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Posted on January 3, 2019

A medicine essay is a written work that is concerned with a medical topic. Such a paper can be specific and demand some research and even the lab work. Alternatively, it can be an essay that requires one’s opinion regarding the health issue. For instance, when the guidelines state that a student should write about a perfect regime, favorite type of sport, or the importance of having the first aid skills. The medicine essays presuppose that the writer can enrich own knowledge of a certain topic and learn how to compose a well-structured and cohesive text.

The following medicine essay writing guide suggests a number of tips that would help one during the writing process starting from the choice of the topic and ending up with the rules of the creation of a conclusion.

Why Is It Important to Write a Medicine Essay?

The art of healing – medicine – unites some of the most urgent and important topics as the field is concerned with human life. Different types of essays may help one explore the theme. Medicine is an important area as the professional employees can lend assistance, maintain one’s state of health, and save a life. Even if a person is not directly connected to the medical sphere, there are many topics that one should be aware of. For instance, anything that deals with the personal hygiene, taking care of the patients, the rules of the first aid measures, as well as the symptoms of some illness would be helpful for every person who pays attention to own health.

Writing the medicine essay, one would learn to structurize the information about a particular topic. What is more, depending on a type of the essay, one can broaden own knowledge. Thus, if one should write an argumentative essay, one would learn how to use a bulk of information to shape own position and advocate it. Writing on a topic from the field of medicine is no easy task. Approach professionals with write my essay request if you think like you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The Choice of the Topic for Medicine Essay Writing

Medicine is a wide sphere that is interconnected with many other subjects. Therefore, the choice of the topic depends on a number of factors. First and foremost, one should be aware of the tendencies connected with the chosen direction. While we are living in the age of the continuously emerging technologies, it is no wonder that medicine is also continuously evolving. Thus, the choice of the topic for the medicine essay should mirror the latest tendencies and important changes that would be interesting and useful to find out about. A good topic should be comprehensible and define the key idea of the entire essay. Importantly, the title should also be concise, however, clear. The best way to decide on the topic is to make previous research to find out which topics are explored the most lately. In addition, it should also be noted that one can ask the professor to check the chosen topic so that he or she can either confirm it or give a piece of advice as for some changes in it.

As for a bad topic, it is the one that is not relevant, too often chosen by other students or the one that is similar to one’s previously chosen themes of the medicine essays. Here are some examples of the proper topics for the medicine essays:

  • Health Policy in the USA;
  • Antibiotic Resistance;
  • Autism in Children;
  • Abortion Should be Illegal;
  • The Advantages of Medical Cannabis;
  • First Aid in Extreme Situations;
  • What One Should Know About Schizophrenia;
  • The Impact of the Stress on the Academic Progress;
  • The Connection Between Videogames and Violence in Teenagers;
  • The Ethics of Gene Engineering.

These are only some topics that can be chosen by a writer, however, it often happens that the professors provide their students with a ready list of topics. In case if one has got the ready list of themes, it is easier to make a choice.

Pre-Writing Tips on How to Start an Essay in Medicine

As soon as the right topic is chosen and is comprehensively formulated, one should get down to work. The writing process always has to be well organized as long as it directly impacts on the quality of the writing. Therefore, one should not ignore the preparation. It is noteworthy to mention that this preparation moment is concerned with not only the research work, choice of the essay type, the list of the sources, however, the organization of the writing space as well. In such a way, one should choose the most appropriate spot that would create a working atmosphere, exclude the distracting objects and noises. Even though it may sound too pretentious at first, however, it is not hard and will not take much time. On the contrary, the right atmosphere would be a plus for the successful completion of the task. Finally, it is important that one has some pencil or pen and a notebook nearby as these would be needed for the creation of the outline.

How to Create a Helpful Medicine Essay Outline?

An outline is, indeed, helpful and allows one to create a cohesive and readable essay. What is more, a plan assists a writer during the search of the sources. The points of the outline define certain subtopic. Besides, one can focus on some specific subtopic and fully cover it. The chosen topic functions as a starting point and presupposes the key point of the paper. In such a way, there are few medicine essay writing tips for one to remember while creating an effective outline:

  • Before the creation of the perfect outline, one would have to write down several ideas that should be discussed in the essay. These ideas would later become the skeleton of the body part of the work.
  • As the main ideas are defined, one would need to organize them. At this point, one would rearrange all the ideas putting them in the right order so that the whole paper would make sense and sound logical.
  • As the previous step is done, on would have to review and adjust the written. While reviewing the listed ideas, one can either add something or vice versa delete some unneeded points.

