.

However, the task to choose a good topic on Business Studies alone can be a challenge for many students. One of those who struggle with selecting a topic on your own? Don’t worry! If a good idea for business topics doesn’t go to you, you must go to it, for example, on our website. We can offer you the opportunity to find the perfect topic for a research paper on Business Studies.

In fact, you should choose a research topic with a great amount of detail, plus a topic you will feel comfortable writing on. Only in these cases, it is easier to complete a research paper. We’re ready to provide you with the list of business research topics with concrete details you can include in your research paper. Besides, the suggested topics are from various business disciplines you can study within Business Studies.



  • Accounting Cycle: How to Measure and Report Financial Information about an Enterprise?
  • An Effective Accounting Policy on the Basis of the Financial Reporting of a Company





  • Online Advertising: The Reality of Self-Regulation;
  • An Advertising’s Effect on the Brand Credibility: X Attitudes Towards to an Ad Authenticity;
  • The Advertising Revolution: Is a Delicate Balance of Art and Science, Creativity, and Analytics Created?



Business Administration


  • 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Forming a Company into a Corporation;
  • X Tough Administrative Management Challenges: A Proper Coordination;
  • An Organizational Strategic Analysis on Start-ups: X Recommendations for Its Growth.



International Business


  • Trade War: What Companies Risk Losing Dominance Today?
  • Global Supply Chain Management’s Aims in the Context of International Companies



Know the Structure of a Business Research Paper

Every academic paper has a structure. Most instructors give the assignment requirements on how a research paper should be structured. For that reason, you should examine the paper instructions carefully to follow during the writing process. In general, your research paper on Business Studies should have an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion sections.

At this point the business studies research paper tip sounds like: review each section in detail what data you need to include.

  • Introduction. Provide the background for the research paper on a particular topic. Every detail that is needed to understand a topic should be included. For example, there are many key terms in E-Commerce that you need to explain in your research paper if it is your area of interest. Don’t leave your readers in the dark. If you deal with the topic ‘The Advertising Revolution’, give some historical information on it. Besides, you should work on your thesis statement as a transition to the body paragraphs.
  • Literature review. Sometimes, the information in a particular subject area should be presented within a certain time period. As Business Studies is a relatively ‘young’ discipline, this time period is limited by the late 20th and the 21st centuries. But there are about 13,000 business schools in the world that contribute to some extensive research in this field. So, you have enough texts to mention in your literature review. However, you need to take a step-by-step approach towards writing a literature review on Business Studies.
  • Methodology. Explain how you conduct research on Business Studies to investigate an issue, to find out something new in the area under discussion. All inventions are meant to be possible for an update in the future provided that you are able to explain all the approaches and methods used in the research paper properly. Even if you don’t intend to come up with some innovations, you need to summarize some findings after researching a particular topic. Try to use the most effective business research methods.
  • Results. You write a research paper on Business Studies with different aims – to analyze, compare or contrast, explain, etc. Depending on the objectives of the study, there are some results of your study. For example, in organizational strategic analysis, you need to come up with the results concerning the current position of business matters.
  • Discussion. After you have the research results, you’re ready to discuss them in a separate section. The most important point in this part is to explain what you found in relation to the thesis statement (the main idea of your research paper). There should be a compelling logic of your interpretations.
  • Conclusion. It is a part where you relate your findings to other potential research and to the world at large. You should summarize briefly the main points of your research paper, then give some recommendations for further researches.

Our Writers Advise: Have an Outline Created Before Writing a Research Paper

Having an outline is the best way of dealing with largely written assignments, to which a research paper is included as well. The flow of thoughts can be endless that makes the writing process challenging for most. Keep it simple when an outline is in front of you. All your data collected from information sources can be properly organized. The research paper structure is previously mentioned. So, there shouldn’t be any difficulties in creating a good outline for a business research paper. You don’t need to work on the entire paper at the same time. With your paper outline, you can choose where you begin and end.

The most effective order of sections writing is as follows:

Know Where to Look for Information

Due to a variety of information sources, it is easy to get confused with the information gathered. Some data is reliable, some needs proof such as an authors’ qualification in the field, the evidence and its applicability, up-to-dateness and so on. The University Libraries has the info about the reliability of sources available today. Keep in mind that using Wikipedia is still unproven idea to provide well-reasoned arguments or discussion, etc. based on the strong pieces of evidence.

Some sources that can be useful for your research paper on Business Studies include the following:

Know How to Revise a Research Paper

Without the final touches on your writing, you can lose some marks as the slightest mistakes spoil the overall impression of your academic work. What errors occurring to a research paper can disappoint your instructor?

If you want to have a well-written business research paper, it is better to consider its quality before submitting it to your instructor. Answer the question objectively, ‘Is my business studies research paper worth of an A+ grade?’ If you doubt, pass through a checklist while revising your paper.

You should determine:

  • Have I done everything according to the requirements? Usually, it happens that too little attention is drawn to the assignment requirements. As a result, not high marks are given. You have probably the last minute to review your instructions to make sure that you stick to them properly.
  • Does my business research paper have an appropriate structure? In this case, we can keep calm because if you read this guide attentively, you have all the essentials of a proper structure for a business research paper. Now, it is your turn to make sure whether you manage to follow it while writing.
  • Is it easy to read my business research paper? If no, avoid vague words and sentence structures that may make your readers confused. A word-level clarity plays a crucial role in perception of the whole paper. So, wordiness and clichés aren’t your ‘best friends’! A matter of word choice can occur the cases when you misuse a word. Among commonly confused words, you’ll find ‘accept’/‘except’ or ‘effect’/‘affect’. You can watch the video to avoid the common spelling mistakes and word misuse.
  • Have I made clear transitions between paragraphs? Without the logical sequence of paragraphs, you can lose the readers’ attention. What makes the sequence of paragraph logical? Logical transition words, like ‘On the one hand’ and ‘On the other hand’, ‘Additionally’, ‘However’, etc. Make sure you have them in your text.
  • Have I used an appropriate academic tone in my writing? The usage of the 3rd person enables you to show that your writing is quite objective to be considered as an academic writing. Moreover, consider the use of tenses. In most cases, you need to use present tenses. Avoid contractions in academic writing as well.
  • Have I cited quotes, and ideas from sources appropriately? Keep an eye out for formatting your research paper, be it an APA or MLA. Once you see a style pattern, you can develop techniques for formatting the future academic text. In the meantime, keep the style tutorials or an experienced editor handy.

You see that business research paper writing is quite challenging – it MUST be a well-researched, detail-oriented, well-structured paper. This guide gives you 5 secrets of successful research paper writing. Indeed, there is one more secret that can be valuable for everyone who appreciates the time and own efforts. It is a research paper writing service of our professional writing staff. Believe it or not, many students ask for help with research paper writing from our skilled writers. Be one of those who succeeds in academic writing and – if necessary – our writing tutors will help you.

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