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AI essay writer: Your inspiring essay writing tool

Want to break through your creative block? Try our AI essay writer that cites scientific resources and formats your paper automatically.


Are there limitations on what an AI essay writer can do?

Sure, there are limitations to the overall functionality and possibilities of our AI paper generator. In our case, the restrictions are related to the number of pages you can generate, the downloading formats available, and the paper formatting options.

  • You can get up to four pages of the generated essay at once. Currently, we’re working on removing these restrictions and creating a more pleasant experience for our users. If you need a longer essay, you can simply request, “write my ai essay” and we’ll provide you with the required length.
  • After the AI generator essay completes its task, you can download the essay in the DOCX format or open it in Google Docs. The PDF format is unavailable at the moment.
  • We have other limitations regarding the formatting of the paper. You can use our AI paper writer free of charge to get an APA- or MLA-formatted essay. This tool won’t be helpful if you need an example of custom formatting or another standard.

Can I customize the style or tone of the AI-generated essays?

Our free essay AI generator gives you an opportunity to influence the style and tone of your paper using the description block of the tool. Leave your comments there describing the topic you want to work on. Typically, students use this field to insert everything that doesn’t fit the title of the essay.

Remember to use a valid essay topic and even pitch it with time frames or other descriptive features that can influence the writing style. For example, the results for “Art of the US” and those for “Art of the US of XIX century” will definitely vary.

But no matter how many times you ask it to “write my ai essay”, AI helper won’t put words together exactly the way you imagine them. Feel free to add a style and tone that sounds individually yours. We’re sure that you can do it with ease!

Is there a risk of plagiarism when using an AI essay writer?

Not if you use our generator. We created our best AI essay writer free of plagiarism and cliched writing. Our tool uses public, official scientific sources to create a text for you. The paper you are generating will be appearing for the first time, and no service will have previously published it elsewhere. That’s why there is no chance of plagiarism.

All essays and papers we provide are intended to be useful sources of inspiration and ideas for you. Each time you create and discard an essay you don’t like, it doesn’t get published anywhere. The chances of plagiarism are extremely low, so you can be confident while using our essay AI writer free of charge.

Are AI essay writers accessible to non-native English speakers?

Yes, it’s accessible to non-native English speakers. If language issues don’t make you feel comfortable and free, AI essay writer will give you a result in well-written English that’s simple enough to understand for even non-advanced readers. For those seeking assistance with their essays, you can simply request – Write my AI essay, to receive a well-structured and coherent essay.

You can use a free AI essay writing generator to get examples of high-quality writing styles, analyze them, and use the language tricks in your own paper. It’s not a rare occasion when students improve their writing skills by reading and following informative examples, and that’s how you can use our free AI writing generator to simplify your essay-related homework routine as well.

What level of creativity can an AI essay writer exhibit?

AI essay writing is not about creativity in the common sense, i.e., in the way we talk about human creativity. At the core of the process, there are lots of combination, comparison, and prioritization math models (as well as the subject’s language patterns and academic style guides) that together make you feel like this text is creative.

Can we call an AI-generated essay writer “creative” as we would its colleague of flesh, bone, and blood? That’s for you to decide. Still, the ideas and content powered by our AI essay generator free of charge are worth using for inspiration and to overcome writer’s block.

AI essay writing tool: How it works

AI essay writer is an AI-based tool that helps students generate well-structured content filled with fresh
references, ideas, and concepts for their topic in minutes. The development of such instruments became possible due to
the utilization of long-term machine learning, which includes:

  • Collecting a learning base and normalizing it. To make AI write essay at a high level, it should
    grasp as many possible examples of well-written texts as possible.
  • “Feeding” essay writer tool with a base of high-quality academic essays. This is where the
    algorithm “learns” what will be expected from it.
  • Iterative generating and forming feedback. At this step, our developers as tutors check how good
    the generated content is and leave all possible edits that will correct future iterations.
  • The whole process starts over. After collecting all the edits, the learning base gets updated and
    the essay writing AI proceeds to a new level.

As you can see, it’s very similar to the way anybody learns new things. So, when you request an essay titled “New
Ways of Speedreading as a Pedagogical Method,” the essay writer tool starts to get all similar essays regarding the
domain of “Pedagogy” (or maybe the ones mentioning “Speedreading” as a topic) from its memory. Finding the needed
sources and structured data in an essay, our AI academic helper gives you a result formatted in APA or MLA style.

AI-generated essay: Three ways you can use it

There can be more than three ways of using an AI essay generator. This tool is quite universal, and you can use it to meet your needs and tasks. However, the three main and most evident ways of using the AI generator related to academic writing seem to be the following:

  • Enhancing learning and understanding

While AI essay generators provide a foundation for the essay, they leave the most crucial tasks to the student: analyzing, personalizing, and specifying the content. This process encourages students to think critically about the generated information, assess its relevance, and adapt it to their own unique perspective and writing style. By doing so, students actively engage with the material and develop essential critical thinking and writing skills.

  • Saving time and increasing productivity

Most students who are googling something like “AI essay writer free” want to cope with their paper faster. An AI generator can truly help with that. It’s much more difficult to work from scratch than start writing when you already have some examples. The generated example will save the time that students could spend procrastinating and trying to force themselves. Instead of wasting time, students can use the AI generator and start working on a paper immediately.

