Research Paper Topics on Ethics – 20 Topics and Ideas to Get Inspired for Writing

In the contemporary world, where a growing tendency toward the establishment of a sustainable society takes place, ethics is a valuable field that provides ways how to achieve this goal. However, because of the long-lasting history of this branch of philosophy and therefore, high diversification of ethical approaches, it is essential to conduct in-depth research before applying any of those approaches to real-life issues. In this context, you should remember that an ethics research paper requires you to be attentive to details of ethical doctrine. Do not hesitate to employ a variety of academic books and scholarly journals to make your research valid and relevant.

Business Ethics Research Paper Topics and More Great Ideas

If a student wants to impress a mentor, selecting a worthy topic for a research project will be necessary. It is a list of 20 outstanding ideas with explanations to follow.

    1. Should We Be Responsible for the Past Decisions of Our Ancestors?

Italians, Germans, and representatives of other countries manifested Nazism, fascism, chauvinism, and racism. Today, they live in peace and follow European values. Should they be responsible for the crimes performed by their ancestors? Should Jews disgrace them?

    1. Should All People Have the Same Salary?

They say that all professions are important. Empowered people with high incomes cannot exist without house cleaners, shop assistants, and other low-paid people. If such jobs are significant, why are such people underpaid? What will happen if all people are paid equally?

    1. Is it Ethically Normal to Kill Someone while Protecting Personal Life?

The world is full of threats and danger. Regarding the state’s law, are people punished when killing someone trying to protect their or their relative’s life? Can only people without ethical boundaries kill?

    1. Journalists and Ethics: Is There Any Relation?

The press often writes articles about ethics research paper topics but can hardly follow the rules of morality. For example, is it legal to post videos about the death of children, business issues, or intimate details about human relations? Should the government change something radically?

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    1. Euthanasia and Nursing: Compassion or Murder

Why do some countries refuse to help patients who suffer or die? Who should perform euthanasia if doctors swore the Hippocratic Oath?

    1. Legal Job vs. Illegal Job Regarding the Ethics

Everybody says that it is a crime to earn one’s bread illegally. Nevertheless, poverty makes people get payments of envelope salaries. Should poor people be punished for that? What can the government do?

    1. Medical Help Against One’s Will

Doctors and nurses must often save murderers and other terrible people against their will. Is it normal to refuse to help such criminals? Should doctors use analgesics to reduce their pain?

    1. Dress Codes for People with not Traditional Sexual Orientation

Should employers let their male employees wear female clothes and cosmetics if they want? Is sexual diversity welcomed in the workplace? Why?

    1. Research Paper Topics That Contradict Student’s Interests

Tutors often assign business ethics research paper topics that students do not want to discuss. Is it right to force students to write a research paper on topics that make them feel uncomfortable and even mad? How should students behave in such a situation?

    1. Debts and Friendship: Does Money Ruin Friendship?

Everybody knows that if you want to lose a friend, you should lend him money. But is it ethical to refuse to lend money to your best friend? Do all borrowings fail?

    1. Should Friends Interfere with Relations of a Husband and a Wife?

Sometimes, friends reveal that spouses cheat. Should they tell their friends about cheating? Will the ruined relations ruin friendship as well?

    1. Should Judges Lie to Protect Innocent People?

Some cases lack facts to prove the innocent’s uprightness. Will it be right to forge tangible objects to rescue a victim and punish a criminal?

    1. Privacy and the Police: Where Is the Line?

Is it OK for the police to be aware of all personal data, including the identification number and home address? What will happen if a police officer misuses the private information of citizens?

    1. Personal Security and Web Cameras

Can people feel safe when the streets, shops, and even their laptops have web cameras? Why does someone’s security prioritize the safety of others?

    1. Hackers: Criminals or Life Guards?

Hacking somebody’s gadget is an illegal business. Are there any life examples that turn a criminal into a professional who saves lives?

    1. Online Shopping, Security, and Protection of Custom’s Rights

People buy many products and items online. However, it is hard to protect a person’s privacy and purchase from fraudsters. Is it ethical to read their chat and keep their data online when many financial systems are cyber-attacked daily?

    1. Politics, Ethics, and Sports: Is It Possible to Find the Required Balance?

Representatives of countries who are in war are often discharged from sports competitions. Is it fair? Should politics and sports be connected? Does it echo human rights?

    1. Sportspeople Salaries and Ethics

Football players who just kick a ball earn more than doctors and firefighters who save lives. Is it fair? Do people value players more than life rescuers?

    1. How to Find a Fair Referee?

Boxing and football are games that require fairness. Unfortunately, people are often biased because of personal preferences. What rules do candidates follow to become a sports judge?

    1. Accounting Ethics: How to Avoid Lucrative Temptation

You can create a term paper about accouters who deal with many financial papers and secrets. What ethical rules stop them from using secret data of their clients against them?

One should use only dependable sources when researching the topic on Ethics, such as:

Ethics is significant and involves moral principles that differ. When a person writes about ethics, it is essential to support the main idea and the chosen position with reliable facts. The best decision is to remain unbiased when presenting a topic. Due to that, students will provide a positive impression on a college tutor. That requires a pinch of effort, time, and professionalism. If you lack any of three, ensure to seek professional help from a research paper service expert. A combination of a catchy topic and its impressive presentation deserve the highest grade for academic writing.

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