National Honor Society Essay Example with Things Required

Posted on March 5, 2022

It is a sample of the National Honor Essay. The basic tips that should be used to write a paper are to be honest and highlight your merits. The committee wants to read about a person’s scholarship, service, leadership, and character qualities. If a person has no time to learn NHS essay tips, it will be necessary to study a sample below. It has a decent introduction with a thesis statement, body, and conclusion. It consists of 1000 words and seven paragraphs, logically connected with each other and the main idea of the essay.

NHS Application Essay Example: Why I Decided to Write an Essay

nhs essay sample

I had heard nothing of the National Honor Society when I was five. My family and I lived in a poor region in India, so there was no point in dreaming about membership in one of the most prestigious educational organizations in America. Later, my dad died, and my mother was sick, so she could not take care of me. We had relatives in the US. My mother bought a ticket for me. I was afraid because it was an unknown country with its rules, customs, traditions, and language. I hoped that they would accept me, and I would manage to learn the language quickly. I left the plane, and my new life started. Four years after I started my investigation concerning programs that could help me to adapt, become a better person, and acquire higher education. That year, I learned about the NHS and its requirements.

It was hard to get adjusted, but I succeeded. I did my best to catch up with others in the class. I slept little because my prior goal was to join the NHS community. I had read so many articles about it. Besides, high-schoolers who had become members of the society were excited about every meeting and summit. I interviewed them to confirm information about admission requirements. They said that the main requirements were a good GPA, positive feedback from teachers, being socially active, and helping others. I found those recommendations fair and brilliant. It was a great idea to be in a place that respected a student’s academic efforts, personal investment in the well-being of a society, leadership talents, and positive traits of character. Now, I am writing an application essay, hoping to become its member. Before, I have read many NHS essay examples, but none of them sound familiar to me. That is why I decided to write it my own way. So, it is better to speak about the four requirements separately to let the admission committee understand whether I am eligible or not.

To begin with, I decided to find the meaning of the word “scholarship”. According to Cambridge Dictionary, it means to study or work hard. What can I say about my learning abilities? The best example of my persistent work is my GPA. I came to the USA knowing only three words in English and nothing about the world. Now, I prepare projects, write essays about different things, and get only “A” and “B”. I think 4.4 for an international girl is a satisfying result. The Education and Training Foundation names four types of scholarship. They are scholarships of discovery, engagement, integration, and teaching or learning. I should say that I became eligible many years ago. First off, I participated in international projects. My both parents died of cancer, so I hoped to find ways to help children with PTS cope with their losses. I researched a lot to become aware of psychological terms and treatment approaches. I interviewed members of APTC and suggested examples of individually developed programs to them. They evaluated my offers and promised to help me write my essay in high classes. I think that NHS membership will help me feel more self-confident in the surrounding of medical experts.

The next thing to describe is my service activities. As I have already mentioned, I worked a lot trying to help children find the strength to live after the death of their parents. I joined a local nursing institution to take care of cancer-sick patients. Simultaneously, I played with their small children, who wished to get the attention of their parents. I distracted their attention by reading motivating stories about independent personalities and creatures. I also walked with them, taught them to cook and do house chores. Thanks to that, they did not feel helpless and lonely. They knew how to assist their parents. Sometimes, I asked their parents to let me find social groups for their children. Even if their dearest passed away, they would have friends who would listen to them and share their grief.

Speaking about leadership, I had never been a leader in my previous life. My first years in the United States were hard because I was a black sheep because of my appearance and pronunciation. My persistence and leader’s traits let me organize a volunteer club. I managed to survive and adapt to a world full of strangers without parents. My uncle was nice, but he never understood me. Besides, he was always at work and never knew how to support me when I received a letter about my mommy’s death. There were two ways for me. The first one was to hide and hope that nobody would touch me. The second way was to become a leader and stop hiding from problems and start coping with them. Now, I make projects with my classmates and give ideas about how to succeed in them and get the best results.

Finally, I should describe my traits of character. To be honest, I hate self-evaluation. Only people who surround you can provide their evaluation. I have many friends and teachers who respect me. I appreciate diversity because I am a part of it. I protect weak individuals because I was weak and I hated bullies. Even though my life was not cloudless, I stayed positive because life is beautiful. As Harry S. Truman said, “Actions are the seed of fate. Deeds grow into destiny”. I hope that my deeds will speak of me as a good person. I know that the NHS will make me better because this society takes care of its members and turns them into leaders who are ready to accept and withstand life’s difficulties.

I hope that my life experience will turn me into a decent member of the National Honor Society. I am not narrow-minded, and I am ready to work hard to meet the requirements of this prestigious organization. I have described my character, service qualities, leadership abilities, and learning achievements. I do hope to join the successful team because this organization makes the world better.


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