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Posted on January 30, 2008

Writing successful research term papers requires the skills of choosing a topic, focusing in on a thesis, investigating the subject, analyzing information, and reporting the results. Careful investigation of your own opinions, the facts about a situation, and the judgments of others will help you write a successful research papers or term papers.

Because research writing involves so many different skills and activities, it is especially important to be systematic in your approach. In order to complete your research term papers successfully you will need to go through several steps in your writing process. At first, you will need to analyze the paper assignment. Then, you should plan a research strategy and actually do the research paper. Conducting good research requires taking good notes and keeping good records. Before research paper writing, choose a preliminary thesis and write an outline. Only after this write the first draft. Then read the paper again and revise it, repeat revisions till you get the final result. And finally, document your sources correctly.

Writing research term papers will require a lot of work with texts from books, Internet, magazines, journals and other written sources. Simply to find the relevant material is not enough for writing good research term papers. You should use your sources effectively. The key point to quoting is not to overdo it. Inexperienced writers tend to insert too many quotations in their research term papers, using their own sentences just to link these passages. But readers only glance over long quotations. With too many quotations, certainly with more than two or three on a page, the writing will be disconnected, the argument will be unclear, and your own voice will be buried by those of others.

Therefore in order to avoid such fallacies you should limit your use of direct quotations in the paper. You should use direct quotations only in the cases when you want to provide a sample of a writing style or dialect, when a point is particularly well stated, or when the exact phrasing of a policy or a law is important to your argument. Therefore, always track the quantity and quality of your quotations. Keep yourself from including in your research papers or term papers all collected information for the topic. Use only the most important sources and make a quote as short as possible.

In order to succeed in writing your research term papers you should make them understandable to the reader and use relevant information that is directly related to your research topic. Therefore you should make your research term papers structured and coherent. In order to structure your paper write an outline that will state your research term paper background, thesis and your main points. Use this outline as a frame for writing the paper. Write the paper in already outlined order. It will not only help your readers to better follow your thought but also you to compose the paper in order.

In the end of the research term paper, write your conclusion that will summarize the whole information written above. It will help the reader to recall information written in your paper and consolidate it in mind. Properly written conclusion is especially important when your research term paper is very long and consists of detailed information that is difficult to remember from the first reading. Make it simpler for your readers. Remind them what you have been describing in your research term paper.

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