“The Drugs” – Expository Essay to Use as a Writing Pattern

Posted on January 21, 2020

In our generation, we have access to an array of drugs on a scale never before seen by humankind. Most people, when you mention drugs, tend to think immediately of street and recreational drugs, such as heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana. However, they are only a few of the thousands of kinds of drugs consumed. Doctors today prescribe drugs daily, and the variety of kinds, and uses, is endless. The question is as follows – is this a good practice in our society? Or, perhaps, is it a real curse of our era? According to multiple evidence available today, many kinds of drugs are a benefit to society.

The results of taking these drugs are largely positive. Since medicine moved to using pharmaceutical drugs, many people suffering from diseases have an opportunity to get vital help. Either, prevented from getting disease, cured when diseased, or able to live comfortably with the disease. Smallpox was entirely wiped out by a vaccination developed by Fleming in 1800. Polio that is a disease that causes permanent paralysis has almost been eradicated by vaccinations.

Those living with diabetes’s, and HIV, have been able to live comfortably with their particular disease because of the use of daily drug treatments. Multitudes with depression have benefited by taking Prozac and various drugs, such as Valium and Dexedrine.

An incredibly huge number of people who take antibiotics for a multitude of causes often recover, while having no antibiotics at hand would be lethal to them. In an age of transplants and implants, drugs prevent the body from rejecting the new material, and thus the recipient lives. Even marijuana is being used as medicine for cancer patients. If you count the cost, it is clear that the use of drugs in society has positive results.

Why then do some people tend to argue that taking drugs is not a good thing for people to do? The primary reason is that they confuse drug abuse with drug use. There are three main areas of abuse that do cause much damage.

Firstly, the use of the so-called street drugs as recreational drugs is abuse. Heroin and Cocaine used to induce some sort of euphoria is abuse. LSD taken to experience hallucinations, Ecstasy taken to rave at a party, and Marijuana smoked to induce some good mood is abuse. This results in the consequences of addiction with its attendant loss of employment, divorce, crime, and prison.

Secondly, drug abuse takes place in the suburban home by abusing prescription drugs. People lie to doctors about symptoms to obtain drugs that induce moods. Tranquilizers that people take without any particular need to reduce stress without corresponding depression are known as drug abuse. As many of these are “respectable,” they are preferred by the mainstream of society. While taking valium can be hardly noticed, smoking marijuana in school will be definitely revealed.

Thirdly, there are doctors who do not practice medicine ethically. Instead of seeking causes, it is easier to prescribe a tablet that eases the symptoms, even when regular use of drugs is harmful.
All in all, drugs misuse also causes long-term health effects, such as cancer, lung or heart disease, hepatitis, AIDS/HIV, and so on. In general, any kind of drug addiction is a serious brain disorder. Without a doubt, not every person that takes drugs will turn into a drug addict. However, this habit is definitely going to change the way some of your brain circuits function. This, in turn, will interfere with the way you experience some of the life pleasures, like sex and food, your ability to keep your stress level under control and make logical decisions. All of these changes will make it hard for a human to stop consuming drugs no matter how hard they try and how many negative effects they’re dealing with already.

In conclusion, it is evident that drugs have benefited society in many ways. Healing, eradicating diseases, enabling people to live comfortably with medical conditions, and above all saving lives – it’s all is about drugs. The downside of the issue is that some people in today’s society – in the criminal and mainstream worlds – tend to use drugs in amounts that are harmful and cause disastrous consequences. In addition to being injurious to health, drugs also continue with the consequences at social level. In actual matter of fact, the social consequences of drug abuse are the job loss cases, dropping out of school or college, attending drug detox clinics, imprisoning, legal troubles, being victim of any sort of abuse or getting involved in problematic relationships. Any of the social issues mentioned above are the direct consequences of drug consumptions. While some individuals may face one or two social consequences, the other drug addicts may experience all of them at once.

Society needs to find ways to develop drugs, and reduce the abuse.
If you wish to write an expository essay, you need to apply the following:

  1. This essay is designed to investigate and evaluate an idea.
  2. To do this you need to gather evidence about the topic. This should be an unbiased selection
  3. Then set out your thesis in a clear statement in the first paragraph.
  4. Using the evidence you gathered, expound on your thesis, to prove it, argue against it, compare and contrast
  5. Ensure your paragraphs transition, and each contains and idea.
  6. Sum up your paper in a conclusion, restating your points to prove your thesis.
  7. The five-paragraph format is often useful when writing such an essay.

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