Process Essay Sample: How to Lose Weight and Not to Starve

Posted on February 17, 2022

When students deal with a writing process essay, their goal is to explain how to do something step by step. Process writing gives birth to great manuals. Such a paper provides a sample plan to follow when creating or performing something. It also has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. An average plan has only thesis instructions, while an essay has a properly described directional. Each paragraph must provide an instruction that will help the reader complete the mission or reach the goal. Below, you can find an example of a procedural essay.

Process Essay: How to Lose Weight and Not to Starve

People worldwide take care of their weight. There are millions of diets and eating regimes. Intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, and other diets help people become healthier and get rid of extra pounds. Some people aim for a perfect body mass index while others long for ideal body shapes. Fashion industries create idols of beauty that have 90-60-90 parameters or possess muscular abs. Everybody looks for a perfect method to join the mainstream. According to the scientific approach, ten natural methods can help a person lose extra kilos without effort and starving that might fit everyone.

Rule number one is to develop a healthy eating habit. According to Psychology Today, a person needs up to 21 days to form a habit. For example, when a person eats big portions, she must reduce her portions gradually to get used to small portions and eat five times a day to let her stomach digest properly. Then, a person should keep eating such portions for three weeks to guarantee the successful development of the habit.

The second rule is to drink enough water. Water lubricates joints, speeds up digestion, keeps body temperature normal, solves the problem of the abnormal accumulation of toxins and waste through frequent urination. The bowel improves functioning that solves another problem with constipation that many people suffer from. After the revision of the article of MayoClinic, one can say that the minimal amount of pure water is not less than 2 liters daily. Sportsmen, expectant mothers, and people with health problems or those who live in hot regions might need more liquid to stay hydrated.

The third essential component is to count calories. There are three universal calorie-count formulas from Mifflin Jeor, Harris-Benedict, and Katch-McArdle. The number of required calories depends on what a person wants. There are online calculators that help people make the right decision. People fill in the information about the current body mass, height, gender, and age and tick the function. The program allows them to find out the required number of carbs, fats, and proteins to lose, gain, and preserve weight. Besides, these formulas tell how many calories to consume and how much water to drink.

The fourth step is to control snack times. One should look for healthy snack ideas on various websites and blogs that promote a healthy lifestyle. Chips, sandwiches, pizzas, and sweet sodas contain too many calories that hurt the metabolism and favor excessive weight gaining.

The fifth rule is to rest enough. The Sleep Foundation provides a table of examples that shows how much a person in different age stages should sleep to remain healthier. Adults require from seven to nine hours, while schoolers need up to eleven hours of rest.

The sixth component is to add more fiber-rich food to daily nutrition. Besides, one should think of preferring whole-grain and single-component meals to avoid undesired unhealthy fats and added sugar. Besides, such meals fill the organism with the required energy and let a person stay satiated longer.

The seventh thing is to prefer coffee and green tea to other beverages. No doubt, water must prevail. The caffeine that coffee and green tea contain stimulates digestion and provides an antioxidant effect on the human body.

The eighth rule is to consider ethical peculiarities. Not all people can normally consume some products. For example, representatives of China often have an intolerance to milk products. Cheese, milk, and sour milk contain lactose that causes severe indigestion and allergic reactions. That is why healthy eating habits should also be based on the organism’s needs. Many ready dieting plans cannot be followed blindly. When drafting a weekly eating plan, one should consider all pros and cons before starting dieting.

The pre-last recommendation is the analysis of daily activities. The universal rule that promises weight loss or its stabilization is the difference between burned and consumed calories. If one eats a piece of cake that has over 250 calories, it will be necessary to participate in activities that will help to get rid of them. Moreover, one should consider the basal metabolic rate. It is the number of calories that a human body burns when doing nothing. A person needs the energy to breathe, sleep, digest, and perform other vitally important things. So, if a person’s BMR is 1350 calories, and he eats the same calorie food, he will lose weight because it is impossible to stay motionless the whole day. One will surely walk, eat, take a shower, and simultaneously burn fat.

The last thing to do is to eat slower and avoid sugary meals before bedtime. Bloggers discuss these topics daily in their healthy blogs to let their followers understand what food hurts in the evening, but which is beneficial in the morning. For example, sweets should be taken before noon to guarantee the required energy level for the organism. They are quickly digested, and one feels full for some time. It is a crime to miss breakfasts. Those who starve in the morning exhaust the body and the brain. An organism must start the day correctly. First off, one drinks a glass of water and eats good food in thirty minutes. There is no need to write about the benefits of slow eating. The theory is simple. Fast eaters need more food to get satiated, which leads to overeating. Slow-eaters allow their organisms to understand when it is time to stop.

To conclude, people should alter their life habits to lose and stabilize their body weight. Alcohol, fast food, and lack of sleep do not make people healthy and worsen the proper functioning of the organism. That is why small portions, regular and healthy meals with proper hydration, and physical activity will result in the desired number on the scales. Besides, a person will feel great because the organism will receive everything required and will not be littered with chemicals.


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