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Posted on January 14, 2019

Mathematics term papers differ from those that are concerned with a range of humanitarian sciences. Even though the standard structure of the academic papers that consists of the introduction, body, and conclusion elements is followed, there are still many nuances that should be considered while writing such a type of paper. At the same time, one should keep in mind that it is not only about explaining the concepts or theories in practice. The mathematics term paper can also be concerned with some easier topics, for instance, “The Contribution of Rene Descartes in Mathematics.” Importantly, all the mathematics term papers turn around the idea of logical narration, usage of specific language, regimented notation, and also mathematical symbols.

In this mathematics term paper writing guide, you’ll find all the necessary information on how to write a term paper in Mathematics so that it will have success for you a researcher and the field in the whole. Move closer to successful mathematics term paper writing. Our experts will provide you with math homework help you need.

Why Is It Important to Write a Mathematics Term Paper?

Mathematics is one of the STEM disciplines, and it is possible to assume that the writing activity is not that important for those who deal with this subject. Nevertheless, the writing part is extremely helpful as it depicts how to express the ideas, state and prove the arguments, enhance own knowledge of maths. What is more, the process of term paper writing helps students to improve their knowledge as during the work there would be a need to do research, refresh some already-gained knowledge, and refer to the new sources. In case if the concepts used in writing were not explored before, the writing process would help retain these concepts that would be later learned in the math class.

As it has already been mentioned, writing in Mathematics is not the same as writing papers on other subjects. In this case, one would need to show how well he or she understands a number of mathematical concepts, rules, and ideas. In such a way, a proper mathematical term paper would include the calculations with the appropriate and clear explanation. Otherwise, the writing would not make sense.

The Choice of a Good Topic for Your Mathematics Term Paper

Choosing the topic is one of the important stages in writing the paper. A writer who knows the topic also knows the directionю It means that it is easier to create the outline, structure the paper, search for some sources. At the same time, there are not so many topics to choose from due to the specifics of the subject. The students can be asked to do some research on the life and achievements of some renowned mathematicians, or some calculations followed by a detailed explanation, etc.

Oftentimes, professors suggest a list of the themes so that students have nothing but choose the one that seems to be the most interesting or challenging for them. In case, if the professor lets students feel free in terms of the themes, it can be hard for someone to come up with a good topic. So, that person can simply go to the corresponding site and pick whatever topic one wants. Thus, some of the themes for the mathematics paper are as follows:

The List of Topics in the History of Mathematics:

  • The History of Zero Number;
  • The Meaning of an Infinity Concept;
  • Numbers in the Ancient Mythology;
  • Differences in the Translations of Euclid;
  • Math in the Military Sphere;
  • Descartes Effect on the World of Mathematics.

The List of Topics in Real-World Math:

  • Math and Baseball;
  • The Golden Ratio and Ideal Beauty;
  • Irrational Numbers;
  • Math and the Digital Camera;
  • Boolean Searches and the Math of Googling.

The List of Topics in Geometry:

  • The Foundations of M.C. Escher Art;
  • Logistics and Geometry;
  • Crop Circles;
  • Einstein and the Snowflake Game;
  • How Geometry Changed the World.

The same way as the term paper itself, the themes are to be clear and concise covering the main idea of the entire writing.

How to Organize Mathematics Term Paper Writing in Math and Why It Matters?

“Organization comes first” is the rule that a person should memorize for the rest of the studies and even lifetime. The given statement works in different environments and situations. Term paper writing is no exception! It is worthy to mention that the right organization, as well as arrangement, would help both the writer and the reader. Whether it is a professor or some other students, one has to be sure that everything that is written in the paper would be understood by others. Most likely, one has some books, maybe, scientific journals that would be helpful for the homework. Thus, one should lay all the available printed sources aside so that there was no turmoil when one of the sources is needed. Besides, one should think about the workplace. The environment and the atmosphere are to be considered as a researcher should feel comfortable while writing. What is more, there should be no distracting things, as well as noises. As a result of the right atmosphere during the process of writing, there would be a good, coherent, and comprehensible paper.

The Importance of Outline Writing for Your Math Term Paper

In such a way, as soon as the topic is chosen, it is high time to make an outline. Many students tend to consider it is a waste of time. However, the correctly-created outline becomes the base that guides the writer throughout the writing process. One can also say that a plan is the same thing as an outline. Before starting to write the draft version of the text, one should write down some key points that are needed to support the thesis statement. After the main ideas are noted, it is time to arrange them so that they are logically followed one by one making sense in the context of the entire paper. Thus, the outline helps one to see the points that would be later generated into the paragraphs.

