Comparison Essay Topics: Meet the Endless Points to Compare!

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Posted on March 2, 2009

Term papers, essays, research papers and book reports are parts of every student’s life throughout the world. A comparison essay is one of them. The word comparison essay means exactly what it is called. A comparison essay is simply description while comparing things. The first step is to describe and explain the similarities between the two items which are chosen. All this discussion must be organized in such a way that when combined together forms the essay. Now the thesis must be formed for the comparison essay and the main points of the comparison are needed to be discovered.

Writing a comparison essay is easy; there are some important points which must be taken in to consideration and some rules must be followed. Similarities or differences must be decided before writing the essay and a rough draft must be written on a scrap paper. It must be decided, which part is more significant, the similarities or the differences? The less significant part of the essay must be discussed first; this will generate more interest in the essay and will show the signs of a good comparison essay. After the discussion of the less significant part the students must shift to the more significant part. This part of the essay must be presented using the precise details. It is always much easier to discuss either only the similarities or only differences, but both similarities and differences can be mentioned in the same essay. The comparison essay is usually a five-paragraph essay.

Comparison essay topics are easy to find as there are a lot of things which people compare from morning till night. It starts from buying a candy at a store and ends at deciding where to spend the holidays. Comparison essay ideas can be found at every corner in our life; even in our school, we can write about two teams comparing their strong and weak points. We can write an essay comparing our parents, government policies, our neighbors, TV channels, two manufacturers of the same product, two resorts etc.

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