How to Write a Research Paper on White Collar Crime

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Posted on June 24, 2016

To write an excellent research paper on a given topic with the aim of achieving the highest possible score, one must first understand the meaning of the word ‘research’, what it entails and the responsibilities it brings to the researcher. The word research like most English words was derived from the French word ‘recherch√©’ which means to seek closely. Therefore, a research paper on white collar crimes involves seeking closely or investigating a topic on corporate crime to answer the questions asked authoritatively.

Now, there are some basic steps you need to be aware of before acting upon these steps provide you with the knowledge of how to start your investigation, create a structure for your research paper and convincingly state your case on paper. So here are the five timely steps to guide you when writing a research paper on white collar crime.

Choose a Topic That Inspires You

There are diverse subject matters one can explore on white collar crime but some subject matters would definitely resonate with you more than others. This could be due to your personal experiences or were your interests lie but whichever is the case, the tip here is to choose a topic on white collar crime that intrigues you.

Conduct a Thorough Investigation

Once your topic has been chosen it will either task you on answering a question on white collar crime or your position on certain issues on corporate crime, gender, sentencing and its effect on society. Whichever it is, the responsibility to fully understand your topic and make a convincing argument rests on you. Therefore, your investigations must be centered around reputable sources which will lend credence to your work. The tip here is to center your research on the FBI official website, reputable news sources from certain US locations and platforms with url’s ending in gov and edu.
These are platforms tasked with recording crime statistics, facts as well as including opinion pieces on the topic of white collar crime.

Start Writing Your Research Paper

Now that you have chosen a topic, acquired the knowledge needed to develop and argue your standings on white collar crime, the next step is developing a structure that you will follow to clearly put your thoughts on paper. So here is a template you should consider using.

Introduction: your research paper must include an Introduction that tells your audience what the topic is about, the themes to be employed, why you are writing on the topic and how you intend to proceed in developing the topic.

Body: here is where you state your case using facts and statistics to clearly make your point while answering the questions posed by your topic. The body of your research paper must show your understanding of the topic and your ability to resolve difficult issues in a coherent way. This is the most important part of a research paper and is definitely responsible for the grade you receive.

Make a Conclusion

Here you conclude your paper on white collar crime by restating your topic, summarizing the points made and the importance of discussing the issues involved with white collar crime.

You must write well: a well written paper speaks volumes about your understanding of the English language and your ability to accurately use the language. A creatively structured paper will earn you more marks than simply jumbling facts together.

So these are our steps that if followed will definitely earn you the maximum marks you desire for the effort you put in. If you need some example material, you can always check our 10 facts on white collar crime for a research paper and 20 topics for a superb essay. Lastly, always endeavor to keep writing because with practice comes perfection.

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