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Posted on January 14, 2019

Many people have doubts about the usefulness of writing mathematics papers, as math is the science of numbers with no reference to the words. However, professors continue to provide students with writing tasks which include mathematics. The main function of the writer who receives such an assignment is to define the problem and explain the solution. Mathematics essays are different from others because the author needs to introduce results at the start of the paper. Readers should understand the conclusion to analyze the explanation provided by the writer. The author needs to perceive the audience as people who do not know nearly anything about math. The report should be understandable for everyone.

Writing Mathematics essays is the perfect opportunity for students to understand the certain part of the class better. The proper explanation requires source processing and researching. Therefore, students acquire useful knowledge during the writing process. In fact, the essential part of writing mathematics essays is to examine the provided field and seek out for information in libraries or internet storages. Find all the relevant information in this math essay writing guide.

Choosing a Topic for a Mathematics Essay

One of the most important tasks of writing a mathematics essay is the process of choosing a topic. There are two types of mathematics essays:

  1. History of math essays,
  2. Problem-solving mathematics essays.

The writer should anticipate the type of the paper before choosing the topic to decrease the range of possible options. Mathematics writing that does not solve a certain problem have a different structure and do not need the implications and background parts, similarly to the regular arrangement of the essay. At the same time, in the problem-solving type of research, the author should show the knowledge of the subject and provide an understandable explanation for people with the same or a bit lower level of expertise.

Once the topic is chosen, it is better to write the main ideas of the essay to understand the future requirements for the paper and the needed amount of work to be done. Certain topics may be more difficult to describe or chose the exemplary problem to solve in the article. The writer should define the level of mathematics understanding to pick the solution topic which they can explain clearly with the investigation in the sphere.

Examples of the proper history of math topics for the regular students:

  • Math in Medicine,
  • Math Implications in the Psychology,
  • Math for the Modern Technologies,
  • The History of Math in the US.

Examples of the problem-solving topics:

  • Sinuses and Cosines (which includes the example of the solved problem with these trigonometry functions),
  • Dividing Complex Numbers (with an explained solution),
  • Euler Circles (including sample).

You as a writer of an essay in Math should remember that there is no point in choosing the less difficult problems to explain the provided topic. Readers may not understand the full implication of certain theory from the solution of the first level exercise from the textbook. However, the student needs to find a golden middle point which stands between the obvious topics (problems) and the difficult ones which he or she could not properly understand or explain.

Examples of abortive topics in Mathematics:

  • Pythagorean Theorem (there is not much to write on this topic),
  • Value of Mathematics (too general, should be specified),
  • How Math Influences People’s Lives (the problem is sociological, not mathematical),
  • An Analysis of a Rocket Ascent Stages (needs astronomy knowledge).

3 Tips from Our Writers for Writing a Mathematics Essay

Furthermore, besides the regular structure and formatting pieces of advice, there are few tips which may be helpful for writing any kind of mathematics essay. The suggestions should not be used as a rule as every essay writer has different preferences and creates his or her own methods for the facilitation of the working process. At the same time, mathematics essays have certain common features and difficulties which are easier to understand with these pieces of advice:

  1. It is necessary to talk less about the general implications of laws and mathematics rules. Students should provide the reader with the proper explanation of the problem and disclose important details of the execution of the described principles. The audience does not need to know much information about the history of the topic in the problem-solving essay. Readers should see the way the law or rules work and the possibilities of their implementation.
  2. The writer can insert formulas into the solution but adhere to certain tips to make the numbers useful for the explanation. There are two ways of writing equations which are handwriting them after printing the work or using the features of the Microsoft Office to insert them. Even though the numbers are separated from the text, they still need to be formatted. The guide written by Kevin Lee may be helpful to understand the way formulas need to be combined with writing.
  3. It is necessary to use graphs and pictures for a better understanding of the information. The visualization of data is the essential part of each mathematics assignment. Undoubtedly, the person comprehends the numbers and utilization of the principles when they see how it works in the image. Different types of graphs exist for various problems, and each of them can be created with the help of the Microsoft Office functions. The picture below (pic. 1) shows how the information can be visualized in various ways.

draw graphs

The Structure Used for Your Mathematics Essay

As was mentioned above, the problem solving type of a mathematics essay has a structure that differs from the regular one. A math essay that describes certain concepts and suggests examples of their implementation consists of the background, introduction, body, and implications sections.

