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Posted on August 25, 2010

Among the numbers of academic help services are companies that offer to purchase the original essays and on the contrary there are agencies who provide free essays or sample essays. For a student who cannot afford a fortune thus is willing to get a paper done getting a free paper seems to be a rather attractive and tempting option. As a result many of the students download sample essays ignoring the great risk of being dismissed for academic dishonesty.

The essence of this troublesome situation lies in the notion of the free essays or sample papers itself. Unlike the paid assignments produced from scratch individually and fully original the sample papers are available to public and free to download to everybody. Therefore there is no guarantee that submitting this paper you will be the only one who used it. There is a real chance that students from one and the same class can download the sample paper and turn it in to the same professor which can not only cause them trouble but also result in expelling both from the university. Such a shameful end of the hard academic studies is the least you would wish for. Services providing free papers work much as a mousetrap. They offer you a complete paper for any topic that you can get now and free of charge. Which student can resist that?

To put yourself aside from trouble you need to make sure that if you order a paper online it will be forwarded to you personally, complete from scratch by your individual instructions and never distributed to any other party. This way you will be able to insure yourself a successful submission of the assignment.

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