28 Questions for Your College Roommate Questionnaire: How to Find a Bestie, not Another Weirdo

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Living in a dorm can be an absolute blast and legitimately the highlight of your college days. However, only if you live with a reliable person who fully shares your college lifestyle. This person respects your private space and shares your sense of what’s cool and what’s not. Roommate compatibility is one of the first things you should think about if you are going to share your living space with someone, whether it is a dorm or a rented apartment. That’s why we not only recommend but insist you make a well-laid-out college roommate questionnaire and have solid conversations with your potential roommates.

Why Is a College Roommate Questionnaire Vital to Survive Dorm Living?

If you rolled your eyes at the words “a well-laid-out college roommate questionnaire,” you’ve definitely never lived with anyone before. To give you a better feel for the issue, here are a few highlights of why it’s next-level crucial to decide on questions for your future roommate.

  • YOUR perfect match. The college roommate matching questionnaire is like a profile on a dating app but for roomies. These matchmaking forms will help you find a roommate who is on the same page — someone who won’t play music when you’re studying or borrow your stuff without asking (a BIG no-no!). Communication with roommates must be healthy from the very beginning.
  • Boundaries and respect. It’s all about roommate compatibility and setting ground rules, of course. The roommate questionnaire college finds out what you think is cool and uncool in everyday life situations. This way, you both start off on the right foot in your dorm living and respect each other’s personal space.
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  • Zero drama. Believe us, no one wants unnecessary drama in their shared living spaces. By discussing roommate habits, schedules, and favorite things in advance, you can avoid potential clashes in the future.
  • Solid friendship foundation. A well-thought-out college roommate questionnaire allows you to build meaningful relationships. From late-night study sessions to Netflix binges, they’ll help you figure out if someone is a good fit for your everyday college lifestyle.

“Roommate compatibility questionnaires are your chance to find a person who will share with you snacks, but not the drama!”

Xiu Zhang, an international student in the USA

Your Roommate’s Preferences and Habits: Are You On The Same Page?

To create a solid college roommate questionnaire, start by getting to know yourself better first. Once you understand what makes you tick, it’s easier to figure out what you’re looking for in your roommate.

  • Dorm living dilemma: Are you a night owl or an early bird? Do you like to binge-watch Netflix at night, or do you prefer to study at the crack of dawn? Knowing your roommate habits will help you avoid clashing routines.
  • Neat or laid back? Some people like their place to be N-E-A-T, while others like a “lived-in vibe.” It is a good idea to discuss cleaning habits in advance to find a sweet spot.
  • Quiet or party in the spotlight? Are you up for impromptu parties in your dorm shared living spaces, or do you prefer some peace and quiet? Find out before you get an “F” on your National Honor Society essay.
  • Share or keep to yourself? Do you feel like sharing your clothes or other stuff with somebody? Talking about personal space boundaries will help you avoid getting into awkward situations.
  • Gourmet or snacker? Would you share your favorite frozen yogurt with your neighbor? Discussing personal preferences for sharing food and cooking habits can save you from fridge wars.
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Dorm Living: Slight Balance Between Personalities and Lifestyles

To live in a dorm without headaches, you need to face the fact that everyone is totally different. Yes, you won’t find an exact clone of your college lifestyle with 100% roommate compatibility. You need to focus on finding that middle ground, deciding what stuff you can roll with from your roomie. To sort things out, you shouldn’t be shy about asking important questions.

Handling “difficult” topics in a college roommate questionnaire

  • Money talks. Whether it’s about splitting bills or sharing expenses, bring it up early on to avoid money clashes later.
  • Pet peeves. Discussing trivial annoyances and roommate habits helps nip potential problems in the bud.
  • Guest policy. Setting ground rules for guests is key. Talk about overnight guests or when it’s best to throw a party.
  • Handling conflicts. Nobody likes fighting, but being able to work through it together can make a difference. Keep your communication with roommates open and calm.
  • Respectful dorm living and sharing responsibilities. Whether it’s cleaning or going grocery shopping, divide up the responsibilities to keep things fair and level-headed.

