How to Write an Analytical Essay on Political and Economic Development in the Third World

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Posted on March 17, 2016

Having students write analytical essays is a great way to ensure that they understand a topic. After all, the process of writing one involves a lot of research, close examination of facts, and critical thinking. Unfortunately, these essays differ from the usual pieces you write for other courses. You need to know how to effectively write one in order to secure a great grade.

As overwhelmed as you may feel at the moment, writing an analytical essay, especially on a complex subject such as the political and economic development in the third world,  is not complicated if you take a structured approach to the assignment. The following lines detail a framework for crafting an excellent analytic essay that will impress your instructor and get you the grade you worked hard for.

Read the assigned (or chosen) essay topic/question closely. Clarify any doubts before typing a single word as it will help you write more effectively. If your knowledge on the topic is limited, read a simple introduction online. This is necessary as the main purpose of an analytical essay is to make you think about the different aspects of your topic. For instance, for a topic related to the political and economic development in the third world, you may need to brush up on a few facts, such as the criteria used to categorize countries as underdeveloped, their history, currents issues and major trends within the scope of the topic.

This step involves making an outline of your essay. To pull this off, you need to determine two things:

Topic You Will Write On
Usually, the topic assigned will be a generalized and broad such as political and economic development in the third world. You will have to narrow down the specific aspect you wish to explore. Choose a topic that interests you, one that either you know a lot about or wish to investigate further because you like it. Just make sure it is a proper, plausible statement that can be researched.

Thesis Statement
The thesis statement in an analytical essay is the most crucial part. Since you are writing an analytical essay, you will be presenting an idea or a claim. This is your thesis. However, your goal is to make it original and insightful. You can explore a major cause and effect relationship, analyze a persistent problem or observe the causes of changing social/economic trends.

Here are a few interesting thesis statements related to political and economic development in the third world:

  • Rapid and unplanned urbanization in developing countries is a contributing factor to social instability.
  • More transparency in governance will increase tax compliance in the developing world.
  • Transnational crime is a $650 billion enterprise. A significant link exists between economic underdevelopment and transnational crime.

These simply serve as examples for specific avenues you can explore. If you do choose one of these themes, you will have to write it in your own words.

Creating Your First Draft
Traditionally, there are three basic components of an analytical essay, and it is these you should be planning to write.

  1. The Introduction – An introduction is where you present your main idea to the reader. This must be done in an efficient and intriguing manner. In this section, start with a hook that grabs attention, write your main thesis, and finally write how you intend to prove your thesis.
  2. Body – This section will contain the evidence and examples you provide to back up your thesis statement. It is a good idea to limit yourself to three-five paragraphs. However, if you have more supportive evidence, you may exceed that limit with moderation. Remember: each paragraph should start with a sentence that informs the reader what the paragraph is about. Next, make your claim and finally back it up with researched evidence. The final sentence should tie in your first sentence with the supportive evidence you provide.
  3. Conclusion – Briefly restate your main point in two to three sentences. You can include a quote or important statistic in order to further elucidate your conclusion.

Follow this outline closely and you will be able to complete your assignment in no time. However, if your instructor has given his or her own outline and set of rules, be sure to follow them and combine the tips you read here if applicable. For further referencing purposes you may also check our 23 facts on political and economic development in the the third world, 20 topics on the subject and 1 sample essay. Best of luck on your next assignment and sincere wishes for a good grade.

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