“Argumentative Essay Sample on Women in the Army: Should They Be There or Not?”

Posted on June 1, 2020

Society says that women are equal to men, and can do anything a man can. For the most part that is right, there have been women that have excelled and achieved things society thought only men could do. There is an exception to this – WAR. Women are not built for war o battles; they do not have the strength it requires or mental stability, but they still want to try to succeed. This is not because they want to serve their country as much but to show society that women are just as capable as men are.

War requires a lot of training, physical strength, and stamina. These characteristics most men have. Doctors and physical trainers show facts that even the most robust women do not have all of these qualities. Most soldiers carry around a 400-pound backpack together with a gun. What is more, they have been trained to run and dodge bullets while firing back and not to leave any soldier behind. In other words, they lift a 400-pound body onto their shoulders and run to some safe place. The facts show that a woman does not have the body build for these kinds of tasks. For that reason, today, women have different training standards than men. We all know that there are some strong women that will be able to do the pieces of training that men do, but the emotional side of war will get them.

Without a doubt, most of the jobs that are open in the field of the armed forces are available to women and men equally. Nonetheless, there are some that women cannot just cope with due to some physical issues. The point is that the standards of physical endurance have been set to suit only men. As a result, when a woman tries to reach those standards, she is going to over-stretch herself. What is more, army units also engage various activities that have been established in accordance with the men’s capabilities only. Ladies in combat units are going to get injured more often as a result of the above mentioned rules.

Most men have problems handling these emotions during and for a long time after the war. Now doctors know that women are very emotional people due to their hormones, but they also know that when you put women in a danger zone, men become emotionally involved too. This is because society shows that men are supposed to protect women, and that is what their jobs are. This causes problems on the battlefield. If someone gets shot and they go down, a man won’t leave a woman, and women will try not to leave a man to lie there and die, even if they told them to go. The war itself emotionally affects you. The bombs going off here and there. The bullets are whizzing past your head. Your comrades are dying around you. It all causes major emotional problems to a man, but to a woman, all these emotions would be unbearable, causing her training and skills to falter.

When it comes to women in the army, the question of efficiency should be considered as well. Some ladies will be capable of meeting the combat standards. But the reality is that most won’t be able to do that. While the integration of females into the field of the army might happen for those suitable and qualified, the small number of candidates, all disciplinary, logistical, and regulatory costs spent on integration make it a completely worthless move.

When you go into battle, you will be fighting for months at a time. Soldiers tend to make friends and form relationships with the men or women they are fighting with. When it comes to a man, you can become good friends with one. However, in the case of the man-woman relationship, you two could get awfully close. This happens more often than not, especially if she is the only woman they have seen in months. According to the most recent researches, women get abused on the battlefield. What is more, women might get captured, tortured, and even raped over and over again by the enemy. Unfortunately, this happens in the lines of your own comrades as well.

The question of military readiness is the one to consider, without a doubt. For instance, pregnancy can have a serious impact on the unit deployability when it is understaffed or has an uneven number of females.

When it comes to traditions, men, especially the ones that are likely to recruit, give preference to the traditional roles of genders. In some cases, men tend to act like fools in order to protect ladies in their army units. Harassment and offense of the recruitment of women in this huge men’s subculture would definitely turn into a major problem.

As for career advancement, women and men are both provided with equal chances to join some combat unit. However, as we have already realized by now – different roles in the field of army require different emotional and physical abilities. This, in turn, leads to the fact that there are various ways of promotion in the army that provide women with equal opportunities. As a result, women do not have to fight in order to take this or that operation.

What about the kids? In most families, women take care of the little ones. What happens if the father dies and the mother is recruited by the combat unit? It means the children will have to live with a family member, who can take care of them. In case there’s no one to take care of the kid, it may have disastrous consequences for the little one. What if both parents die? Without a doubt, this traumatic experience is going to affect the child’s future.

Finally, we all have to face a well-known inconvenient truth – women and men have been the number one distraction of each other since the dawn of time. If we decide to pretend as nothing happens between the genders, and throwing men and women into an emotionally intense environment has no consequences, we will simply act against all common sense. If we just overlook this kind of adult behavior in the combat units, this will be highly irresponsible and definitely cause unforeseen consequences.

As you can see, these are the main reasons women should not be put on a battlefield or combat units. Potential relationship with men, inability to focus on their military service due to family issues, the physical and mental strength that just does not let them handle war are just a few reasons why women should be banned from combat roles. As for the women that have successfully made it through the war, there is a decent chance they will be mentally unstable for the rest of their lives. Without a doubt, they have effectively set out to do what they wanted to do in order to prove to men that they can do it. And certainly, they prove that they can serve their country as well. But let us face the truth – the price they’re required to pay in the end is too high.

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