Term Paper Writing Mistakes

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Posted on December 2, 2009

Typical mistakes in writing term papers include the most simple of all things – spelling and grammar errors, but also include running with topics not associated with course materials, failing to cover essential aspects from the course, and topic sentences that are not explained in the material. Most students will make typical mistakes in writing term papers due to fear and concern for the work they must complete, particularly if the work is a large portion of the student’s grade.

The first step in avoiding the typical mistakes in writing term papers is just to relax and think about what the course has covered. While thinking, write a short list of important things you have learned in the course and how they relate to each other. Also, remember to write the outline, the outline is there to help you stay on track while writing the paper. Begin very simply – Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Following this, you can begin to add in the primary topic sentence and then topic sentences for each paragraph. Write at least three sentences for each paragraph – preferably four. Remember to provide evidence for your information from reliable sources such as textbooks and peer-reviewed sources.

Finally, no matter how much trouble you have with your term paper, you can avoid the typical mistakes in writing term papers just by remembering to use your “Spelling & Grammar” checker found in the review section of MS Word.

This function will prevent the more common errors found in papers and even provide you with a clear knowledge of how many words you have written for the assignment. Your writing will take time to develop, most students will not have college level writing skills straight out of high school, but with time and practice, you can have these skills.

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