“Free the Nipple” Campaign Sponsored by Milley Cyrus Essay Sample

Posted on November 27, 2023

Cyrus’s article supports the “Free the Nipple” campaign by basing it on gender equality. The author postulates Miley’s Instagram topless photo was essential to sensitize society against sexualization and oppression of the female body. On the other hand, Keegan pointed out that the campaign was more strategic in opposing the archaic censorship laws in the country. The article’s findings in this argument challenge the logic of entertaining film violence and censuring nipples. Perry provides a twist in the logical argument by explaining that the campaign is not about nipples; instead, it focuses on the need to advocate for gender freedom. For instance, women should have equal rights to express themselves and pride in their bodies, just as men. Tejada pointed out the need to improve censuring objectives and policies to prevent them from becoming retrogressive and oppressive to women.

I support viewing the campaign as a social movement and awareness creation for equality and against women’s oppression. Like Perry’s points, society should support the movement as a protest and advocacy for a larger-scale objective. For instance, it should view the actions of the cerebritis supporting the movement as an incentive to develop a platform for equal social perception across genders. Besides, perceiving the movement at surface value would just be interpreted as a search to expose nudity, eluding the projected benefits of mitigating oppression against women.

The support for a broader spectrum interpretation is based on the need to cover extensive gender inequalities in society. As observed, the “Free the Nipple” campaign was symbolic of the need to free society from the mentality of male gender superiority. Based on the examples, men are allowed to go topless, but a similar instance among women is considered nudity. Such discrepancies are expressions of systemic inequalities in policies, institutional governance, and social perception. As a result, the campaign should be perceived as a call for transformations in policy at the institutional and community levels.

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