The Structure of the Term Paper in Mathematics

The term paper, normally, consists of the abstract, introduction, body paragraph, and the conclusion. Both the introduction and conclusion take 20% of the paper: 10% for the introduction, and 10% for the conclusion accordingly. One should be equally attentive while working on the parts of the work. The introduction must be compact, include an effective thesis statement that is the last sentence. A well-written thesis statement would not be too general and would cover the main point of the entire writing. As for the conclusion, it restates the thesis and also mentions what things have been learned by the student.

The body part is the most important one as it shapes the major work that is done by the students with all the arguments, key points, and proofs. The structure of the body paragraphs in math term paper is the same as in any other discipline. Thus, there should be a topic sentence followed by the explanation, supporting points, evidence, and examples if needed. Importantly, every paragraph should have at least one citation so that it is understood where the specific information comes from. In the body paragraphs, the students should demonstrate their ability to logically explain the idea noted in the topic sentence. The outside sources are needed to underpin the suggestion of the writer. The evidence can be represented by published trustworthy opinions, case studies, researches taken from books, scientific journals, or appropriate website, and also facts. Finally, all the paragraphs are interconnected and help to revolve the main idea of the paper. Thus, there cannot be a paragraph that is isolated from all the rest of the body parts. Transitions are crucial if the student wants to write a term paper that sounds good. With the help of the transitions that are included in the last sentence, the writer approaches the reader to the next paragraph. Therefore, transitions create the connection between all the parts of the paper’s body.

Even though the abstract is the first part of the essay that comes right after the title page, it is better to write it after the term paper is completed, rearranged if needed, and revised. In addition to this, while rereading the entire work, one should find the three most important elements in the paper that are concerned with the thesis statement. Besides, students should be aware of the research question of the paper, the scope of the work, the conclusion, recommendations, and implications if these are noted in the paper. Below, one can see 5 tips for writing an excellent abstract.

The Sources on the Works Cited Page of Your Math Term Paper Writing

As for the sources, there is one important thing to keep in mind: all the sources are to be credible in your term paper. In cases when a student is not sure whether the source is a good one, it is better to consult a professor. If the topic requires some considerable research work, the workbooks would not be enough. Therefore, one would have to surf the Internet for some time. While searching for some information on the web, one should be attentive and check whether it is a governmental, educational, or devoted to mathematical themes website. Here are some websites that can be helpful while writing the term paper in Mathematics:

Later on, there would be a need to create a Works Cited Page. To create a correct list of the used sources, one should take a look at the samples that can be found on the Purdue Owl website. Importantly, all the sources used in work are to be included in the Works Cited page, as well as every author noted in the list of the sources, must be cited in the text.

An Important Reminder for You

A deliberate term paper is a smooth text that suggests some bulk of information in a logical form. It is critical that the writing does not include any repetitions. It is not a simple rule that is based on the professor’s desire to avoid the empty talk. One should obviate repetitions to create a readable and engaging text. As soon as some repeating ideas are found in work, an interested person can stop reading it. In addition to this, it is impossible to miss out that there are sometimes really complicated topics and a student could not be confident whether the calculations are correct. In such cases, it is better to consult someone to find out if everything is correct in the calculations. Consulting someone is not cheating as it also presupposes that the writer is also discussing the issue together with the mentor. What is more, if the calculations are important for the rest of the paper parts, it is better to find the problem at the start, than rewrite the entire paper later.

Top Academic Writers Advise: Post-Writing Tips Essential for Your Mathematics Term Paper

As the work is, finally, completed, one should not relax while there comes an equally important part of the writing process. Specifically, the reviewing part. It is advised that writer takes a break and only then checks the written work, however, considering the fact that it is the work in mathematics, it would better to review the writing the next day after it is completed. By doing this, the chances that the review is effective are higher. A standard review presupposes many aspects, including proofreading, paraphrasing, and rearrangement. When the students write a massive work, they are likely to make some mistakes in terms of grammar, calculations, or structure. Therefore, reviewing the term paper, one would be able to fix the mistakes so that the entire paper is readable.

What is more, the structure of the completed paper can differ from the version that was outlined in the plan. It is a normal thing, and a student should simply rearrange the paper in the most appropriate way even if its structure considerably differs from the original variant of the writing. Paraphrasing also helps one omit the awkward parts of the paper.

Now that you read this maths term paper writing guide, you’re ready to work on your term paper in Mathematics. Moreover, the chances to get high results in term paper writing are higher than they would be without reading this useful information. Believe in your power and create a powerful mathematics term paper!

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