Religious Studies Research Paper Topics and Ideas

Topics and ideas
Posted on March 13, 2019

The sphere of religious studies is quite a complicated issue because the student has to be deeply involved in the topic and understand all interconnections in a separate set of views. In general, a religious studies research paper can be aimed at the investigation of a particular religion and controversial issues connected with it. In such papers, it is important to pay attention to the main postulates and concepts of the specific religion to be accurate in statements and ideas.

Writing the research paper, try to avoid subjective opinions, be logical and rational in structuring the paper. The main aim of such work is to explain the topic completely and provide a clear explanation of the analyzed issue. Choosing the topic for the religious research paper can become quite a controversial process due to the variety of themes and to student’s sphere of interest. If there’s nothing particularly interesting for you, or perhaps, your interests are too diverse, search for help from specialists at the research paper service.

Topics & Ideas for Religious Studies Research Paper

1. Impact of Greek Myths on the Formation of European Religion

This topic should include an accurate analysis of several Greek myths that made the most significant impact on the formation of religion and culture in Greece. Among the myths to explore can be Heracles and the Heracleidae myth, the story about Argonauts, myths about the mountain Olympus, and myth about Prometheus. The second part of the research paper should be concentrated on the modern attitude of people in Europe to myths and its impact on the development of religion and culture in the region.

2. Interconnection Between Science and World Religions

Interdependence between the scientific and religious world was also an issue of interest due to its controversy. If you choose this topic for the research paper, pay attention to the historical development of interrelation between these two spheres of human life. Analyze also the attitude of a church to science and all notorious periods of conflicts between representatives of both spheres.

3. The Phenomenon of the Theocratic States in the Modern World

There are seven theocratic countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Vatican City, and Yemen among all countries of the world. These countries have a special political and social order that is caused by the determining role of religion. The research paper can analyze the development of such states, the efficiency of their authorities, their place in the international community, and the religion that is followed by its citizens.

4. The Development of Christianity

This topic is connected with the formation and establishment of Christianity as a world religion. The issue is important and interesting to explore due to the role of Christianity in the modern world. The research paper should include information about the establishment of the religion, analysis of its main concepts and images, history of the religion and periods of its strength and weakness. Besides, it is possible to compare Christianity with other world religions to find similarities and differences.

5. The Development of Islam

Islam is one of the largest world religion that has numerous followers. This religion is interesting to explore due to its special ideas that differ from all other religions. Besides, in the modernity, Islam is considered quite controversial due to the establishment of communities with fundamental Islamic views. The research paper should include all these aspects starting from the history of its creation and the development of the religion in general.

6. The Development of Buddhism

This topic is interesting because Buddhism is one of the world’s religions that has numerous followers. Buddhism is a unique worldview that is based on the nature of human and balance of the human spirit. In the course of the essay, it is important to pay attention to the history of the religious development, its establishment, main images of the religion, and core concepts of Buddhism. Besides, it is interesting to analyze the attitude of Buddhists to nature, human, sins, and the sense of people’s lives.

7. The Role of Women in Islam

The topic related to women and Islam is studied by various experts because it is quite controversial and special. The problem can be explored from historical and ideological points of view. It is important to take into account the diversity of approaches to the positions of women in Islam. The student can also compare traditional and fundamentalist approaches to the treatment of women and how these ideas are interconnected.

8. Religion in People’s Daily Life

Modern people differently accept religion in their daily life and live in accordance with a defined set of ideas and beliefs. This topic is interesting to explore because modern society is divided into communities that follow particular religions and communities that do not follow religious worldviews. Besides, acceptance of religions often depends on the location, where people live, and it is interesting to establish interconnections between the territory and the specifications of certain religions.

9. Modern Interdependence Between Religions and Laws

The research on this topic should explain how religions influenced the formation of laws in different countries of the world. It is important to consider various religions including Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. Additional attention should be paid to the influence of Islam on the creation of national legislation system in countries of the Middle East. Research on this topic will introduce various legislation systems and their interconnections with religions.

10. Systems of Animalism and Totemism

Animalism and totemism originally come from ancient times. This topic is important and thought-provoking because it represents the attitude of people to nature and various objects. The religious research on the stated topic will represent animalism and totemism as religious systems. Main concepts and ideas people were taking into account following such world views should be appropriately considered. Additionally, the research can also include an explanation of how animalism and totemism influenced modern religions.

11. The Idea of Soul in Various Religions

The soul is one of the central concepts in different religions. However, it is perceived differently by various worldviews including not only the biggest religions but also Judaism and Confucianism. The research paper should comprise an explanation of the concept by different religions and comparison of these ideas. Additionally, it is possible to consider how the concept of the soul defines human lifestyles in different countries of the world.

12. Influence of Hinduism on the Formation of Culture in India

As separate concepts, religion and culture are closely interconnected. In fact, religion influences the formation of the country’s culture, and India is an example of such a state. In fact, the culture of this country is a system of unique traditions, customs, ideas, and beliefs. The culture of India is quite special because the country has one of the biggest populations in the world. The research about Hinduism should be connected with the history of Indian culture and of the religion with the definition of religion’s influence on the culture.

13. The Position of Atheism in the Modern World

Among modern communities, atheism is a popular phenomenon due to a set of various factors. Specifically, atheism is connected with disbelieving in the existence of God or gods. This topic is interesting to explore because of the popularity of such belief. It is interesting to compare atheism with religion to understand how atheists perceive all natural concepts and processes. The research paper can include a definition of the issue, an explanation of all its concepts, and an exploration of the future development of the situation with atheism.

14. The Development of Confucianism

There is a perception that Confucianism is a system of social and ethical norms rather than a complete religion. Confucianism is specific due to its understanding of nature and a human as a part of nature. Confucianism is followed by less amount of people, and it is interesting to compare it with other religions.

15. Religion and Evolution

These two concepts are quite controversial because of historical conflicts between followers of different views of evolution. This research topic should include information about the interconnection between these two issues, main conflicts, and followers of various approaches to the process of evolution.

16. Religious Education

The aspect of religious education is interesting to explore because of its controversial character in connection with religious freedom. The research paper should explain the idea of religious education and describe the situation with such education in different countries.

17. Religion at a Workplace

This topic is connected mainly with aspects of discrimination at a workplace regarding the religion of the employee. The religious research should be based on cases of discrimination and an explanation of normal attitude to religion at a workplace.

18. Creationism

Exploration of this topic should be based on literature such as “Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity” by David Sedley. The research paper should include an explanation of the topic and attitude to the idea in the course of history.

19. Fear in Religions

The majority of religions talk about the fear and attitude toward God or gods. Such aspects as an interpretation of fear by various religions and challenges connected with the understanding of fear by religion followers can become a part of the religion research paper.

20. African American Religions

The topic is interesting to explore because it allows defining specific features of the religious life of African Americans. The research paper can include statistical data about African American religions and represent the roots of such organization of their lives.


Various religion research essay topics are connected with specific aspects of particular religions. Writing a religion research essay, it is important to pay attention to history, main concepts, believes, and followers of the religion. Feel free to either extend or narrow the topics in accordance with your interests or the task of a professor.

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