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Posted on April 9, 2022

All students receive a task to write a term paper, though not everyone knows what to write there. Some of them start searching for random topics online. Others learn more about the assignment and select a corresponding topic. What do professionals do? How do they select term paper topics? This article explains everything in detail because knowledge helps to avoid failures.

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Samples of Good Term Paper Topics in Various Disciplines

Everybody says that term paper topic ideas are significant but only several people tell how to choose them. Moreover, it is better to have an example of a good idea. Below, one can see a table of 15 topics on different subjects to follow. These samples are great because they give hints for various subjects such as Economy, Business, Sociology, and others.

Subject Topic
Business Is it a smart decision to run a business using cryptocurrency instead of the common currency?
Economy Has the European Union economy suffered serious losses after Brexit?
Business Ethics What ethical violations hurt profit companies more: external (ecological harm, fraud, and violation of public trust) or internal (sexual and racial discrimination, intimidation, and stealing)?
Marketing and Government What can the government do to make online shop holders better protect the rights of customers?
Psychology Should shopaholism be included in the list of the most harmful psychological disorders?
Sociology Are there any negative consequences of gender inequality in the fashion industry?
History The difference between nationalism and chauvinism: historical backgrounds of the two ideologies.
Education Can higher education rescue people who suffer from hunger in third-world countries?
Healthcare How to help children with autism and intellectual disabilities behave correctly in life-threatening situations like natural disasters or fire?
Environment The smartest recycling decisions and laws of European countries that everyone should adapt
Biology What plants are beneficial for keeping at home and what pots can hurt human and pet health
Philosophy How would people behave if the threat of hunger and war disappeared forever?
Economics Is demonetization beneficial for small and medium businesses?
Science and Technology Can people feel safe when being treated by social robots?
Literature What books describe lost generations of countries that have been in the war recently?

Where to find a worthy topic for a term paper? It is not a difficult task though it consumes much time. First off, it is necessary to search for reputable sources, both online and printed. Then, one should investigate them to learn the latest news in the studied field. One should understand that the theme must be interesting for a researcher and a target reader. Inspired students are ready to devote their time to quality research. Intrigued readers don’t feel lazy to read it.

These are some sources that can help students learn more about their disciplines and find an interesting topic for a term paper.

  • Jstor
  • Google Scholar
  • Encyclopedia.com

Things to Avoid When Choosing Ideas for a Term Paper

Term Paper

Beginners often make mistakes when selecting term paper ideas for their school and college assignments at the end of a term. This is a collection of the most typical errors and a pro tip from researchers.

1.Generalization and limitation

The best way is to speak about something concrete and original. To avoid informational limits, one should research a lot to collect enough information.

2.Using doubtful sources

Except for being unique, topics should have a decent backup. The worst thing is to take ideas from the yellow press and personal blogs. Both sources lack scientific verification because their goal is to attract readers with creative titles and get subscribers. People like shocking titles, gossip, and scheming. Most of them trust everything they read. So, students should criticize the news and check them to be ready to find fakes.

Pro tip

“How to spot fakes? Firstly, switch off your emotions to evaluate the source. Secondly, check the publisher and author’s reputations. Thirdly, check what others say about this news. Fourthly, verify all facts and quotes. Fifthly, use tools to find the origin of photos and possible alterations. Finally, use your intuition and sober mind.”

3.Expired ideas

One should be careful when reading scientific articles and taking research topics there. It is necessary to pay attention to such details as “Last Updated” and publication years. Many encyclopedias, especially printed ones, have outdated numbers and general information. That is why it is a bad idea to choose a random topic on the Internet. If the topic is expired or misleading, students will not get high grades.

4.Screaming titles

Wow-titles are good for the yellow press and website monetization. The more shocking a title is, the more people will click it. A term paper title must be brief and to the point. Students must use academic English and reduce prepositional phrases to sound more distinctly.

5.Zero motivation

Would you like to watch a movie about a boring theme? No. Be sure that you will also feel bored and reluctant to investigate a topic that does not meet your interests.
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Sometimes, searching for a decent topic becomes a true marathon. That is why a good student must subscribe to reputable web sources and read the latest news periodically to keep updated. Professional writing services can help to find them. They interview clients to understand what interests them. Afterward, assistants suggest topics and scientific sources. They guide clients till the last word. Thanks to that, mentors always approve research proposals and reward hard-working students.

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