The Creation of the Thesis Statement for Your Medicine Essay

The thesis is one of the most important parts of the paper as it, in fact, drives the entire essay. It is possible to build the thesis statement on the topic and the ideas that construct the body of the paper. It is worthy to mention that students do not pay much attention to this element of the essay, however, it is both helpful and guiding. During the writing process, one would always align the written material with the thesis statement. Every new paragraph of one’s work would also be connected with it in one way or another. Thus, the first and foremost rule while creating a valid and worthy statement is that the thesis should answer the major question concerned with the topic. For instance, if the essay’s theme is “First Aid in Extremal Situations” that the thesis statement would sound as follows: “Being aware of the basic rules of the first aid is a crucial skill in the extremal situations.” In this case, the body of the essay would discuss different points of the topic that are still connected with this main idea defined in the thesis statement.

The Research Work on Your Medicine Essay

Before starting essay writing, one would have to do some research work to gather as much useful information as possible. Sometimes people disregard the importance of this point, while it is exactly what makes an essay a worthy one. For sure, one would need to look through a number of websites, databases, journal articles, and books before choosing only some of them that fit perfectly the topic.

The Structure of the Medicine Essay

The structure of the essay follows the standard structure that consists of the introduction, body, and conclusion. At the same time, however, one should be aware of the fact that different types of essay require some structural peculiarities as well. In the case of the argumentative or persuasive essays, one should be especially attentive with the thesis statement that should suggest the position of the writer. What is more, at the end of the body part, there would be an opposing argument, and one would refute it in the essay’s body. In the compare and contrast essays, a student can use either the block or the point-by-point method. The first method presupposes that the similar and different points would be alternating with each other, while the block method means that one would first define all the similarities and then all the differences. Importantly, the introduction includes the thesis, the body parts turn around it, using the examples and details to prove it, and the concluding paragraph restates the thesis summarizing all the points mentioned in the body part of the essay.

Searching for the Credible Sources Used in a Medicine Essay

As it has already been mentioned, the sources are important for the masterful and effective essay. While searching for the references, one should be attentive and choose only credible sources. Knowing the exact structure of the essay, it is easier to search for the appropriate sources that would cover the theme of the concrete paragraph. Talking about the credibility, one should be aware that it is an indicator that shows the appropriateness of the source, as well as its trustworthiness. On the Internet, there is a lot of specialized journals, books, reports, case studies, and official web pages that provide everyone interested in the information. The links that contain some general purpose domains like ‘.gov’, ‘.edu’, and ‘.org’ should be prioritized.

One should also ignore the blogs, encyclopedias, or outdated sources. It is considered that the source is an old one if the date of publication was more than five years ago. As for the medical essays, it is better to use the articles that are written by those who are directly connected with the healthcare field. The rules of citation can be found on such websites as Owl Purdue. The webpage is a good choice as it suggests the citation rules for all the paper formats that are usually used for the essay writing activity. With the help of Owl Purdue, one would create a references page and manage the in-text citations effectively. Thus, for instance, the article that can be found here would look the following way in the APA format:

  • Meadan, H., Halle, J.W., and Ebata, A.T. (2010). Families With Children Who Have Autism Spectrum Disorders: Stress and Support. Exceptional Children, v. 77-1, pp. 7-36.

Post-Writing Tips Applied by Our Writers in Medicine Essays

As soon as the paper is done, one should not relax as there is one more important stage of the writing process. The writers sometimes neglect the reviewing part. In practice, it is the thing that can considerably help in terms of improvement of the entire work. It should also be noted that despite the fact that the outline helps to organize the essay, the final version of the paper may show that some changes are to be made in the work. A writer not only proofreads the writing, however, also paraphrases certain parts of the text, adds or deletes something, and even rearranges the paragraphs. The effectiveness of the essay revision depends on a number of factors. The key advice, in this case, is concerned with the time when the proofreading is made. Thus, in an ideal scenario, one would have to take a break before reviewing the completed essay.

After an intensive working process, a huge amount of different information, one can miss something important due to the tiredness. In such a way, as soon as the last word is printed, a student should take a breath, do some exercises for the eyes, maybe have some tea, or lie down listening to favorite music. Normally, such a break lasts for not less than 30 minutes. After such a small recreation, it is necessary to get down to the proofreading activity with the fresh mind.

Use your fresh mind during the whole essay writing. You’re encouraged enough to write a medicine essay effectively for your academic performance and the field of study as well. Make progress together with us!

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