Interventions to Decrease Chronic Disease Burden Research Paper Sample

Posted on October 10, 2023

Paper Instructions

Academic level – Undergraduate 3-4
Type of paper – Research paper+Reflection
Topic Title – Interventions to decrease chronic disease burden

Choose an acute or chronic disease that affects the world today. ‘

List one primary, one secondary, and one tertiary public health intervention that could be applied to minimize disease burden.

Write an original post (at least 240 words or more) on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Use at least one reference to support your ideas.

Research Paper Sample

A chronic condition that affects millions of people globally is cancer. It introduces a collection of disorders that invade and harm neighboring tissues and organs due to the uncontrolled cells’ development and spread. The existing numerous distinct cancer forms have their own special set of risk factors, symptoms, and treatments each. Thus, the following research challenges to reveal and discuss available public health initiatives that can be implemented at various levels to reduce the burden of cancer.

Primary Prevention
Preventing cancer from developing in the first place is the main method of treatment. For this purpose, lifestyle changes like giving up smoking, drinking less alcohol, moving more, eating better, and lowering obesity rates are indispensable. Community-based initiatives that support healthy living and give people access to services like cancer screening, immunization, and counseling can also prove their practical utility. While secondary prevention assists identify cancer early on and enhance treatment outcomes, I believe primary prevention actions reduce the incidence of cancer.

Secondary Prevention
Secondary prevention involves early detection and treatment of cancer to prevent complications and improve health outcomes. From a personal perspective, I believe regular screening and monitoring of cancer symptoms and other risk factors contribute to establishing an instrumental framework to careful systemic approach. Here, “accessible early detection, quality treatment and survivorship care” stand among enhancing methods in clinical settings (World Health Organization, 2021, para. 4). Education and awareness campaigns can also help to promote early detection and encourage individuals to seek appropriate care.

Tertiary Prevention
The goal of tertiary prevention lies in managing cancer in those who have already been diagnosed with it and stopping its consequences. It is easier for people to control their symptoms, keep track of their health, and avoid complications including recurrence, metastasis, and treatment-related side effects with the help of ongoing medical care, self-management education, and support groups. To persuade people to seek the right care and to make cancer screening, immunization, and counseling services accessible, healthcare organizations and providers should keep supporting education and awareness initiatives.

Consequently, cancer is a chronic condition that, if neglected, can have adverse effects on one’s health. The burden of cancer can be reduced and the health outcomes for those who have the disease can be improved, though, with the correct public health initiatives. By cooperating and putting the aforementioned interventions into practice, healthcare professionals assist those who are impacted by cancer and enhance their health outcomes.

World Health Organization. (2021). Cancer. Retrieved from

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