College Admission Application Letter to The University of Iowa

Posted on November 1, 2019


Nicholas Freidman
237686, Shola Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98020

Michael Meddlecamp
The University of Iowa
102 Dey House
Iowa City, Iowa 52242


Dear Michael Meddlecamp,

Ever since I got my first poem published in the Cincinnati Review in 2005, I have been excited to find a way to join The University of Iowa’s Master in Fine Arts program. Your main lecturer, Ted Kooser, is a great idol of mine in contemporary poetry, and his presence makes the desire to attend your program even more potent. In addition, it is easy to say that Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop is, if not the top, one of the best creative writing programs in the United States. I believe attending your institution will give me not only the knowledge and experience that I need to excel in my poetry but also the validation to eventually become a teacher of creative writing in the future at a university. Besides this, I fully advocate for the approach of the program, which is instruction done in small groups with as much effort and participation from the members as possible. I do not enjoy listening only to lectures when studying creative writing. Instead, I would feel at home in your active and proactive workshops.


As mentioned before, my aim is to eventually become a teacher or professor of poetry. I feel I have a natural ability to teach and to connect with a classroom. I have taught poetry in schools and in private groups before, and I know it is my calling. After obtaining an MFA, I want to pursue a Ph.D. in creative writing. After getting a full education, I want to teach at either The Evergreen State College, The University of Washingon, or Seattle University. All of these institutions are close to my heart in terms of my experiences there. I want to give back to these places of education that which they have provided me.

Career so far

In order to let you know more about me personally and my writing, I will tell you about what I have achieved so far in my career. I have worked as a web content specialist for the last eight years. However, I have continued to write poetry throughout the period practically daily. I would call myself a diligent and habitual poet. I have gotten two books of mine published: Zen and Son, and How Many Become One, both from Iron Age Press. In addition, my poems have been featured in over 30 journals, and I have won awards for my work. These include the Touchstone Individual Poems Award in 2016 and receiving third place in the international haiku competition Kusamakura in 2019, among others. Also, I have become highly involved in workshopping online and offline in various workshops for years. I believe this will make my experience in the sessions you offer much smoother and beneficial. Lastly, I host my own blog called Haiku Commentary. This website started in 2016 and it features haiku and related poems every week with commentary from a great group of poets from around the world. I edit each post, contribute writing, select the poems, design the blog, and promote it through social media actively. Through this venture, I have found a fine network of poets that share their expertise, advice, and support. I believe this experience also adds to my capability to do well in The University of Iowa’s writers’ workshops.

Closing statement

Considering my love for your institution, my goals, and my career so far, I hope you will give me the honor to be admitted into your esteemed MFA program. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Nicholas Freidman

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