20 Classification Essay Topics: What to Write about in a Marketing Communication Paper?

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Posted on February 9, 2016

If you are searching for a topic on which to write your next piece, consider the following 20 topics below.
These follow the complex world of marketing communications, including how to properly communicate with marketing teams in order to use consumer data to your advantage, all the way to understanding how to communicate messages to consumers through new products.
Remember that these are only meant as an example, and there are many other possible classification essay topics out there so choose carefully:

  1. Using Tough Management for Marketing Communication
  2. How Leadership Style Influences Marketing Communication
  3. Marketing to Different Office Departments
  4. Communicating to Different Marketing Professionals
  5. Communication Methods for Freelance Marketing
  6. Challenges New Marketing Managers May Face
  7. How Unions Influence Marketing Communication
  8. Remote Management and Communications with Marketing Staff
  9. Using Marketing Communication to Predict Consumer Behavior
  10. Understanding the Impact That Market Stimuli Has on Consumers
  11. How Consumers Acquire Marketing Information Psychologically
  12. What Information Helps Consumers Make Purchasing Decisions
  13. What Information Do Consumers Need to Have a Favorable Impression
  14. Digital Marketing Communication
  15. Multisensory Marketing and Communication
  16. Communicating a Product Experience
  17. Marketing Communication and Its Relationship to Consumer Behavior
  18. Persuasive Communication in the Business Place
  19. Cultivating Positive Consumer Experiences in the Marketing World
  20. Communicating Design and Emotion in Marketing

Aren’t those great? The topics above are, again, just a short example of what constitutes a great topic for a paper about marketing communications. Of course, it is also helpful to see a real sample so that you can gain a better idea of what type of writing is required of you which is why you will find a sample essay on one of the topics listed above.

Sample Classification Essay on Challenges New Marketing Managers May Face

If a company is facing conflicts between their salaried marketing staff and their warehouse workers, it can cause serious conflict. Any marketing scheme is only as reliable as the implementation, which is reliant upon warehouse workers. But should the employees on the production floor cultivate a union, it would manifest into a lobbying organization which lobbies on behalf of the employees within the workplace. This typically leads to the development of better contracts between management and employees, something that would likely cost this company a significantly higher amount of existing profits. A union can quickly become the sole representative for the production employees, and in doing so, will assume the role of the sole bargaining unit on their behalf. Should a union get underway in this company, it would limit what management can and cannot do. The study conducted by Slichter, Healy and Livernash (1960) concluded that unions place pressure on existing management to not only improve job production standards, but to improve workplace accountability among salaried staff, and to offer higher wages to production level staff. Some of the new policies for which unions regularly fought, and would likely fight for with this company, included better work hours, more wage incentives, and additional promotions. This study also found that unions became the single communication point between employees and employers, the negative effects of which can include interfering with company production, restraining efficiency, and monopolizing management over employees (Slichter, Livernash & Healy, 1960).

At present, the company faces some current liabilities from a legal standpoint which must be rectified immediately. New state law, put into effect in June of 2015 clearly states that employers are not legally allowed to deny their employees the right to use sick days, to threaten to let them go if they do use them, or to take any adverse action against them when they try and use their sick days as the current management is doing to the production level employees (Gonzalez, 2016). This new law also allows employees who are subject to any of the aforementioned violations the legal right to file a complaint with the Labor Commissioner after which investigations will take place into the violation of the law. If the company does not adhere to these regulations, and if an employee files suit then an investigation will look into that suit and any others that follow. Should the results fall in favor of the employee, there are many penalties the company might face for violating the law. It is imperative that the company manages this risk immediately to prevent any further violations of the law and to prevent employees from filing official complaints and launching investigations.

Some plants are currently large enough to justify a position focused solely on human resources. As of now, the company has diverted the internal business operations to multiple managers throughout the company, in an attempt to employ cost-savings techniques that keep the company from hiring an HR representative. However, with the high number of production workers and salaried employees, some companies might move into the category of a medium sized business, and is standing on the edge of being defined as a large business. Industry standards maintain that having a staff of 40 people or more warrants investing in a full time HR representative (Workforce, 2015). That being said, it is now important for all of the current managers tasked with various HR responsibilities to focus solely on their position and the responsibilities therein as this company has long surpassed that figure. The time for the salaried workers is valuable and delegating HR tasks to other managers takes away that valuable time. This has been noticed in the employees not meeting the extra demands within the company and the productivity level dropping. These two problems can be fixed immediately if an HR generalist can be hired to assume all of the duties of HR.

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