Basic Guide on How to Write a Dissertation

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Posted on April 14, 2008

How to write a really good dissertation is the question that has probably been the cause of many sleepless nights for you. Writing a thesis is not difficult at all, as long as you remember some rules and tips that guarantee an excellent dissertation for you.

You may have had awful experiences while writing dissertations, but have you ever noticed why you keep getting only Cs and Ds in your dissertation assignments when the guy sitting next to you gets an A+ every time with half the effort than you?

Most students spend fortnights, even months, racking their brains, and trying to squeeze as much out of it as possible. However, the reason that they get sick grades is not that they do not make an effort, but that they ignore several essential points while writing dissertations. It does not matter how many painful hours you spent in the library or how much research you did while surfing on the net, as long as you forget to think about the crux of the subject.

Following points will help you write dissertations that will earn you the grades you deserve:

  1. Make sure you have understood the topic of the dissertation completely. Never miss a chance for a wee discussion with your teacher. As long as you know the topic you are writing a thesis on, you can rest assured that 40% of the task is complete. There is nothing entirely as wrong as completing a dissertation and then finding out that the Triceratops you have just written about as a musical band in your project is dinosaurs!
  2. Now that you have full knowledge of what you are going to write, let us move on. Never ever ignore the websites, books, authors etc that your teacher has given to you for research. At least 60% of the references should be from those sources.
  3. After looking at the sources, your teacher has told you to take help from, proceed to examine for other material that might help you with your dissertation. You do not have to look too much, as Internet has already done half of your research job. However, for most common topics, you will be able to find stuff from sources like Encarta, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Wikipedia, etc. For more detailed research, you can ask your subject teacher for more references to help you.
  4. Get as much information you can gather. Keep on taking everything that seems relevant to the topic you are writing your dissertation on.
  5. Once you have enough material, shape it up into a dissertation, and then spend the rest few days cutting off the additional ‘fat’ from your paper.

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