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Posted on January 10, 2019

Introduction: General Concepts of International Trade Research Paper

The International Trade research paper is a type of academic writing that is based on the prolonged and well-developed research of the author. Since International Trade is a discipline that has become one of the leading topics of discussion in both domestic and global political arenas in the recent years, it provides a great number of captivating topics to be researched. For that reason, it is possible for you to conduct research on one of the issues related to International Trade and make its thorough analysis. In addition, you are expected to present a personal evaluation of the chosen issue, make its comprehensive analysis, and discuss all the final findings.

It is important for you to remember that International Trade is one of the most significant elements for the economy of many world countries. A considerable number of the studies related to this subject prove the fact that trade relations between different states have been a decisive economic factor for the large empires, various countries, and even small settlements for many centuries. Nowadays, it is crucial for the world states as the modern international economic relations are interested in developing their trade routes more than ever. Another important feature is that International Trade can force the development of international relations, provide interdependence between the countries, and force the development of both national and international economies. Thus, it is possible for you to write your International Trade research paper as the ordinary research of the particular topic or present it as a literary work with a purpose of creating a significant ground for the other works in the future, would it be a thesis or a dissertation paper. The paper can also discuss relations between international trade and technological progress, its significant influence on transportation costs and communication services, related policies, the flow of goods, and various political and economic barriers. Each of these topics provides a great field for research. That is why, it is crucial for you to practice your research and writing skills, and consider easy and useful tips on how to create the well-developed and interesting International Trade research paper.

Guiding You through the Process of Selecting a Research Topic

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Before starting the research paper, it is necessary to choose a topic. Choosing a topic may be considered the most important step as it sets the tone for the whole paper. For that reason, you should choose a captivating issue to discover that would allow you to conduct the effective research, find out new information, and evaluate it thoroughly. The topic may represent one particular area or discuss several small issues. Because International Trade represents a significant section of economic globalization, it provides a great number of topics to choose from. Thus, the controversies between interest groups and various groups of activists present an excellent discussion topic about trade policies, their advantages, disadvantages, and general influence on the global society and environment. Next, many companies that are export-oriented and obtaining significant profit. However, this approach puts pressure upon various international and local liberalization agreements that are in turn another topic that worth discussion. In addition, it is a well-known fact that domestically oriented companies do not support the development of the liberalization of trade and increase the influence of the WTO, and numerous regional trade contracts. This issue also presents a great topic to examine and evaluate as it has a straightforward influence on the development of international and local economies.

It is important to remember that the primary goal of the International Trade research paper is to introduce a considerable and valuable theoretical discussion related to international trade, to provide numerous pieces of evidence, to mention recent events, decisions, and implementations, and to make a personal conclusion or to suggest new approaches to the chosen issue. While choosing the topic, pay attention to the themes that you are interested in as it would be much easier for you to conduct research and work on the paper. Besides, if you are interested in the topic, you are highly motivated to bring personal efforts and enthusiasm to discover the related information and think of your own conclusions.

Despite the variety of the topics, it may appear to be quite difficult to choose a proper one. Thus, to make the right decision, focus your thoughts on one of International Trade issues and gradually develop it into the large and well-written paper. Don’t forget that the chosen topic should be manageable. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult for you to find valuable information and evaluate it properly.

Here are some useful tips to make the process of choosing the topic for your International Trade research paper much easier:

  • Look through the notes you made during the course and remember the subjects discussed in the books you were recommended to read. It is a great way for you to think of an interesting topic;
  • Brainstorm the themes by remembering all the significant and captivating issues you have dealt with during the course. Thus, you will remember an interesting and suitable theme you want to discover;
  • Think of the keywords of the topic and make a list of all the words you can remember. This approach allows you to discover a number of related themes, issues, and definitions, and develop a good topic;
  • Research the answer to the research question and develop your topic from the obtained information;
  • The thesis statement is another way to choose a topic. Usually, it already includes the answer to the research question and explains the object of your International Trade research paper. That is why it can be used as a topic as well.

