How to Write a Classification Essay on Marketing Communications

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Posted on February 9, 2016

Classification writing is an essay where you organize your content into different categories. When writing a classification piece your job is to:

  1. Sort your content into categories which are useful to the writer.
  2. Ensure your categories all follow a single organizational purpose.
  3. Provide examples which fit into each of your categories.

Finding Your Categories
In order to find your categories, you want to carefully consider how you would logically divide and sort your topic. Think of your topic as a tangible stack of papers on your desk. You have to stack those papers in order to clean. In doing so, you might decide that one category includes papers you no longer need and can throw away. Another category might be papers which require you to do something immediately. Another might be papers you have already acted upon but now need to file somewhere.

Start by forming your thesis. This includes your topic and how you are going to classify the topic. If you feel so inclined, you can name the categories in your thesis statement.

Writing Process
First you need to determine the categories you want to use. This seems simple enough but is a critical component to the entire writing process. You do not want to blur the classification by having too many categories, but you also don’t want to include multiple organizational principles. You must be crystal clear here.

You want to classify your content using a single principle. With this, you want to make sure that the categories you have all fit into the same organizing principle. This principle refers to how you sort out the groups. You don’t want to have more than one principle. If, for example, your organizing principle is psychological communication marketing methods you don’t want to use a different principle later on in the essay, like internet based communication marketing methods.

Be sure to include an example for each category. This helps to support the category you are presenting. But what’s more, you need to include the same number of examples for each of your categories. So if you have three examples for your first category, make sure the others have three as well, or change the first category to match the others. It is common for students to place their most important category as the final category, and in doing so students might need to include a bit more elaboration to really get the point across.


When you are writing your essay, be sure to include useful transitions. If you are trying to move from one classification to the next, you might consider transitions such as:

  • The first kind/type/group
  • The second kind/type/group
  • The third kind/type/group

Things to Remember
It is important to remember that when you write out a classification essay, your job is to organize or sort things into different categories. When you do this, you want to organize the information into categories which are most useful, maintain a single organizing purpose when doing so, and provide examples of the things which fit into the categories you have selected. For example: if you want to cover marketing communications you might classify the paper into historical events in marketing communication, types of communication methods for marketing projects, most popular marketing ads, or marketing medium classification.

All in all, it is always best to focus on classifications, or groupings, with which you are most familiar.

We hope that these guidelines will help you ensure quality in your work and make your classification essay on marketing communications golden. Don’t forget to check our 20 topics on this matter and 1 sample essay complemented by 10 facts that you’ll get by following this hypertext.

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