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Posted on January 23, 2019

An essay is a familiar word for anyone who at least somehow relates to the academic circles. Students like nobody else know 100% what an essay is and how difficult it is to write an essay as required by an instructor. From the instructors’ perspective, this type of composition forms the basic writing skills and helps students to develop thoughts and ideas. From the students’ angle, it is a further proof of how hard to study and how easy to make mistakes. Nevertheless, nothing comes without mistakes or errors. The good way of writing as any piece of work develops with practice and repetition. The successful writing consists of:

  • Deep knowledge of the field of study and its peculiarities,
  • Good research and writing skills.

The first point requires the extensive research and full understanding of the chosen topic. The second point involves the adequate grammar, structure, and language skills. Considering these factors, writing an essay on the particular field is not an easy job and needs considerable efforts to make, especially if it relates to the public relations. Fortunately, this path can become a little more comfortable for you with some coffee, our useful public relations essay writing tips and guidelines on how to write a public relations on a particular topic. Besides, all students have an opportunity to get instant help from professional writers. With a short message like write my essay for me, the process of work becomes less hectic.

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Choose a Correct Topic for Your Essay on Public Relations

The public relations essay is an example of writing which contemplates the provision of the argument or the idea of considering the significant issues in the field of public relations. Such papers aim to persuade or inform the reader with the particular concept about the public relations. The works referring to public relations differ from other topics due to the peculiarities of the subject. It creates some challenges for the writers on the stage of research.

First of all, it is necessary to define what is the public relations. The comprehensive nature of the public relations business contributes to ambiguousness of the definition. Nevertheless, it is a strategic communication process which aims to persuade the audience, promote the idea, and “builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” as stated at Secondly, the scope of the public relations is broad as well as its application. Moreover, the social factor of the public relations makes it applicable for many industries, both governmental and private. It contributes to the number of possible topics for writing an essay. The communication technologies are continually changing so does the PR sphere. It provides the different categories for the choice for the theme of the writing. The abundance of the topics can lead to the difficulties in choosing the right item for the essay. Considering that, the ideas can be divided into several spheres:

  • The application of PR in business;
  • The form of PR in politics;
  • The application of PR tools.

The use of public relations in business and government differ due to the various goals of the sectors. The companies and governments launch communication campaigns to proliferate the ideas, persuade the crowds or increase the reputation. The business aims to sell, while the government wants to inform or change the public opinion. To reach the goal, they use the massive number of the tools applied in traditional media, social media, and real time. The mechanisms change with the transformation of the environment and the technologies. After that, you, as the writer, need to brainstorm some ideas to make the task successful.

There are some ideas for your consideration regarding public relations and its relevant issues.

  • Public Relations for Marketing Purposes, Including Advertising, Image, Brand, Reputation Management.
  • Public Relations’ Specialists Actions and Public Relations Campaigns in the Effective Crisis Management.
  • The Role of Public Relations Techniques in Different Political Campaigns to Change People’s Opinions.
  • The Creation of an Image During the Presidential Campaign by Proper Public Relations.
  • The Effect of Technology on Public Relations and Its Implementation in Social Media.
  • Public Relations Inside the Organization, the Application of Tools to Increase the Corporate Culture.

There is only a small list of general directions for choosing the reasonable topic. One of the best ways to write the essays is to reflect the recent events. The issues mentioned afore are characterized by their relevance. The brands invent new strategies with the use of public relations tools every year, beginning with the Super Bowl commercials to the sponsorship of huge events. The crisis management is impossible without public relations, especially with the increase of information. At the same, the presidential campaigns are vivid examples of public relations efforts, in particular, Obama campaigns and Trump campaigns. The advancement of the technologies made the specialists switch to the social media and apply new techniques to influence the opinion of the public. Besides, the public relations knowledge is often used in management and integration of corporate culture and values. As a result, the public relations are the vital tool for any communication campaign. Considering the importance of the exchange of ideas, the public relations can be implemented in many spheres. And the successful essay on public relations depends on the proper research and choice of a topic. It should be exciting, relevant and significant, either for you or the group or readers.

Pre-Writing Tips That Direct You Towards a Good Essay

Before doing any activity, there should be some preparations. What do you do before going in for sports? You stretch and do some warming up activities. Right? It gives the better results and helps to prevent the injuries. In writing the essays, the preliminary preparation is essential as well. It helps to avoid mistakes and organize your work properly. When you have the plan of your action and milestones, it is easier to manage the writing process effectively. Besides, knowing the way is halfway to the success.

One of the first public relations essay writing prompts relates to choosing the right topic. It correlates with asking the right question. The choosing right topic depends on many factors. It should be meaningful. However, at the same time, it should either respond to the recent changes or answer the issue with a piece of controversy. Another way to have a proper topic is about what it may bring to the society. For example, what lessons the companies can learn from the efforts of British Petroleum after the environmental catastrophe in the Mexican Gulf. Nevertheless, you should ask the right question. Asking the right question will help you to look for the necessary information. You may have your opinion about it, but the evidence should support it.

The next tip derives from the previous advice. The success of the research depends on the knowledge you have about the topic. Following, do not skimp on time for an examination of your topic. In particular, if you study the specific and narrow question, you should have sufficient knowledge on the subject. The best source of such knowledge is the scholar resources and databases. You can start from the educational platforms, for example, Encyclopedia Britannica. They will give you the general picture of theories or events. However, the next part of this tip refers to looking for more reliable sources. You can search for articles in Google Scholar, JSTOR, or on such credible news websites as BBC, CNN, Forbes. Besides, there is always a library where you could ask for the fundamental studies or the works of leading authors.

