How to Write an Essay on a Teacher

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Posted on December 14, 2018

Write Essay on Teacher

It’s a rather complicated task to write an essay on a teacher because only a few people can really understand how difficult and challenging this profession is. A teacher should not only be an expert in teaching but also to be ready to face various problems and cope with them. A good teacher does everything possible to create a comfortable atmosphere at a class that can stimulate students’ creativity and thinking.

How to Start?

The most important thing is to find a topic that can provoke discussions. That shouldn’t be just “yes” or “no” issues. It must let people agree or disagree with the author. In addition, it should be not only provocative but specified as well. It’s better to avoid too general statements and keep to the problem which one can support with solid and trustworthy evidence, facts, and statistics.

For example, the topic may sound like “What Type of Teacher Do Contemporary Students Need: Authoritative, Liberal or Democratic?” Different parents think differently. Such a topic can make people participate in debates trying to prove their point of view.

The Next Step Is a Proper Structure

Each academic assignment has a required structure. An essay should include an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  1. The introduction presents the problem and explains its nature and/or possible solution. There should be also a thesis statement in the introductory part. For example, “Today, more and more teachers prefer the democratic way of teaching to the authoritative one. As a result, students become uncontrolled and start losing interest in their study.” A writer should also strike the reader from the very beginning using rhetorical questions, citations, analogies, anecdotes, captivating stories, etc.
  2. The body is the largest part of the essay because it includes the whole information on the topic in details. The research is to be thorough and correspond with the chosen topic.
  3. The conclusion sums everything up and can give the idea for further research of the problem. This part of the essay should also be impressive. When the first and the last words hit the target auditory, the whole essay will have a chance to get A+. For example, “It doesn’t matter what type of teaching a teacher chooses. If a person is really good at teaching, students will be inspired with hope, lit with rich fancy, and infused with love to learning.”

Other Things to Mention

When dealing with academic writing a person should pay attention to each detail. A student must learn all the requirements and follow them. There are different writing styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), and each of them needs some specific spacing, font and its size, the arrangement of the bibliography section, footnotes, title page, and a number of other details.

It’s also necessary to sound logical and avoid making grammar mistakes. Each part of the essay must support the main idea of the paper and there must be a logical connection between them.

One should also arrange appendix and supporting materials if necessary.

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