Health Case Studies: 20 Topic Ideas to Dedicate Your Work To

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Posted on October 3, 2018

Health Case Study Topics

Health care industry is of huge importance for the humankind. It is busy with the current and possible future problems with our health. It studies all existing illnesses and invents different remedies to treat them. Therefore, it is really important. Many students of medical institutions write different health case studies.

There are lots of academic requirements for a case study project. Every requirement has its peculiarities and potential stumbling stones. Nevertheless, every problem has various ways that are able to overcome it. One of the keys to a successful accomplishment of any assignment is to choose an effective topic.

It should be relevant and cover really significant issues, which are interesting for other people. If you choose an irrelevant theme or will try to cover a specification and/or issue that already has a solution, your project is doomed to failure. You are supposed to disclose and resolve some yet unsolved problems or give recommendations on how to treat or prevent some issues in the healthcare industry.

It’s not always easy to select an appropriate theme. Here is our list of suggestions:

  1. The Main Triggers of Diabetes: How to Avoid the Disease?
  2. Why Is Obesity Not a Cosmetic But Always Medical Problem?
  3. Is It Reasonable and Safe to Use Appetite Suppressants?
  4. Can a Stem Cell Therapy Help Against Alzheimer’s Disease?
  5. What Are the Main Reasons for the Development of Cancer and How to Treat the Disease?
  6. Which Foods and Products Are Dangerous for the Human Health and Where to Find an Alternative for Them?
  7. The History of Aids and How Can We Prevent Its Progress
  8. Why Do Japanese Live for So Long? Is Their Health Care Industry That Effective?
  9. The Comparison of Healthcare Industries in the United Kingdom and the United States of America
  10. How Can Who Help the Developing Countries to Improve the General Wellbeing of Their People?
  11. Aging: Why Does Our Body Give up Within Time?
  12. Which Methods Can Linger the Process of Aging?
  13. How to Treat People with Autism?
  14. Duromine: Myths, Effective Outcomes and Potential Drawbacks of This Preparation
  15. Top New 10 Remedies You Should Never Take in 2018
  16. The Main Factors That Make People Suffer from Various Diseases in Africa
  17. Laser Correction of the Sight: How Dependable And Safe Is It?
  18. Criminals at Work: How Do Mental Ailments Affect the Mind of the Maniacs?
  19. Is Homosexuality a Psychological Deviation or Simply the Conscious Way of Life?
  20. The Most Critical Issues of the Healthcare Industry in the United States Of America

Make use out of our list of topic suggestions. Choose similar topics and describe really significant matters. Find an issue that is relevant to the current society or your community and highlight it. You are free to choose the direction of your research. You may describe the common problems of an issue, give recommendations on how to treat a disease, discuss health industries of different countries, concentrate on a concrete health deviation and something of the kind.

A Health Case Study Sample

Sometimes, people know the slightest details about how to write this or that academic research. Nonetheless, they cannot put the things together. To see a picture full, use some examples. Here is one such.

One of the most common and really threatening diseases in the world is cancer. It exists in different forms and has disastrous consequences. It ruins the common harmony and takes away thousands of lives annually. Therefore, it should be stopped. In order to overcome cancer, we should undertake effective preventive measures, which lead to a healthy life without the disease.

Cancer is a serious disease, which directly threatens our life. It was estimated that in 2018 there will appear 1,735,350 new cases of cancer of different kinds. The predictions are terrifying. Approximately 609,640 patients will die from it or its terrible consequences. The most typical cancer forms are breast, lung, prostate, colon, and bladder cancer.

The scientists and physicians do their best to use treatment therapies effectively and with less ruinous consequences. It is known that chemotherapy induces sufficient harm for patients even if they gain a remission. However, the clue may be the prevention of cancer. There are some really effective measures, which will help to escape this terrible problem.

Amongst the most obvious methods of prevention are to give up tobacco smoking, maintain a healthy diet, and avoid obesity. Lung cancer is probably the most frequent form of the disease. Many smokers consciously predispose themselves to receive it. The consumption of unhealthy food and excess weight are other two contributors to its occurrence. People should eat healthy and natural products. In addition, it’s recommended being physically engaged.

Skin cancer is another typical form of the disease. Therefore, you should not be frequently exposed to the sun. Our body really needs the sunlight. Nonetheless, the dosing should be reasonable. Avoid the sun at midday, when its rays are most harmful.

Everybody should better get immunized. The enhancement of your immunity helps to get rid of multiple ailments and deviations. Cancer is no exception. Besides, other ailments, such as hepatitis B, sufficiently increase the probability that cancer may take place. Strengthen your body in different ways, avoid risky behaviors (such as unprotected sex), and have a regular check-up with your physician. Thus, you decrease the risk of being affected by the disease.

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases all over the globe. If we wish to fight it back, we should begin with the maintenance of our lifestyle. We should give up all unhealthy habits and improve our health in different ways. Thus, this disease can be stopped.

Look for more health and social care case studies examples. They will help you to define some insights about how to handle this kind of papers and write about this important sphere. Make essential notes and use them in your paper imbuing it with reasonable facts.


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