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Posted on August 17, 2009

Japan is a place of dreams both both the admirers of the ancient countryside lifestyle and the “camp” of city-lovers. No wonder this country is among those topics students choose for the essays about traveling. Japan is a place of cool anime characters and graceful mindful practices. Whether you like one or another lifestyle is a matter of personal choice. However, there is a lot to say about Japan.  If you were assigned such a task, or just want to challenge your writing skills, read this article.

Short Essay About Japan: Quick Tips from Experts

If your task is to write a short essay about Japan, you will need to learn how to write this essay type, what to write about, and how to format a paper, regarding college requirements. Topic selection is also significant because it reflects the value of your research. Read the three articles below to get enough information about informative writing.

Pro tip

Before you start performing an informative essay about Japan, you should understand the features of this essay type. A student’s task is to provide a definition, compare things, analyze information, or create an instruction. Consequently, students must research their paper topics to provide verified data and avoid fakes.

One should be knowledgeable to write a Japan country essay. Where to search for information? The yellow press and personal blogs are doubtful because their authors can make up stories to attract new readers. Wikipedia can be edited by everyone. That is why one should trust only scientific periodicals with a good reputation and acknowledged literature. Below, one can find trustable websites to get information about Japan.

Finally, as you start writing your essay on Japan, there is still a long road ahed. If you feel uncomfortable doing it on your own, we are here to be with you on the process. Let’s analyse an essay sample together and simultaneously work on your assignment.

Essay Sample about Japan

Regarding the U.S. News statistics, Japan took 23rd place among the best vacation countries in 2020. Today, it belongs to countries with the most developed technology and education. Its culture is a mixture of ancient Japanese traditions and values of Western cultures. It is economically developed, so no wonder that one can meet its representatives at summits of G5, ICRM, ITSO, EBRD, UNCTAD, and other influential international organizations. Why is this country so special? Why do Europeans study Japanese and dream of visiting Tokyo? What things should one know before going to Japan?

It is hard to believe, but Japan was isolated for many years. So nobody could influence its culture and traditions. When other civilizations learned about it, Japanese citizens decided to adopt some western traditions and customs. So, both indigenous people and Europeans can find something interesting there. One of the most intriguing features of Japan is its religion. One can find representatives of Confucianism, Shinto, Buddhism, and Christianity there. These beliefs are so different that you can get confused. Another distinctive cultural feature is Japanese clothing. It is hard to find at least one country that was not fascinated by the kimono and its traditional patterns. The world’s fashion industry copies its design to create unbelievable dresses, pajamas, blouses, and costumes. Another distinctive benefit of Japanese culture is its literature. Manga and anime can be found in bookstores around the globe. Thousands of girls from different countries want to look like comic girls with beautiful big eyes and short skirts.

Speaking about entertainment, Japan is full of surprises. The high class prefers the services of geisha. They say, the first taikomochi was a man, whose job was to entertain his lord and give advice when he needed it. Afterward, their job was to tell funny stories not to let their lords get bored. Only four centuries later, women began to replace men and turned such entertainment into art. Another great performance to watch is Japanese traditional sport live sumo wrestling. Prehistoric walls keep drawings of competitions that resembled a ritual dance to worship the god of the harvest. First, it was a battle between two gods. The first fights between humans dated back to 23 BC, and the end of the battle was the death of one of the two contestants. Soon, the fight became so popular that it was used at ceremonies. So, the first rules were created to regulate it and prevent the lethal outcome.

Tourists appreciate other cultural values of Japan. The cuisine is the top choice. It is almost impossible to find a person who has never tried sushi. Though, Europeans order natto when they seek new impressions. Another great experience is the tea ceremony. It is a piece of art that requires specific preparations, clothing, tableware, color patterns, and room. Another distinctive feature is a pachinko. It is a slot machine that does not resemble traditional games. So, except for unique entertainment, gamers have fun when using the antique machine. If you want to meet a true emperor, Japan is the country you need. It is the only constitutional monarchy that has an emperor. Indeed, he has little political influence. His role is symbolic and reminds us of Queen Elizabeth II. She is a demonstration of English culture, and Akihito is an embodiment of Japanese traditions and values. Besides, the country is covered with trees and mountains that strengthen the mystery and originality of the country. Just like other countries, Japan is full of people who can impress you with their talents. Yuzuru Hanyu is an object of women’s love and the best male figure-skater. Other outstanding personalities are Akira Kurosawa, Isoroku Yamamoto, Yoko Ono, George Miller, Haruki Murakami, and more.

