A Persuasive Research Proposal for Fellowship

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Posted on August 4, 2015

A fellowship proposal is a persuasive representation of an argument for why the specified project is to be funded. The proposal should be impressive and attractive and it should contain all the features to pursue the authority that it deserves to be funded.persuasive research proposal

The following are some of the tips and guidelines to write an effective research proposal for fellowship:

  • It should be kept in mind that a research proposal should not be long but it must contain clear goals and objectives and all the information related to the background of the topic. All the points must be clear, well organized and well focused.
  • One must be ready to answer the major and important questions while making the proposal. A short and compact proposal is preferred and is always more difficult to write than a long proposal.
  • The most appropriate way to start a proposal is to write an introductory paragraph that highlights the main points and features of the topic. The need for funding should be mentioned clearly and with purpose.
  • The addition of the person’s own qualifications and experience in preparation of the proposal should be mentioned as it shows enthusiasm and dedication of that person.
  • The objectives that are being put forward for the proposal should be specific, measurable, implacable, reliable, valid and logical. In the same way the argument that one is putting forward should make a strong case for why he/she should be invested in or funded as a researcher.
  • A good fellowship proposal doesn’t require an overcrowded bibliography. It is not compulsory that a person who is making a proposal should go through each and every site related to the topic. Rather he should be well-read and have a thorough understanding of his work.
  • The fellowship proposal is not only meant for the people who are related to the academic field but also anybody that may be a source of the funds. So it should be kept in mind that the title of the proposal should be simple, eye catchy and understandable for the wide range of audience.
  • The selection criteria for the research should be observed carefully before submitting the proposal. It is recommended that one should create a personal panel and ask them to grade the application against each criterion. This will help to understand the strong as well as weak points of the proposal.
  • The display of the research proposal for fellowship should be pleasant and attractive. The font size, typing and margin lines should be appropriate. This will show your interest and dedication to the work. The bold type will highlight the important words. The headings work as a table of content in the proposal and the margins make the proposal to be read easily. The typing style is not specified. It varies with different selection of styles.
  • The most important point of making a research proposal is to ‘Be Honest’. One should ask himself first whether he will meet the objectives and goals that are being allotted in a given time frame. There should be no ambiguities in the objectives or title of the proposal.

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