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Posted on December 18, 2008

The first basic assignment which you are given in college is to write a good impromptu speech. In order to be able to write a good impromptu speech – you have to have great writing skills as well as imagination and creativity. Be prepared to write an impromptu speech on an unusual impromptu speech topic, and be ready to spend a lot of time writing an impromptu speech.

If you decide to write the impromptu speech on your own – the first trap you may stumble upon – is the impromptu speech topic. You can not proceed writing the impromptu speech without defining the impromptu speech topic you want to write about. Usually, in most cases the professor leaves it up to you to choose an impromptu speech topic so you will have to spend some time coming up with the best impromptu speech topic, or choosing a topic among given free impromptu speech topics.

If you lack any creativity when writing an impromptu speech – feel free to choose a topic from the list below:

* Optimism and pessimism, who are you?
* What is knowledge and what is wisdom. How are they alike and different?
* A famous dead person I would like to meet
* Is it moral to keep a pet at home?
* Is a Zoo – a good place for animals?
* The most important moral qualities
* How to prevent pollution, what is the most serious threat?
* Freedom, my understanding of this concept
* Sex on the first date
* Success, how to measure it?

There are many other topics you can write about. In order to find a good impromptu speech topic – you can simply analyze everything you are interested in, and choose something what you feel is important. Here is an example: if you are fond of music – you can discuss if it is good or not to have an idol or a cult figure, etc.

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