Essay Sample on Love as a Powerful Social Tool

Posted on February 11, 2008

Love is the panacea of all evils in the society. My tremendous experience with this idea has taken me to the skies. I feel my self an enriched person with the love, compassion and peace. Nothing makes me worried. I remain in peace with myself and give peace to others. My broader smiles make me acceptable in the times of the day. When night comes over my family looks my way. My spouse seeks me. My boss misses me. My friends cherish my presence in their company. In the way I walk the grim faces bloom up when they have a chance to look at my face.

This does not mean that I am super human and I do not become sad. My sadness is my own property I don’t want to share it with others. I know people need love, compassion and smiles and not the glooms of life. I learnt this lesson from my grandpa who used to laugh play and frolics till the time he lived up to 96 years of life. He used to tell us that love and compassion keeps us healthy. It gives us positive energy, a moral fortitude to fight anger and worries and a happy person lives on and on.

I take it as psychotherapy of a person on individual level and as a social panacea for the whole of society. I am deeply convinced that every religion and faith on this earth believes in love as a basic tool of social reform. This is the only paradigm that today’s dialogue on interfaith unity can take on. Society is polarizing because tolerance is disappearing. True love is the only solution to the entire question.

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