It is simple to live in Japan because it accepts the norms of the West and is full of surprises and unbelievable cultural traditions. Most Japanese want to preserve their customs and uniqueness. They do not want to assimilate English because Japananic language has no analogs worldwide. So, Japan is an impressive country that will never disappoint you.

The Primary Analysis of the Sample Performed by the Expert Writer

Okay, we propose a profound deep dive into the sample in this analysis. To do this, let’s divide the examination into the primary basic and the more nuanced parts. It will help you get the right mindset and notice things. So, the first thing we do when analyzing an essay is overviewing its components. Essential essay criteria are the following:

  • The presence of an introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion
  • The presence of a clear thesis statement in the introduction paragraph
  • The presence of the statement in the first sentence of each paragraph that somehow correlates with the thesis. This requirement is the most flexible of all
  • Coherence, readability, and the clear logic of the narration in the essay

So, let’s analyze the essay sample on Japan with these criteria in mind. 


The essay starts with the statics, declaring that “Japan took 23rd place among the best vacation countries in 2020”. 

  • Yes, this is an excellent way to start the essay and catсh the reader’s attention. 
  • However, statistics may fit better into argumentative essays or ones that explore particular academic questions.

Let’s think together: what does this data say to the average reader? 23rd place is not as impressive as the first ten of five ones, and your reader would hardly form a decision about traveling based on numeral data. 

  • So, consider what type of “introduction hooks” are the most effective in a particular case. For example, in this case, it may be good to start with sharing the atmosphere of Japan. “Typical morning in Japan starts as the sun’s golden rays delicately caress the enchanting landscapes, and a symphony of ancient traditions and modern marvels dances in the air.”

Your introduction may not be that much fancy and sophisticated, but it should in some way activate the reader’s imagination or cognition. 

Pro tip

Instead of counting words, make sure your intro and conclusion each take about four complete lines and three sentences. These numbers are the “golden sequence” for the essay’s structural rules. 


The body part in this sample traditionally consists of three paragraphs. The first one briefly discusses the history of Japan, the second one presents entertainment options, and the third one illustrates the European point of view. Later in the detailed analysis, we will cover how these parts resonate with the thesis statement. However, here let’s discuss some more basic points. 

  • The positive indicator. Each paragraph discusses precisely what is stated in the introduction sentence. There are no multiple chaotic ideas in one paragraph. 
  • To improve. The length of the paragraphs is inconsistent throughout the essay, and the third one is overly massive. There are 209 words, which makes it hard for the readers to follow the thought.  For comparison, the second paragraph is 157 words long. 


In general, the conclusion showcases the essay’s main points and does not repeat the thesis in exact phrases. That is a good point. The only issue to improve here is quite technical and, honestly, relative. 

Pro tip

The typical essay norm is that the introduction and conclusion should be approximately equal in size. Also, each should not take more than 10% percent of the word count. 

The conclusion in the example precisely fits into the second rule but not in the first one. If you want to be a pedant about it, you can rely on the simple method.

Jacob Lee Top-10 Writer at

The most difficult task is to create a unique essay on Japan. Informative papers educate readers, so students search for data online and copy it. One should paraphrase information and add individual research or personal experience. Plagiarism hurts your college reputation and guarantees low grades for such a copy-paste.

Guidelines on How to Make an Average Essay about Japan Better

Okay, here goes the more advanced part. Now we will discuss the content more than the form. An excellent essay differs from just a good one in the matter of the ability to make the reader save it. When you read an outstanding piece of writing, you may not even be interested in the subject. However, the manner of writing, augmenting, or stylistics makes you feel like this essay differs from everything you have read in the yellow press or regular web pages. 

Pro tip

An outstanding essay provides examples more than general ideas, refers to credible sources, and relies on personal thoughts and experiences. 

Developing the depth of the research

The first step in rewriting the average essay into the advanced one is adding more particular, nuanced information instead of the generalistic one. Let’s refer to the sample above. In the column on the left will be the original part, and in the right one, the suggestions for improvements. 

