Want to Learn American English? Here’s What You Need to Do

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Are you an international student who struggles to communicate in English? Are you looking for ways to improve your English so that others can understand you better and so that you can sound American when speaking? 

You’re not alone – millions of people worldwide are in a similar position. But how do you improve your accent in American English? Experts believe that to improve your accent in American English, you can practice with native speakers, listen to American English podcasts, watch American TV shows and movies, and use pronunciation and accent training apps.

Luckily, there are steps internationals like yourself can take to improve their comprehension and ability to use proper grammar, learn pronunciation, and utilize slang. 

Read on for five tips designed specifically with language learners like yourself in mind!

YouTube Channels to Improve American English

As an international student, it can be difficult to learn and master the English language. Don’t know how to improve your spoken American English? According to a survey, 80% of students agree that YouTube videos significantly improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and listening skills.

Fortunately, there are a variety of YouTube channels that can help you improve your English skills and sound more like an American.

Here are five YouTube channels that provide helpful tips and lessons on how to pronounce English words:

  • Business English Pod: This channel focuses on teaching business-related language skills such as giving presentations, making phone calls, writing emails, and networking professionally.
  • English Class 101 – This channel offers a variety of lessons for all levels of learners from beginner to advanced for English pronunciation practice. It also provides audio and video lessons, as well as interactive quizzes to help you practice your pronunciation and grammar and reduce accent.
  • Rachel’s English – This channel focuses on teaching pronunciation and intonation so that you can sound more natural when speaking American English. It has videos on topics such as vowel sounds, consonant sounds, stress patterns, linking words together, and more.
  • EF Language Learning – This channel is great for intermediate learners who want to understand how native speakers use the language in everyday conversations. It features interviews with native speakers about their experiences learning the language and tips on how to sound more like a native speaker.
  • VOA Learning English: VOA Learning English is a great resource for those who want to learn about current events while improving their language skills in American pronunciation at the same time. The videos cover topics from politics to sports in easy-to-understand language with subtitles available in multiple languages.

With these channels at your disposal, you’ll be able to gain confidence in your ability to communicate effectively in English!

Podcasts to Sound American 

Are you asking yourself, “How do I improve my American English accent?” Podcasts are a great way to learn a language, as they provide an immersive experience that allows listeners to gain a deeper understanding of the language. 

Here are five podcasts that focus on spoken American English and can be helpful for international students.

  • Speak English With ESLPod – This podcast is great for intermediate learners who want to improve their pronunciation and listening skills. It offers over 900 episodes covering everyday vocabulary and situations in American English.
  • The Essential English – Beginners podcast – This podcast provides simple, easy-to-understand oral exercises for beginners learning American English. It’s perfect for those just starting out with the language.
  • Better at English – This podcast focuses on helping learners understand native speakers better by teaching them common expressions and slang words used in everyday conversations in the US.
  • 6-Minute English – This podcast is designed to help learners build their vocabulary through short lessons covering current events, culture, science, and more.
  • The American English Pronunciation podcasts – This podcast teaches learners how to pronounce words correctly in American English through interactive exercises and audio recordings of native speakers pronouncing words correctly.

 These podcasts are all great resources for international students looking to improve their English and sound more American while living in the US.

podcasts to learn english

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Netflix Movies and TV Shows for Better English

Are you seeking the answer to “how to improve listening skills in American English?” Netflix offers a great way to improve your English skills while having fun. Research has shown that watching films is an effective way to learn a language, as it helps build listening, pronunciation, and comprehension skills. 

 Here are five Netflix movies and shows that can help international students improve their spoken American English:

  • House of Cards – This political drama is set in Washington, D.C., so it’s a great way to get familiar with the American political system and the language used in politics. It also features some of the best actors in Hollywood, so you’ll get to hear authentic American accents.
  • Orange Is The New Black – This show follows a group of women incarcerated in a women’s prison. It gives viewers insight into the lives of people from different backgrounds and cultures while also providing plenty of opportunities to practice listening comprehension with American accent and pick up new slang words and phrases.
  • Stranger Things – This sci-fi series takes place in a small town in Indiana during the 1980s, making it perfect for learning about life in America during that era and picking up on regional dialects and accents from different parts of the country.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – This comedy series follows Kimmy Schmidt as she adjusts to life after being rescued from an underground bunker where she was held captive for 15 years by an apocalyptic cult leader. It’s full of funny dialogue that will help you learn how to speak more naturally with native speakers and teach you some useful idioms and expressions along the way.
  • The Crown – This historical drama follows Queen Elizabeth II’s reign over Britain from her coronation in 1953 until today. It provides viewers with an inside look at British culture and history while also giving them plenty of chances to practice their English pronunciation with all the royal dialogue featured throughout each episode.

With these five Netflix movies and shows, international students can have fun while improving their spoken American English skills simultaneously!

Language Learning Apps (Android and iOS)

A variety of language learning apps available on Android and iOS can help international students to learn American English and improve their spoken American English accent.

Here are five language learning apps that can be useful for language learners: 

  • Duolingo – This app offers interactive lessons in over 30 languages, including English. In addition, it provides users with personalized study plans and feedback, as well as the ability to track their progress.
  • Babbel – This app offers courses in 14 different languages, including English. It provides users with bite-sized lessons designed to help them learn quickly and efficiently.
  • Memrise – This app offers courses in over 200 languages, including English. It uses a combination of audio recordings, visuals, and quizzes to help users learn quickly and effectively.
  • Busuu – This app offers courses in 12 different languages, including English. In addition, it provides users with personalized feedback from native speakers as they work through the lessons, helping them to improve their pronunciation and accent quickly and easily.
  • Rosetta Stone – This app offers courses in 24 different languages, including English. It uses an immersive approach to teaching language by using real-life situations and conversations to help users learn quickly and effectively.

These language learning apps can be extremely helpful for international students who want to improve their spoken American English quickly and efficiently. With the right tools at their disposal, they can make great strides toward achieving fluency in no time!


As an international student, it can be difficult to learn and master the English language. However, with the help of forums, international students can improve their English and sound more American. 

Here are some online forums where international students can connect with native English speakers:

Forums provide a great platform for international students to connect with native English speakers and practice their spoken American English.

Forums are a valuable language learning experience because they allow students to interact with native speakers in real time. It helps them understand the nuances of the language better and develop a greater understanding of how to use it in everyday conversations. 

Additionally, forums provide a safe space for learners to ask questions, get feedback from native speakers, and practice their speaking skills without feeling judged or embarrassed.

How to Sound More American: Tips You Must Follow

If you don’t know how to improve your accent, here is a short memo that may help you:

  1. Practice your vowels: American English has distinct vowel sounds, so focus on mastering them.
  2. Pay attention to stress and intonation: American English uses a rhythmic stress pattern, and the pitch of your voice can change the meaning of a sentence.
  3. Use contractions: Americans frequently use contractions in conversation, so practice using them.
  4. Learn slang and idioms: American English is filled with slang and idiomatic expressions, so familiarize yourself with them to sound more natural.
  5. Listen to American speakers: Listen to American speakers in movies, TV shows, podcasts, and in person to develop an ear for the language.
  6. Use linking: In American English, sounds from words often flow into each other. Practice linking words together to sound more fluent.
  7. Mimic pronunciation: Practice repeating the sounds of American English words and sentences to improve your pronunciation.
  8. Get feedback: Have a native speaker or language teacher listen to your spoken English and give you feedback on how to improve.
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