Ultimate Academic Guidance on How to Write an Article Review in Marketing

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Posted on January 30, 2020

Writing an article review in marketing includes summarizing and assessing the article written by someone else. When your college or university professor assigns this type of assignment, he or she wants to get you familiar with the works in marketing and well-known professionals of the field.
In order to summarize the article in the right way, you have to comprehend the essence of the article, all the arguments that it includes and the main points. The author of an article review in marketing are expected to assess the central theme of the paper, the suggestions for future research, all supporting arguments, etc. Just like any other college task, an article review will include two main phases – the preparation and the writing process. Enjoy reading the article provided by our writing service and its expert writers.

Step 1: Preparation Phase

First of all, you will have to define the review of the article. The thing is that you write this project not for everyone, but for people who are well-aware of the field of marketing. You will summarize the paper’s essence, the main arguments, the author’s findings and the way he or she approaches the topic. What is more, you will also have to estimate the contribution of the author to marketing discipline.

Writing a review on the article in marketing is not only about telling your readers what you think about the work. In addition to that, you have to provide a well-researched evaluation of the arguments expressed by the author in his or her work. As you do the article analysis, you refer to your personal experience and give your own ideas.

The general conclusions that you’ll draw about the article will be based on your personal opinion supported by your experience in marketing and your common sense as well.
In other words, you will have to discuss only the research that the author of the article has done. You are not required to do any new research yourself.

Step 2: Quickly Read the Article

Check the title of the article, its abstract, the headings and the sub-headings. Browse the other parts of the work such as the introduction, the first sentences of all paragraphs, the conclusion. This will help you to get the initial idea of the main arguments and points made by the author.

If during this first reading you happen to see any concepts or terms that you don’t understand, make notes for each. If you’re reviewing the article ‘The role of digital and social media marketing in consumer behavior’ written by Andrew T. Stephen, and you don’t know what ‘social marketing’ is, check it in the dictionary. You will find out that Kotler and Zaltman came up with the term ‘social marketing’ that means ‘the process of designing, implementing and controlling of all programs that people use in order to influence the acceptability of social ideas’. Find the meanings for all unknown terms.

Step 3: Read Attentively

You have to read the article with all attention several times. If you decide to read the article from iPhone, make sure to have a highlighter at hand to underline the most important parts. In case with the printed versions, you can always use a marker. If you don’t know how to decide which part can be called ‘meaningful’, here’s a little recommendation. If you come across the new idea in a text and the arguments that support it – highlight them without hesitation!

Never just highlight this or that paragraph just because you’re tempted to. Instead, write down some notes on the margins and see how different parts are connected.

  • Add what you already know about the subject matter to what you read in the article. Does your knowledge contradict or goes along with the article ideas? What similarities does the written work have with what you have heard about the subject matter before? What previous knowledge does the article author bring up?
  • If there’s a part that you don’t understand at all, don’t just skip it. The thing is that you can provide a high quality article review in marketing only if you understand it as a whole.

Step 4: Retell the Article

The best way to retell the article is to free write it or create a detailed outline. It means, simply put, you have to reproduce what you just read using your own words. Make sure to provide the claim of the author, the research that he or she did, as well as the arguments. Always be accurate and careful to include all important details. Keep in mind that your summary is there for you only, so don’t care about typos or grammar mistakes.

Step 5: Begin to Write Your Review

It’s time to draft and write your article review in marketing. The structure of it should include:

  • the identification of the article (its author, the title, the publication year, the title of the journal, and some other information), and the key aspects that you’re going to review in your paper.
  • a short summary of the argument, content and the range of the article. Typically, authors should sum up section after section. However, when you’re writing a brief review that takes up to 1400 words, you have to focus on the main themes only.
  • a serious and detailed discussion of three of four issues that the author of the article raised in his work. This part of the heart of your review. Before you criticize and evaluate the author’s argument, you have to clarify it. What is more, you have to support each of your critical claims with strong evidence from the other works or from the article that you review. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to criticize any written work if you can’t prove your point of view.
  • the final summarization of the author’s contribution to the area of marketing. Also, tell your readers how the article improved your understanding of the topic.

