Informative Essay Sample on Personal Conflict Resolution

Posted on March 5, 2008

While anomalies and there occurrence is an inevitable phenomenal in life. Early childhood exposure plays a fundamental role in conceiving and curtailing these problems and alterations that are manifested deep and wide in our contemporary society. We face disagreements in all aspects of our lives; in social institutions, between friends or individuals, in our own homes and the neighbourhoods and many walks in our very existence. Richards, .H, K, (2005)

Conflict emanate from petty issues triggered by misconceptions, or where warring factions are perpetrating malicious if not mischievously ulterior motives. Anathemas in life are also evident in scenarios where people meeting on a common table have vested interest in achieving particular objectives, for instance the recent bouts by parliamentarians in Bolivia could only magnify the impossibilities of arriving their destined purpose amicably, hence resorting to conflict. Sklair Ritchie (2003)

In circumstances where truth is crucified, conflict is ultimately the end result. However, conflicts evolve in myriad dimensions; some could easily be resolved or rather ignored by the mere fact that they lack substantial basis. Ross & Weber (1998) most conflict could only be settled before the court of law and such like conflict are rather more complex and require much attention and they are also costly.

The forward statement in a conflict scenario is not procrastination; the best prescription for this disease is through resolving, either by consensus building among other strategies. Conventional wisdom is inclined on the school of thought that conflict labors so much energy with the magnanimity so burdensome to disintegrate the social fabric of any civilized society.

Since problems in life threaten our very existence, it’s better to take time to comprehend and evaluate the cause and the impact of a problem; with the right approach in implementing the same, the vice can not evade the justice to be contained. Richards, .H, K, (2005)

Managing Conflict

When caught up in a dispute, I begin with identifying and defining the anomaly in modes that are neutral; i.e. by muting all the criticism and disdains and also avoiding personal feelings and emotions Ross & Weber (1998). I employ open forum approach, which is inclined towards letting other people speak out their opinions, this gives me an opportunity to digest and understand the other side of the coin my side and the truth itself. We have to engage in close talk where both parties have to pose questions expecting particular responses just to confirm the discussion is not falling on deaf ears. Sklair Ritchie (2003)

In such like cases, I have had different perception towards the conflict. The irony here is that conflict resolution requires some soberness since most people who cry foul are actually the same proponents the permit most conflicts. So in this amicable discussion, a mutual agreement is a certain outcome package. Ross & Weber (1998)
Arriving at a solution entails an open deliberation of the personal convictions. In most cases I prompt my opponent to state what he conceives fit regarding the contentious issue, at this juncture I do extent and olive branch to engage in active listening while critically making the analysis of the same and also formulating my on chain of solutions. This boils down to a conclusive motion aimed at bearing fruits after a cross examination of both our two different perceptions with a consideration of the truth itself. Solutions proportional to our needs and interest is definitely arrived at with little or no friction at all. Richards, .H, K, (2005).

What makes any agreement palatable between different entities is the ability to achieve a lasting solution that is agreeable or common and beneficial between two parties. In this case, our solutions are mooted on the basis that is mutually compliant Ross & Weber (1998). I avoid to reprimand and shove my perceived policies down my opponent’s throat. Instead I champion integrity in bountifully finding a liberal verdict to a conflict through merging of both our views as right and well founded precepts. If the worst comes to the worst I have always inaugurated the third party; like a counsellor and as soon as the climax is reached we discuss the implementation aspect of it. Ross & Weber (1998) this is also prompted by a vivid evaluation that comes later, geared towards revising arising weaknesses in the agreements.

The rationale portrayed in this paper hinges on the notion that personal problems and major conflict in life need to be affirmed as unavoidable realities that critically masquerade as anomalies yet they truly foster progress. Sklair Ritchie (2003) it is however, health to have wrangles in order to chart a way forward with amicable solutions. It also imperative to not that change are immutable laws of nature that enhances progress, in a nut shell we need to accept that problems and life are inseparable entities that should positively, stimulate and transform the way by which we perceive and interpret situations for the ultimate good of humanity.

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