Writing Guide for Classification Essay on Globalization

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Posted on January 31, 2017

Welcome to our final guide, writing guide for classification essay on globalization, where you’ll learn what is a classification essay and how it’s really written. This guide would help you to make your own essay a classic. It would beautify your composition and would compel your professor or instructor to admire your work and give you a pat on the back (in some cases).

But first things first. Before reading this guide, you should keep in mind that without reading our first and second guides, i.e. 10 facts for classification essay on globalization and 20 classification essay topics on globalization, this guide is useless. You have to read all our guidelines to make sure that your essay gets you the expected marks!

With that being said, let’s talk about what a classification essay really is:

What is It?

The organization of things/items into categories/group is known as classification. This is what you actually do in a classification essay. You talk about one particular topic/object and then classify it with a suitable category. To make it more simpler, here is how it’s written:

Writing an Effective Classification Essay

In order to write an effective and well-composed essay, you should focus on:

  • Sorting out the object/topic/things into useful categories.
  • Ensuring that every category you have focused on has same principle.
  • Giving examples that are suitable with the category.
  • Finding suitable categories for your topic/subject/object.

Finding categories is really what is considered essential in a classification essay. You have to classify things in a logical way and to do that, you have to find suitable categories that you can put those things into. Let’s take an example here. You have bought three pairs of shoes, but instead of putting them in random cabinets, you put them where they belong i.e. one pair would be categorized as a a formal wear, the other would be a semi-formal and the last one could be a casual wear. This is how you really categorize things. Very simple, indeed.

Writing the Thesis Statement

The thesis statement of a classification essay is usually different from what you might have written on other types of essays. This kind of thesis includes the topic itself, and a brief answer of how it’s classified.

For example, During the visit to Hawaii, there are three water sports that you must experience in order to get the most out of the visit: surfing, snorkeling and sailing.

How to Actually Write It

Determine the Categories

A classification essay should be thoroughly written. You shouldn’t avoid writing any category that might be an important one for the topic/object you’ve chosen. Similarly, you shouldn’t also include too many categories, especially those that may blur your classification. In simple terms, use the most appropriate categories in your classification essay. For example, if you’re writing on sport shoes, don’t categorize it with bowling or fashion shoes, that would be inappropriate and would blur your audience too.

Classify by a Single Principle

Classify your categories into a single organizing principle. This is how you actually sort the groups, as such classification helps clarify your categories even more. To do that, don’t blend your essay with other organizing principles. Keep your essay focused only on one particular principle. For example, if you’re writing on a tourist-oriented paper that talks about watersports, using a native watersports orientation would include different categories than the tourist oriented one.

Support Categories with Examples

Of course, you can’t expect a well-written essay to be without a supporting paragraph. These paragraphs would fill in the examples that support each categories. Just make sure that all the examples are equally supporting with some solid facts that are relevant to the point you are trying to make. Also, all categories should have equal amount of example and be of similar word count.

However, the last category may require more examples, so you can add more elaborated examples there, but nowhere else.


Once you categorize your topic/subject, the last thing you want to do is take the reader back to what the essay really is all about. It’s more like a rewinding of what had been discussed previously. Once that’s taken care of, your first draft of the essay is complete. Before submitting it, make sure you proofread it thoroughly and add more stuff that can beautify your classification essay and can make it exemplary.

That’s it! You’re now ready to submit your essay.

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