Essay Sample on Napster and Other Music Downloading Companies

Posted on February 2, 2010

Napster and many other music downloading companies have been the thorn in many musicians’ sides for sometime now. Everywhere you look here lately there is some controversy over whether or not it is a crime to download music for free. One of the articles that caught my eye is an article by Leonard Pitts.

The article is mainly about how it was only common sense that sooner or later this would become illegal. He makes his point clear throughout the article, but while doing this he has the talent to look at both sides of things, through the downloader’s point of view and the musicians. The downloaders should have known that sooner or later this would be happening. So far a suit is being filed against 261 people and the fine is $150,000 per stolen song. The musicians, of course, have had to worry about profit loss. An industry that estimates its profit loss at about $4 million a year is eventually going to do something about it. Though the public doesn’t really think that anything is wrong with what they’re doing, however, the musicians and there producers think otherwise. Many people enjoy a certain song on a certain album but it’s not always just one song that’s in our list of downloads. You hear a song on the radio and like it but don’t want to buy the whole album for just one song but you do it anyway and then another comes on and oh there’s another one for the list. But the more songs that are downloaded the more money is lost from it.

It’s not entirely the fault of the downloaders, though. The music companies have known about this internet sharing since before it even hit the public. The internet has many ways of getting people to pay for what they download, but there was never any rush for the music companies to utilize this. They had plenty of time to make preparations in advance but they took no actions to stop the public from addicting themselves to getting things like music for free. Now, people are so far into downloading for free it will be a long and arduous process to get the public off the net and back into the stores.

Some people still go to the stores to buy their music for 2 reasons. One reason: because of the sentimental value of the music. Some people would rather buy the discs for the simple reason of knowing that they worked for it and it wasn’t handed to them for free. The second reason: to give back to the music world and keep the industry bustling with life. If everyone in the world were to download this music for free there would be no reason for the musicians to make more. It’s not benefiting them any except for knowing they are bringing joy to their fans.

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