Step 6. Come up with the Title for Your Article Review

From the look at your title, your readers should get the focus of your review. You have an opportunity to choose either declarative, interrogative or descriptive title.

Step 7. Cite the Article

This section should be written right under your title. It is important to follow the citation style that your professor required, such as Turabian, APA, MLA or Chicago. Right after citing the article you will write the main body of your article. Don’t skip a line.

For instance, here is how you have to cite the article that you’re reviewing in Turabian/Chicago style:
David, Lamberton, Poynor. “Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments: Research Synthesis and New Directions.” Journal of Consumer Psychology 14 (2018)

Step 8. Give the General Information about the Article

Begin to write your review with providing the title of the article, the author’s name, the title of the journal and the publication year. For instance: The article “Driving Online and Offline Sales: The Marketing Strategies” was written by marketing professors Rebecca Walker and Kelly Lahore.

Step 9. Come up with Your Introduction

The introduction of the article review should be a brief and clear gist of the work you’re reviewing. In this part, you have to provide the thesis of the author. If there’s no clear thesis in the article, it is your job to figure it out. What is more, the introduction of the article review in marketing should contain the main theme of the article and the main claim done by the author.

Narrate your review from the third person and use the formal style. As a rule, the introduction part of the article review will take up to 15% of your review. Summarize your introduction by your thesis statement that contains brief mentioning of the strengths and weaknesses of the article. For instance, ‘The authors of the article do give brand-new methods on improving strategic marketing policies, but the evidence about the researched methods is clearly misinterpreted’.

Step 10. Give an Article Overview

In order to properly explain the author’s main points, claims and research results, you have to use your summary. Use your own words in order to show your readers how the evidence supports the argument of the work that you’re reviewing. Provide all the conclusions that the author has drawn. Check the instructions that your professor provided you with to find out how long your introduction should be. As a rule, it takes no more than a couple of paragraphs.
Make sure to stay laconic and provide as many details as you can. To succeed with this, ensure to stay away from the information that your target readers might already be aware of:

  • Give two or three direct quotes;
  • Check your introduction in order to ensure it reflects the article that you’re reviewing.

Step 11. Write the Main Body

This is the heart of your article review. Refer to your summary in the process and describe how well the author has covered the topic. In this part, your job is to evaluate how insightful and concise the written work is. As a rule, you will have to discuss every main point of the article in a separate paragraph and tell your readers how strong the given supporting evidence is.

Have you spotted any bias? Don’t forget to mention that in your body!

Finally, mention how the author of the article contributes to the overall understanding of the topic and, thus, the importance of the article. What is more, you will have to tell your readers if you agree or disagree with the author and explain why you have a particular point of view. End the body of your article review by stating what exactly your target readers can learn from reading the article.

Keep in mind that you will have to stick to the heart of the matter and ensure that there are no irrelevant materials mentioned. It should be about the drawbacks and strengths of the article with the detailed descriptions that altogether form your thesis.

  • Support your judgments with the evidence taken from the works written by the other marketing experts.
  • Ensure the summary is connected logically to the part where you evaluate the article.
  • It is important to mention that an article review is not for sharing your own point of view. It is about how important, useful and relevant the article is.
  • Keep in mind that every piece of your point of view should be supported by undeniable evidence.

Step 12. Write Your Conclusion

Provide a separate paragraph for the conclusion of your review. In this part, you will have to restate the key points of the article, your own point of view regarding how important the written work is, and how professionally the author compiled it. It is recommended to use the conclusion to make suggestions for the future research in the area.
Give your article review a thorough proofread. In the process, you will have to pay attention to the spelling, punctuation, typing and grammar mistakes. Finally, ensure all the data that you have used accords with the marketing terms and facts.

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