How to Select Decent Opinion Writing Topics

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Posted on December 14, 2021

Students worldwide write opinion papers. Educators often include this assignment in IELTS tests. A student’s task is to write an essay that reflects a personal viewpoint about something or someone. Even though this paper is based on a student’s attitude towards things, it is necessary to be aware of its proper structure and discussion of target ideas. Moreover, supreme opinion essay ideas are essential for an excellent paper presentation.

This article provides examples of the best essay topics in different disciplines.

A Collection of Good Opinion Topics to Write About

Many articles introduce only one-sided opinion paper topics. Below, learners who study various disciplines can find matching topics for their opinion writing.

  1. Are journalists free to discuss everything they want in democratic countries? (Politics)
  2. Can we believe everything that books in History contain? (History)
  3. Can electric cars save the planet the way their creators expect? (Environmental protection)
  4. Are nurses obliged to provide euthanasia, or is it the job of someone else? (Nursing)
  5. Can messengers replace real-life communication? (Social media)
  6. Should students use e-books instead of average printed books? (Education)
  7. Are there jobs for young and mature personalities, or are they all equal? (Generation gap)
  8. What writer can we call an image of the XXI century? (Literature)
  9. Does pop music provide a negative impact on today’s youth? (Culture)
  10. Should people with mental problems be among us at work? (Psychology)
  11. Should there be only one belief to unite people? (Religion)
  12. Does gender inequality impact the country’s economic welfare? (Economic)
  13. Should Information Technology touch all life areas? (IT)
  14. Should people with mental disorders serve a sentence like others? (Jurisprudence)
  15. Can generics compete with brand pills? (Pharmaceutics)

Students should ponder on a selected topic and describe a personal attitude concerning it. An essay should not be primitive. It must be well-structured and contain a strong thesis statement and topic sentences in each paragraph. Besides, there should be hooks in the introduction and conclusion. These tricks create a positive impression on a teacher and convince him or her to give a high note.

How to Find Top-Level Opinion Essay Ideas

It is impossible to find a brilliant idea for an opinion paper without research. Printed and online literature helps to understand what interests people at this moment. Besides, a student should know that each essay paragraph should be supported by impressive facts taken from reliable sources. A freshman should better find a sample on a website of expert writers or universities. A peerless example shows how to write and format opinion writing regarding college requirements. Moreover, a learner will be able to provide editorial changes to meet the expectations of a teacher.

One can find ideas everywhere, but one must take supporting facts only from reputable sources. Trustable literature has a legal domain, real paper writers, regular updates, license, and rights to publish information. Educators trust Google Scholar, Jstor, PubMed, Microsoft Academic,, Wolfram Alpha, and others. One can find useful information there and provide an opinion on it in the essay.

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