How to Write a History Essay on Egyptian Revolution 2011

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Posted on March 15, 2016

When you write a history essay on the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 it is important that you present proper evidence. You also want to make sure that the evidence you present supports your argument. When you make a certain point, you need evidence in order to support your argument. Evidence can be found in the form of books written by experts in your topic or field. It can also be found in magazines, produced by non-profit organizations, published in journals. Both primary and secondary sources are important because they help you go deeper into your topic or expound upon the argument you are making. With this evidence prepared, you can move on to writing the conclusion and introduction.


The introduction for your history essay on the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 that you create should be done as one of the final steps in writing your history paper. The reason for this is that you must provide some form of summary of the arguments you are going to provide later on in the body and you cannot do until the body content is written. The function of the introduction is to going to act as a bridge which gives your reader a big picture.

  1. You should open with something that grabs the attention of your reader. This can be an intriguing example, a provocative question, some sort of scenario which is very puzzling to the reader or even a thought provoking question related to the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.
  2. You should decide how broad you want the opening to be. Even if you paint a big picture for your introduction you need to relate it to your topic. You want to make sure that your introductory sentences, even if they are at the global level, can place your idea into the proper context.
  3. You should start out by considering the question you want to answer with your history essay on the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. This form of writing functions as a response to a question and your introduction serves as the first step toward that response.


When writing the conclusion for your history essay on the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 there are a few aspects you should consider as well as those you have to avoid. You should:

  1. Consider including a provocative quotation from the research you found.
  2. Offer a call to action, or questions for further study. This type of ending can redirect to the readers thoughts and help them apply your information to their own life.
  3. Return to some of the repeating points you presented in your introduction.
  4. Present to the reader with conclusive points.

In your history essay on the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 You should avoid the following:

  1. You want to avoid inventing some new perspective on the issue.
  2. Don’t use unnecessary repetitive remarks applied in introduction.
  3. You want to avoid making an emotional appeal that diminishes the analytical aspects of your paper.
  4. Don’t include evidence which belongs to the body of your paper.

This guide should give the proper instructions for writing an essay paper on Egyptian Revolution. You can also check our 20 topics and 1 sample essay on the subject as well as 10 facts for your paper by following the links.

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