“Argumentative Essay Sample on the Myth of the Half Soul “

Posted on February 15, 2008

Religion is a potent instrument in directing people’s opinions and conviction so the masculinity of the god it represent certainly have a impressive influence to those who believe that doctrine. When this attitude is taught to a child, he/she receives it as the ultimate truth. As he grows up, the patriarchal society imposes the same teaching through the stories like Beauty and the Beast, Psyche and Eros, Iseult and Tristan, and Lancelot and Guenevere.

Because of how I was brought up, I am having a hard time believing that even divine scriptures could be only derived from what a writer just want to believe. And based from the book, the writer is a masculine imposing his power and control over women.
The gender used in the Bible that refers to God only imposes men’s superiority over women, so as the use of “man” instead of “woman” and “he” instead of “she”. Using god for this gender issue make patriarchy the natural and original thing.

I disagree with the part where it is said that the romantic myth declares that “a man longs to posses his beloved and that a woman longs to be posses, not only sexually, but emotionally and spiritually”. It is like saying that women should be inferior compared to men.

Because of the negative characteristics given to the first woman, females were prearranged to have the same personality. I prefer the first version of origin of humanity were man and woman were made together. It gives a sense of equality compared to that version where Eve was made for Adam. The myth about the rib only suppresses women’s image. Man is given the authority to say that they are guilty of sins but accuse Eve as responsible for it.

Like in the story of Iseult, a couple could not be happily married forever because they followed the romantic expectations set for them. They must truly love each other and not just long for love.

Females are posed to be the objects of the fulfillments of male’s needs. Even if women try to get away from this they could not free themselves because of what the society imposes. Instead of being compared to men by qualities like diligence and productiveness, they are measured by attractiveness and purity.

The story of Beauty, in a way, could also tell men’s weaknesses. The father and the beast depended on Beauty for their life. It lifts a woman’s worth and at the same time, she may not need any rescuing like what was shown on the retelling of Beauty’s story.

The Myth of the Half Soul shows women that they have a choice. They could stand up to the standards made for them but may not be prepared for their worth. It does not mean that Romantic Love is not real if we cannot pin down what exactly we long for. Like the characters in the stories, women could be equal to men or could find their own Romantic love if they could understand the source of their love or the basis of their relationship with men.

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