  • Encouraging critical thinking and personalization

The availability of an AI essay writer free of cost has revolutionized the way students approach their writing tasks, providing them with a powerful tool to enhance their skills and save time. But still, a student can pass off a generated paper as their own. First, the AI-checker can easily identify whether an essay was written by a human or generated. Second, an educator can really distinguish AI-generated text from the writing style of a particular student. Even though AI can make life easier, students still need to approach generated texts with a critical view and personalization.

The outcomes of the essay writer tool being applied in modern education are disputable. Some people say that lazy
students are becoming even lazier, and that nobody will ever do their homework by themselves again. Others say that if
the writer tool helped at least one student to understand the subject better, then it deserves to be part of the
educational process. In the Middle Ages, students were the smartest people around, invoking the most inventive ways of
slipping away from sitting over the books and doing what tutors say to make their lives easier. Our age is totally the

It matters how many hours you spend per essay. It matters if you just gather pinches of information or creatively
work over the data you have.

An AI essay generator is a way of studying intensively, allowing you to generate a lot of content, but it leaves the
hardest work for the student—decide what to do with it in terms of how to personalize and specify it. This way,
students help themselves to stay afloat in the ocean of information. Let’s take a closer look at how the routine of an
essay writer AI changes.

AI-generated essays as inspiration boosters

“I don’t know where to start.” “I have no idea where to get quality essays as references.” “My topic is too
complicated for me.” If such thoughts are familiar to you, be sure to try an essay AI writer to fix your lack of

Suppose you need less than 1000 words per essay—our tool can cover all your needs. By the way, be sure to check our
other instrument for writers—our text summarizer. MLA and APA formatting styles are familiar to our tool, so you can
choose from among those options for your generated essays. You can ask for a few texts with multiple sources to dig
out a great idea for your own writing. Maybe our AI essay writer will push you towards the shortest way of finishing
your material.

Using an AI essay writer as a savior from white page paralysis

If you don’t know how to start your essay, even if you know what to write there, the best essay-writing AI is ready
to help.

  1. Start by filling out the fields of the essay AI writer. Click the “Generate” button.
  2. Analyze the beginning of the essay. Isolate the tropes that fit your needs or that will suit your own writing
  3. Include the findings in your essays and articles.

You should try it now. Fighting writer’s block is the easiest task for our essay writer AI. And even getting 1000
words per essay will be totally OK for you, as you’ll need only the beginning.

AI writing assistance is the fastest way to find and cite new sources

  1. Open the AI essay writer. Fill out the fields of the tool and be sure to leave comments in the Description field.
    Our AI algorithm will use this information to generate the best-fitting essay for you.
  2. Review a few essays and articles connected with your topic. Get an understanding of what ideas are rather
    old-fashioned or irrelevant.
  3. Read the text from the essay writer tool. Pay attention to the sources mentioned in the text. Copy those
    references that suit your paper the best.
  4. Change or specify your request and generate another essay. Seed another idea from the generated essays.

As you can see, the whole process of writing an essay with AI is iterative. All quality essays have in common
persuasive work over the sources, seeding relevant and fresh ideas, and presenting them according to the formatting

A free AI essay writing generator for innovative education

The existence of such tools will maybe move education away from evaluating students’ work according to quantitative
parameters, like words per essay, to qualitative ones: innovative ideas, the creativeness of viewpoints, etc. But now,
until the system plays the old song, students can use essay writing AI to change their routine from endless browsing
to the generation and seeding of content. Our writer tool helped lots of students to overcome their disbelief in their
own writing skills, which is an extremely positive outcome. Our AI essay generator is not a kind of deus ex machina;
it’s the same type of tool as an encyclopedia (or the internet itself) was at the moment of its first appearance. Oh,
you should try to write an essay titled “The Role of Text-generating AI Tools for Education.” It would be gorgeous!

Classic essay writing tools

Let’s see what classic ways of and tools for writing a paper AI essay writer could compete with.

  • Googling for a ready-made essay titled the same as yours. This method is risky because of
    plagiarism. Essay writing AI creates an original paper each time, generating only unique material.
  • Rewriting samples in your own words. This approach may work, but to get a high-quality paper, you
    should invest a lot of time in getting a fine essay. That might be even harder than writing everything from scratch.
  • Using your friend’s paper as a reference. That’s maybe the most helpful scenario if it’s
    available. Learning from what other people have written is the best way to develop your own understanding of how you
    should do it. But essay writing tools based on generation are just as good and are available 24/7.

That’s why you should try to ask “ Hey, AI, write essay for me!” We hope you won’t be disappointed.

An essay generator: A new way to keep up the pace of your education

So, that’s pretty much all the benefits we have to offer. We’ve explained how you can use essay writing AI and how to
get the most out of this modern intensive tool for studying. You can find many different essay writing tools on the
internet, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Also, remember that nothing you generate with an AI maker technically belongs to you. The things you create with your
own hands and brain are surely yours, but everything generated is not. Thus, even the best essay-writing AI is only
your support and assistant, not your co-author. You haven’t added Google as your fellow writer only because it helped
you to find information, have you? That’s why the real role of essay writing AI will remain on the same level.

Feel free to leave your feedback about your use cases of our generator. We’re improving our AI essay writer
constantly to extend its limitations and make it an even better tool for you. Maybe the number of words per generation
(making it unlimited) will be the next feature we improve. Enjoy our essay writing tools and share your unlimited
opinion with your friends!

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