Initial version Edition
Another distinctive cultural feature is Japanese clothing. It is hard to find at least one country that was not fascinated by the kimono and its traditional patterns. Another distinctive cultural feature is Japanese clothing. Kimono was first designed more than 500 years ago as comfortable-to-wear clothing. Hence, such clothing is an ancient counterpart of modern oversize comfy outfits. 


  • Positive point. The example above is just one vivid option on how to make your information more nuanced and informative. However, a close look at the sample shows few such examples. For instance, the sentence about the high class is quite illustrative:  “They say, the first taikomochi was a man, whose job was to entertain his lord and give advice when he needed it.” 

The correlation of essay parts

Here, we reach the point about the resonation of each body paragraph with the correlating part of the thesis statement. Let’s look closer at the structure of the body paragraphs and compare them with the questions from the introduction paragraph. 

Paragraph The question in the intro
1 The first paragraph of the essay has a brief discussion of the history of Japan The topic statement in the introduction has the correlating question “What things should one know before going to Japan?”
2 The second paragraph of the essay explores entertainment options in the country This paragraph also correlates with the question from the intro: “Why is this country so special?”
3 The second paragraph provides a European point of view. The intro paragraph has a corresponding question: “Why do Europeans study Japanese and dream of visiting Tokyo?”

As you know, the essay format requires that the paragraphs directly or at least comparatively relate to the introduction paragraph. Speaking more precisely, the thesis statement should comprehensively establish all the points stated below in the text. 

  • Don’ts in matching paragraphs with the thesis. Many newbies repeat the parts of the thesis statement precisely and literally in the text. For example, if the thesis was “Japan is a well-developed country,” they write the intro sentence for the body paragraph similarly. “Japan is a well-developed country because…” This simplifies your essay and loses your points for creativity. 
  • Do’s in matching paragraphs with the thesis. Instead, do as the author of the sample essay did. Use rephrasing, and search for some related points in the thesis. The author did not directly answer what one should know about Japan before coming there. However, the historical background is definitely an important point to understand. 

Let’s Practice to Write Your Essay about Japan

The only teacher that lectures the best is an experience. For sure, you can end up just reading this article and going for something more entertaining. Unfortunately, in this case, the time you spend reading is almost wasted. You can actually learn something only by practicing it, so go over the article and let’s go through this challenge together. 

The task this time will be to write a personal reflection on why you want to visit Japan. The professor asked you to choose from any topics about Japan and make it genuine. However, it must cover the reasons why visit Japan rather than why not. Below are the prompts to print with some examples so you can copy them and use them as a template and mini homework assignment. Another option is to consider the analysis notes only and go wild with your imagination. 

essay on japan practice exercise

Practice 1

  • Your task: Engage your audience emotionally or intellectually with an introduction paragraph. Make the text eye-catching, credible, and genuine. 
  • Example: “I want to visit Japan to experience the freeing, magnificent spirit of dragon-like assertiveness and cherry blossom-like calmness of Japanese people. I want to visit it to find out with my own senses and unmanageable curiosity whether the myths about Japan are true.”
  • Your turn: Try it out and write your thoughtful introduction paragraph. 

Practice 2

    • Your task: Set a clear, brief thesis statement for a 1-page essay. One page will take about two body paragraphs, so include two points in your thesis statement. 
    • Example: Altogether, Japan allures me with its ethereal blend of tradition and modernity and its growing impact on Western culture.
  • Your turn: Try it out and write a strong, comprehensive thesis statement. 

Practice 3

    • Your task: Provide vividly credible examples that confirm your thesis and explain them. Provide some details on why you think so or why these points are so crucial for you. Finish by reinforcing the idea from the first paragraph’s sentence without repeating it.
    • Example: In contrast to these almost ancient historical places, I am also keen to see the dramatic modern sign of human cruelty and ignorance. I expect no positive feelings out of visiting Hiroshima, but this experience will remain in my mind in debates when someone justifies wars and imperialism. If all these magnificent places are not the incarnation of diversity one would want to visit; I don’t know what is then.
  • Your turn: Try it out and create persuasive arguments and concluding paragraphs.


One should read many sources to write an essay about Japan. The investigation list should include writing manuals, short essay samples, descriptive sources about the country, and more. If a student feels unmotivated and lost, online assistants on the essay writing service wait for them like a beacon to guide their way in the sea of difficult college assignments.



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