How to Write an English Term Paper

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Posted on July 10, 2013

The notion of a “term paper” relates to the written assignment composed by university, college or high school students over an academic term. It is aimed at summarizing the gained experience in the chosen area combined with already existing information in printed and electronic sources. To cut a long story short, a term paper is a kind of enlarged essay. You will probably need to complete several term papers during your academic career, so it would be better to master the appropriate skills while you are underclassmen. So, if you are to compose a term paper in English, this would be easier for you to divide the complete process into several phases.

First of all you are to brainstorm a bit and choose the original and up-to-date topic for your term paper. Take advantage of this process unless you are limited in the topic choice by your instructor. Once you have selected and narrowed your topic, you will want to research to see what experts on the topic have to say. While getting acquainted with the works of content experts, try to take notes and highlight the points that will be cited by you in the term paper. These notes will help you to plan and structure your piece of writing at least instinctively. As soon as this process is finished, here comes the next stage: English term paper outlining.

Be sure to include all the structural parts of a correctly composed term paper into yours:

  • Introduction – where you present the general topic statement and your paper’s main points;
  • Main Body – where you are to give the most important details and results of your investigation;
  • Conclusion – that sets the summary of the main points expressed in the previous parts and tells the audience whether you have coped with the task of your paper.

Remember about the logic in your term paper – it should capture the readers’ interest in your English term paper and help them to understand your main ideas better. While using the quotes from works of other researchers, you must give credit to establish the authorship – otherwise you will be guilty of plagiarizing, that is, stealing the ideas, research, and words of others. What is more, try to use only reliable and proven sources; do not resort to doubtful arguments and statements.

When you complete the writing process, it is the time for proofreading and checking your English term paper. The three pillars of the “polishing” process are proofreading, spell-checking, and editing. Ensure that your paper is totally devoid of misspelling and typographical errors, as well as vocabulary and grammar mistakes before you submit it to your tutor. It really is enjoyable to read a paper that is well-written and presents the topic in the most logical way.

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