Definition Essay Sample on Happiness: What Is It Like?

Posted on February 19, 2008

Have you ever questioned yourself whether you are happy of not? What does it mean to you? Happiness is a state of inside being of each person and comes from different sources depending on the desires and kind of personality. The scientists all over the world have done good deal of research, philosophers and writers have written thousands of books on this topic in order to describe this state. But the topic is still open to questions and discussions. This fact means that happiness is important and integral part of out life.

During our existence, we as humankind created plenty of origins of happiness such as class, wealth, social position, family, level of intelligence and race. We also cherish and adore a huge variety of things and conditions that permanently bring happiness to us. Such as money, feelings, physical pleasures, relationships with others, sports, music, art cause happiness. The list is as endless as the list of our unpredicted and odd desires, as the list of personalities that exist in our modern globalized society.

Imagine just one day from your life. How many bagatelles make you feel happy and vice versa? The felling of happiness is built on little things that are taken from our surrounding world, from our everyday life. And this condition greatly depends on a personality, his or her needs, wants, worldview and imagination. Each person is unique, what makes one happy may be absolutely hated by another. But as a rule we all strive to be happy. Ruut Veenhoven first conclusion is that happiness is not relative or dependent on a purely subjective outlook, as some theories posit. Indeed, happiness can be rather accurately predicted on the basis of the objective “liveability” of the society in which the individual lives, and on the basis of his or her personal profile.(Veenhoven 34)

In general, happiness is an emotional state that people try to reach through the life. We study, look for a good and interesting job, marry, have kids to achieve needed state. But it is exceedingly important to know what makes us happy and what we need in this colorful and bright life. So to decide what to do and how to live is much easier. People are happy when they are “in control”, that is, when they feel competent to satisfy their needs and reach their goals (F. Heylighen)

Sometimes people have to even struggle a lot in order to understand what happiness is like. And only through suffering and physiological pain they can realize what kind of feeling happiness is. “Pain now is part of the happiness later”.

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