  1. The background part’s predestination is to describe the history and details of the presented topic. The main task of the writer in this step is to provide an extended and clear explanation of all concepts that will be used in the essay.
  2. The introduction shows to the reader how the whole paper will be structured and which examples will be considered for the explanation. This part describes the reason for writing the particular essay and states all symbols or special words that will be used in the body part.
  3. The body part is the primary constituent of the whole paper, as it shows the problem to the reader and analyses the provided solution. Writers focus only on the main topic of the essay at this point to catch the attention of the audience and make the reading less difficult for them.
  4. The implications section is the one which provides the reader with the ideas for the future implementation of the plans. Author’s primary task is to describe how the explained concepts can be used for the various problems. Also, the audience should acknowledge what parts of the topic were not uncovered in the essay and how they can research this field in the future.


The background constituent of the essay is the original feature of the mathematics essay. Readers should already understand that this part is not needed for the history of math papers. As a part before the introduction of the problem-solving piece, the background should highlight the primary concepts of the topic. The writer needs to describe the short history and periods of the theory development. Background usually consist of the general information without any refinement regarding the present later problem. The primary task of the writer in this section of the paper is to provide people who may not be familiar with certain terms or principles with necessary facts to understand the solutions in the other parts of the essay. The author should define the audience before writing the background as it would not be important to highlight obvious math attributes to the Masters in Math, for instance.


The introduction is the regular part of any kind of an essay, and it is necessary as the main ideas or solutions should be presented to the reader at the start of the paper. This part of the writing is not the same for the mathematics essays as for the usual ones because of a few distinctions The necessary constituents of the introduction section:

  • The definition of the symbols and principles which are needed for the specific problem introduced in the essay;
  • The statement of the issue and its connections to the utilized theories or laws;
  • The final solution to the problem, which will be explained in the body paragraphs.

You as a writer of a Mathematics essay should not forget that its essential distinction is that the final results (solutions) are presented in the introduction, unlike the other types of papers. This feature is needed for the reader to understand the ending assumptions and analyze explanation in the body part.

Body Paragraphs

The widest part of each academic paper is the body. This section of the mathematics essay includes information about the stated problem and description of its solutions. It usually contains many formulas, examples of the theories’ implementation, and exposition of the similar issues. The writer needs to concentrate on the clear selection of words and use only those principles or symbols which were stated in the background or introduction sections. In fact, the crucial goal of the mathematics essay is to make the reader understand the topic better; therefore, there is no need for the complex constructions or utilizations of difficult math formulas. The usefulness of the paper will be determined by its clearness and specification. Body paragraphs ought to be concentrated on the provided issue and its solutions, with the tiny part of the general information which is not helpful for the problem.


The final part of the mathematics essay is the implications, which shows the readers how they can utilize the received knowledge in the future. This section provides examples of the assignments or issues which relate to the topic and the short explanations for their solutions. Also, the writer can provide additional sources and information for more thorough research of the area to support the reader in his or her future. The implications part explains why the topic is important and how the provided problem can be connected to the people’s lives. Besides, the writer ought to state the consequences of his work and the original reasons for its writing. In the end, the reader needs to acknowledge the usefulness of the researched mathematics essay and see exactly why it is essential for him or her to know about it.

How to Choose Reliable Sources for a Math Essay

Undoubtedly, the writer needs to do significant research to compose the well-structured and useful mathematics essay. It would be impossible to explain and describe the topic without any side help from the articles, books, or internet resources. However, there are a few rules which the writer should adhere to when choosing the source for their paper. Unlike the other subjects, math information is usually contained in the books and internet resources. However, books can be 30-40 years old and still credible. Once the mathematics principle was proved, it takes many years to improve or change it.

At the same time, information from certain sites may not be truthful and written by the person who does not understand mathematics at all. Consequently, all found internet sources should be analyzed and checked for the credibility. There are certain sites which have already proven themselves and can be used for the more thorough understanding of the explained principles:

Formatting and Proofreading a Mathematics Essay

Finally, the last but not the least important part of the essay creation is proofreading and checking the paper after the writing. Certain writers tend to ignore this task as they are confident in their English and the ability to express thoughts. However, even the professionals who write for years still need the final proofreading and checking of the format. After the last word of the essay, the writer should read it and correct the found mistakes. The human mind is not a perfect computer. Therefore, sites like exist, where any person can use the program to check their paper for common mistakes, replace words with synonyms, or even change the whole sentences. After proofreading, the author should not forget about plagiarism checking as the work is credible only when it is original. All information from the side sources should be cited relatively to the needed citation style (MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.)

You are well-equipped with all the relevant math essay writing tips on how to write a Mathematics essay in a proper manner. Feel free to write a Mathematics essay to achieve great results.

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