The important thing is that you should ask yourself during the writing “How does the source contribute to my essay?” or “How does it support the idea of my essay?” For example, if you analyze the mistakes of British Petroleum during the crisis based on the public relations, you will have to look for the news or publications on this issue and evaluate them. And do not forget to note the name or the link to the source so that you can return and check the information or incorporate the citation into the essay.

Another way of searching for an additional source of information for you to think about is the personal opinion about the event. You may provide the recommendation or the prediction about the future of the issue considering the trends or personal experience.

In the end, all previous preparation is of little help if you have no clear and concise idea. All essay is formed around this idea. Every piece of information should back it so that your theme was convincing and purposeful.

Outline Your Essay Clearly in Advance

One of the most important tips is about forming a plan of your essay. It helps to make your piece of writing logical, consecutive, readable and substantial. The outline provides an order you need to follow while writing. It is easier to read the book with the content rather than flipping through the whole book searching for the necessary part. The same story with the outline, it helps you focus on the particular element at a time and not to chaotically jump from one section to another one during the writing. The regular outline consists of the introductory part, including the thesis statement, the the body paragraphs, and conclusion.


Each part is significant. However, the introductory section gives the lead to the whole paper. The introduction of the essay provides the significance of the work or its main idea, reason, and what the composition is about. The opening depends on the size of the essay. Usually, it does not exceed five sentences. The first part should grab the attention of the reader and describe the topic of the article. The next actions of the writer refer to the definition of the problem or the significance of the essay. You can generally describe the problem. However, the following part requires the detailed description. The thesis statement is vital as it gives the fundamental idea and what you aspire to prove. It may consist of 1 or 2 sentences but should be extremely specific. By that, you would know on what to focus and how not to lose the logic of the arguments.


The next section of an outline is the body paragraphs. The more complicated a thesis statement, the more items you would have. Each body paragraph should add the relevant fact to the thesis statement and reveal the primary idea(s) of the essay. The body paragraph usually starts with the transition sentence which leads to the supportive argument and statement of the vital point towards the main idea. The first sentence or sentences declare the argument and the purpose of the paragraph. The subsequent convictions contribute and prove the concept provided in the subsection. Following, the particular sentence should be declarative to direct the reader and indicate the matter of the paragraph. Besides, it should be arguable so that you persuade the reader by the evidence.

The second part of a body paragraph is the evidence. It aims to prove and back the argument. There are different kinds of evidence. They include facts, statistics, quotations, or your personal experience. Remember that the different evidence should be cited if it is taken from the outside sources. The next constituent element of the body paragraph refers to the part where you analyze the evidence and interpret it towards the argument. In this part, you connect the evidence to the argument and discuss its application for your essay. The proper analysis gives your article the structure and helps the reader to understand the direction of your thought. The last part of the body paragraph concludes your findings and prove the main argument. Your essay may have several body paragraphs and depends on its length.


After you provide enough support for your thesis statement, you can start writing the conclusion. The particular part is as important as the introduction as there you deliver the results of your research and analysis. In this section, you rephrase and redeclare your thesis. As the conclusion summarizes your study, provides the arguments that you analyze in the main part. It is essential to include the critical moments of your essay and avoid adding any information which you have not mentioned.

Post-Writing Tips That Will Improve Your Essays on Public Relations

When most students finish writing an essay, they all sigh with relief. But the job is not done yet. The post-writing stage is waiting for you. Every piece of art needs polishing, so does yours. Moreover, it will assure that your enormous work is not wasted due to time but significant mistakes. You should check the paper, proofread it, create the bibliography and make sure that it is convenient to read.

  • Proofreading is the process requiring the fresh look on the paper. You can ask your friend to read it and ask what is wrong, what mistakes are made and what looks unclear;
  • Try reading the paper next day if you have time and don’t write the essay the last day before the final submission;
  • You should check the names and terms, the capitalization of the words and the headings. For testing the particular words, you can use Ctrl+F method to search for necessary words;
  • Another approach is to read the essay aloud. It prevents from skipping the words and focus on how it sounds for the audience.

Correct Referencing and Usage of Citations

First of all, you need to define the referencing style needed for the essay on Public Relations, in particular, MLA, APA, Harvard. So your paper should be edited accordingly. As soon as you create the referencing list, check the in-text citations of the evidence you provided for the arguments. It should ensure credibility and non-plagiarism. The Owl Purdue website can help you with the guidelines on the citations.

In the end, let us summarize the key points for writing an excellent essay. The writing can be divided into three sections. The first is pre-writing. It is all about getting enough knowledge about the public Relations. Besides, it is about finding the sources to back the arguments of yours. The second is writing itself. You should have the strong thesis statement as it leads the whole paper. The hypothesis is the first part of the outline where the body paragraphs provide the arguments and evidence to support the main idea. The conclusion is the last part of a draft it consists of the rephrased statement and results of the research. The final stage is post-writing that involves proofreading and referencing. This part is about polishing the piece of work.

Now you’re equipped with some bright ideas of how to write an essay on Public Relations. There is no stumble stone on your public relations essay writing besides your procrastination. Set to good work on your essay!

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