Finally, it is possible to develop one of the following topics:

  • International Taxations and Their Impact on the International Trade;
  • Impact of the Globalization Trends on the Tax Design;
  • The Similarities and Differences Between Management Practices Across Companies in Different Countries;
  • Comparative Analysis of the American and Chinese Trade Systems;
  • Comparative Analysis of Wages and Employment in the United States of America and China;
  • International Migrants and Their Selection by Global Companies;
  • Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of the American Wage Structure.

The Pre-Writing Process: Stages & Activities Our Writers Use

The Research Stage of Writing

The next step after choosing a topic is to search for the related information, evaluate it properly, and make some conclusions. You may start by checking the available resources on the Internet. They include different databases, a lot of background information provided by reliable sources, and professional opinions of different well-known and respected specialists. In order to write the well-constructed International Trade research paper, discover all the possible information about the countries you are about to examine. Take into account the economic situation in the countries, their political stability, different social and cultural issues, and the most significant controversies to be solved in the nearest future. It is important to remember that economic background is one of the most important features for the field of International Trade. For that reason, discover GDP of the chosen countries, their financial debt, and purchasing capacity of the average resident.

You should also surf the net searching for a number of peer-reviewed articles that are traditionally published in specialized journals. What is more, there are many credible journals, official reports, and other online sources where you can obtain background information. You can go to the local library and find books that include detailed information about International Trade, its major issues, and implemented decisions. Using the book as a source, pay attention to the year of publication as information published many years ago is usually irrelevant. Instead, use the sources published recently, and be sure that all the data you use has been collected recently. Finally, bookmark the most interesting and valuable materials while searching for information in the library and on the Internet to save them. Put down the titles of the books and articles, their authors, and dates of publication as they are required for a reference list.

Creating a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the core element of the paper as it presents the main purpose of the academic work, explains its primary arguments and gives the comprehensive answer to the research question. For that reason, the arguments in your paper should be grounded on the peer-reviewed sources that include relevant data. According to the traditional structure of the research paper, the thesis statement should include one well-developed sentence that transmits the message of the whole paper. An excellent example of a thesis statement for the International Trade research paper is the following: “Because separate companies usually depend on each other and rely on the facilities of each other, either a manufacturer of different products or a customer for their particular production, a developing financial stocks tend to affect separate firms and obtain control over the productive chains.”

Making an Outline that Makes Sense

The International Trade research paper usually includes:

  • a title page that corresponds to the required format of the paper;
  • an abstract (optional);
  • an introduction part;
  • three or more well-developed body paragraphs;
  • the research materials and methods;
  • the final results;
  • the conclusion;
  • the reference page.

In addition, the paper may include additional information that cannot be added to the mentioned sections. Thus, all the tables, photos, pictures, and appendices should be added at the end of the work and followed by short explanations, if necessary. If it is quite challenging for you to write a paper from scratch, create an outline that would help you to organize your ideas and present them in an understandable and logical order. According to the general outline, your introduction part should include a thesis statement, explain the purpose of the paper, and mention discovered results. In addition, the body paragraphs should evaluate the mentioned arguments, and a conclusion should restate the thesis and present the final results.

Title/Thesis Statement/Body Paragraphs

It is important to remember that your International Trade research paper should have a clear title that is not overwhelmed with many words and a comprehensive introduction that includes a thesis statement and provides interesting information that grasps the attention of the audience. Next, it should include three or more body paragraphs that provide the arguments of the author and are supported by facts and pieces of evidence. Connect the paragraphs with transitional words to make it complete and stylistically appropriate. In the concluding section of the paper, you should mention all the sufficient claims and convince the readers of their validity.

Post-Writing Stage: Round up the Paper with Something Powerful

When the paper is accomplished, it is necessary to check it for misspellings. In addition, it should not contain irrelevant words, citations and wordy sentences. Every paragraph of your paper should present a separate argument and lead the reader to a logical conclusion. What is more, all the arguments should be supported with facts and quotes that must be cited according to the required format.

Read the paper once more. This time do it aloud and check it for content errors to ensure the quotes correspond to the general idea of the paragraph. Check the facts thoroughly since the wrong data can affect the final results of the paper and put all your efforts in vain. If the structure of the paper is appropriate and the text is formatted according to the demands, check the text for plagiarism and cite borrowed information. Following these easy and understandable international trade research paper writing tips will allow you to write the excellent International Trade research paper that will be marked with the highest grade.


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