20 Classification Essay Topics on Globalization

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Posted on January 31, 2017

Welcome to our second guideline, 20 classification essay topics on globalization. In this guide, we are going to discuss 20 relevant topics on globalization. You can choose any one of them to start writing immediately. Of course, we have also shared a sample essay with you that would let you know how an essay should be written.

But before you read further, we want you to read our first guide first, if you haven’t read it yet. Reading this guide before that one, may confuse you more which, in result, may hinder you from writing the perfect classification paper you want written immediately. Our previous guide, 10 facts for a classification essay on globalization, covers what it says. It covers 10 facts on globalization from credible sources. These facts would give you the basic idea of what globalization really is, what are its effects and impacts on the world.

After reading this guide, we highly urge you to read our final guide first before heading on to compose your classification essay on globalization. Our third guide, writing guide for classification essay on globalization, talks about the methodologies, formats and outlines of writing and beautifying your essay during the composition. It’s a must read and you shouldn’t skim through it.

Without further ado, here are 20 topics on globalization:

  1. Negative Impact of Globalization on Underdeveloped Countries
  2. The History of Globalization and How it All Started After the Cold War
  3. The Risks and Chances of World War III Due to Globalization
  4. How Globalization Helped Villages to Convert into Cities
  5. How Globalization Is Reducing Lifespans Worldwide
  6. Can Globalization Become the Ultimate Weapon to Spread Infectious Diseases?
  7. How and Why Globalization Has Increased Child Prostitution in Many Countries
  8. The Impact of Globalization on Multinational Companies and Organizations
  9. The Role of Globalization on Local Culture, Societies and Religion Values
  10. How Globalization Has Provided Greater Access to Foreign Products
  11. The Dominance of United States on the World and How it Affects Worldwide
  12. The Types of Globalization and its Impact on the World
  13. The Reason Why Asian Markets Affect American Markets
  14. Political Globalization and its Effect on the World
  15. The Relation Between Globalization and Global Warming
  16. How Globalization Has Spiked Oil Prices in the Whole World
  17. Globalization – How it Encourages Countries to Depend on other Countries for Essential Goods and Services
  18. Which Countries Really Initiated the Globalization Process?
  19. How Globalization Has Affected Drug and Human Trafficking
  20. An In-Depth Classification Essay on Globalization and How it Can Unite the World

Great! Now you have 20 topics to choose from and start writing. Here is a sample essay which would assist you in writing better. We have chosen one of the above topics so it becomes easier for you to grasp how a classification essay is really written. Here it is:

Sample Essay: The History of Globalization and It’s Start after the Cold War

Globalization is the way the world works today. It helps individuals, organizations and countries communicate with each other by bridging almost all kind of gaps. It would not be entirely wrong to state that it is globalization that has helped people come closer, and a lot of credit for this goes to improving technology.

Globalization has huge effects and on all four corners. It changes culture, politics, financial growth and success with respect to humans around the world. In two ways, the end of the cold war had a major impact on global leaders, especially those in control of strategy and politics. It highlighted the restrictions on community, highlighting boundaries or maximum capacity of a community.

The second effect was freeing of thoughts, as communities started to have global links with each other and the word began to spread. Some major issues back then were of inequality and conflict. The conflict between The Soviet Union and the US started a war where both countries tried to get as militarized as possible. The same issue cause inequality, as some countries grew and had strong military while some were very weak on that front.

As a result, the end of the cold era put some countries on a different pedestal and some down. Countries like America, Japan had means to grow economically while some were striving to do better. A major reason for this growth was the growth in technology, including transportation and communication. On the positive note, this growth brought countries together as first world countries made a group of strong countries and third world countries turned to them to improve their economies by learning the latest technologies and growing like others. As the Soviet Union and the US competed to push each other’s government, they helped boost the world economy. But, as stated earlier, this was not evenly distributed. This helped setup future for the rest of the world as both superpowers had their own allies. The US supported Japan, winning an ally and The Soviet Union joined hands with other countries.

This alliance gave a boost to the economy overall as each superpower helped its allies strengthen its economy so that it could have help in case things got worse in the future. This resulted in globalization as countries joined forces and also changed loyalties in some cases, at times due to changing economic climate and at times to meet the changing demands.

One of the biggest changes was in the education section as countries understood the need to get educated and sent foreign delegates for a transfer of education, not only in the form of humans but also in the form of books and other such items.

A small amount of attention was paid to how these various parts of education can be settled in a single layout. This is what put the form of globalization and it is there even today, but in a more progressive manner.

There you have it. You now have 10 facts for a classification essay on globalization, 20 essay topics on globalization, now all that remains is reading the writing guide for essay on globalization, which is our final guide. Let’s head on to that guide and then we’ll leave you to start writing your classification paper on your own.

If you haven’t read our first guide, we highly recommend that you do that before you move on further. Skipping any of the guidelines would actually blur your understanding.


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