“I really regret that I didn’t have a college roommate questionnaire and relied on the will of fate when I first moved into a dorm. It would have saved me a lot of energy if I knew about my roommate habits early on.”

Akari Saito, a marketing student in New York

28 Key Questions to Include in Your College Roommate Questionnaire

Alright, alright, alright, as Matthew McConaughey likes to say, we’ve come to the juiciest part of our guide — the actual questions you can ask your future roommate to make sure you two are a “perfect match.” 🤞

College roommate matching UCF questionnaire: Deep questions for potential roommates about shared living spaces:

  • How do you usually chill out after a long day?
  • When things get stressful, how do you handle it?
  • Are you more of a night owl or an early bird?
  • What is your chill way for conflict resolution?
  • Do you prefer hanging out or having your own space during downtime?
  • What’s your stance on sharing stuff in our space?
  • Are you into setting up some house rules?
  • How do you balance your school and personal life?
  • Thoughts on noise levels and different sleep schedules in our crib?
  • Any study habits or routines you follow for big exams?

Ultimate college roommate questionnaire: College lifestyle and habit questions for roommate compatibility:

  • How often do you plan on having buddies over?
  • What’s your opinion about keeping our place clean and tidy?
  • Are you into whipping up some grub in the kitchen?
  • Are you cool with sharing chores and stuff?
  • Any food habits or allergies I should know about?
  • What’s your chill-out or hobby vibe?
  • Using our spot for group study or hangouts — yay or nay?
  • Need your personal space much?
  • Any habits I should know that could affect our place?

Example roommate questionnaire college: Fun questions to ask your roomie:

  • Favorite flick or binge-worthy TV show?
  • Dream travel destination — where would you jet off to?
  • Go-to comfort food for a pick-me-up?
  • Free day: What’s your perfect plan?
  • Jamming to any specific music genre or band?
  • Any weird or cool stuff on your bucket list?
  • Board games or video games — you in?
  • Ideal weekend plans for you?
  • Any secret talents you’ve got?

“You might think that fun questions aren’t helpful in finding a cool roommate, but trust me, they are among the most important. This is how I landed the world’s coolest basketball buddy with top-level roommate compatibility!”

Wang Shu Huang, a recent University graduate

Roommate Compatibility: Top 5 Tips to Communicate with Your College Roomie Effectively

People can be difficult to get along with. You should just accept this, together with the fact that everyone has their own vibe. Then you’ll have a little easier time in the dorm. However, most people are open to communication, though. Try these five tips to build a meaningful relationship with your roommate.

  1. Create common rules for your dorm living.
  2. Listen to your neighbor’s opinions. Living together is a game for two.
  3. Good old laughter works wonders.
  4. People can’t read minds. Speak up about any pet peeves and annoying roommate habits.
  5. Have a nice get-together from time to time to talk about your shared living spaces or cool weekend plans for you two.

To make sure we’re not kidding that living with someone can be hard, here is living proof for you from Reddit. These poor souls definitely didn’t have good college roommate questionnaire samples before they started dorm living with their weird neighbors. 😅

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College Roommate Questionnaire: Top 3 FAQs

1. What makes a college roommate questionnaire essential? By filling out a solid college roommate questionnaire, you can find out all the info you need to decide whether or not you should live with a certain person.

2. How can you ensure compatibility with a potential college roommate? You should think about what things are important to you about living with another person (your personal preferences) and honestly ask if this potential college roommate can meet those needs. You can use an example college roommate questionnaire for some fresh thoughts.

3. What are some unique questions to ask a potential roommate? There are plenty of questions you could ask a potential roommate. Just to give you some good ideas, here are some of the unique questions for your soon-to-be roomie:

  • What’s your go-to comfort food after a tough day?
  • If you could bring one thing from your childhood into our dorm, what would it be?
  • What’s your favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday?
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