Analytical Essay Sample on Casinos in Cincinnati: How to Make the Economic Progress

Posted on July 12, 2012

Casinos in Cincinnati Essay


The provisions within the entertainment within a given location have been included to establish the developmental features to boost the economic progress. Cincinnati has been developed through the involvement of development aspects promising to boost the economy and satisfy the population that promises to offer economic support. However, the obstacles to achieving development have been mentioned to be included in the constraint that personalities face in providing the social amenities. Casinos have been developed to offer a substantial entertainment form within the society to present the resources needed to offer economic development. Casinos have also been the leading forms to accord recreational traits needed by the population in Cincinnati to achieve the entertainment form desired. The design involved in the erection of the structures. The development of casinos has promised to increase the returns needed to achieve community development, and provide employment ventures for the community members who are presented with the challenge of adapting to harsh environmental provisions. The states within the US hold a defined measure to offer developmental attributes to community member. Cincinnati in Ohio has identified the casinos as a leading measure to accord the attributes needed to acquire returns that boost developmental activities. The processes to develop the casinos in Cincinnati have been linked to the presentations that the casinos hold to developing the area, with the provision placed on their location and result accorded.

The voters in Ohio had passed an amendment to accord the approval of casino construction within the state. Though the gambling problem identified, they allowed the bill to be passed to favor economic progress (Wynnе 111). The casinos in Cincinnati were to be constructed on a parking lot that had occupied a space of 20 acres. However, this location had not favored the development attributes that had been anticipated to limit ideologies centered on progress (Cottі 19). The motive for the construction of the casinos had depended on building the outlook of the downtown area with the infrastructure focused on eliminating unstable environmental conditions (Coolidge). With the development attribute in place, there was the promise to accord features to be incorporated in the new look of Cincinnati. Before the construction of the casinos, there was the need to analyze the impacts of the structures on the development of the available provisions within the scenery. The entity had been subjected to inform on the possible threats that the casinos would present on the community that had been composed of a wider demographic. The Broadway Commons District Study was included in the analysis of the impacts of the development of the structure to avoid a bias argument on the need to include the public in decisions regarding development attributes (LeMaster).

The strategy applied the incentive from small organizations with Bridging Broadways an example to engage in open forums to share ideologies on the construction measures. The meetings managed to acquire the desired measures that encouraged members to be informed on the construction process. The meeting had been completed to accord extensive design inputs that developed the resources leading to the casinos for easy access. An example of a casino to be developed in the area has been the renowned Horseshoe brand that promises to build a modern branch within the downtown areas (Horseshoe Casino). The creation of features to include food courts and adjacent entertainment system would create the link desired to the community through interaction, with pedestrian input and external visitors included in the calculation of the structure formation. The construction of the casinos had been a partnership effort that involved non-profit generating organizations and staff within the city. Bridging Broadway’s leading mission is to help attain the sustainable form of development required to accord the area developmental traits. This project had been aimed towards generating development of the economy and issue and adding opportunity to the members that desired the chance to participate in developmental projects. The casinos contribute to the development of a transport system that promises to develop business opportunities and pedestrian access form that links the neighborhood to the visitors within the casino.

The outstanding design input within the casino is the outward facing provision included in the design that promote the accessibility suggested uplifting the opportunities presented by the members of Cincinnati community. The chief desire presented in the completion of these casinos includes generating a positive relationship with clients who promise to develop the business into flourishing opportunity within the community. With the unique design and positioning allowing an added number in the community, the casinos attract over 6 million visitors to the community annually who generate high revenue (Whiteman et al).

The casinos build the economy of Cincinnati with an estimated revenue of $350 million dollars annually. The underutilized downtown space has found the input to develop the community in a significant manner that offers sustainability during a harsh economic period. The design inputs placed on the development of the casinos have promised to find the perfect fit to place the structures in a competitive spot. The competition under consideration involves eliminating the threat of including external resources to serve as leading entertainment forms in leading sites within the community. The careful selection of the applied strategies in construction of a stable structure to avoid accidents would take the opinion of qualified professionals who promise to deliver substantial results to avoid future misfortunes (Whitaker). The casinos located within Cincinnati have all included the sole purpose needed to attain development within the community. The competition has been placed in the capacity of the structures to hold a maximum number of clients. With the location in Cincinnati, the measures needed by the city officials to pass policies to promote development are included in their budget. The casinos located in Cincinnati have been named and competition elimination has been surfaced through expanding the facilities.

Horseshoe that promises to open in Feb 2013 would find location in the Broadway Commons situated in the northeast junction within downtown Cincinnati (Landers). The casino is projected to occupy a space of 354, 000 sq feet with restaurants and ample parking space. Argosy casino has been projected as a gambling establishment to contribute in the community development. Belterra, Vevay features a fifteen-storey building with 308 rooms for guests and spa facilities (Cincinnati USA). Grand Victoria, Rising Sun, casino finds the location within the Ohio river a few minutes west of Cincinnati. The Hollywood Casino has been located in Lawrenceburg, few minutes from Cincinnati to accord services within the 24 hours all days. These are the casinos that have developed the economic output of the community with the promise to accord added opportunity to the unemployed members. The satisfaction needed is acquired through offering affordable packages with visitors promised a magical tour of Cincinnati. Through advertisement on websites and leading articles, the casinos’ policies and packages are relayed to the public with the booking option provided online. The websites created to support these casinos have also emerged as the renowned measures to sell the packages offered to visitors. The increasing number of casinos within the community promise to offer opportunities for healthy competition needed to sustain development. The increasing visitors’ number has prompted the expansion of the available spaces to accommodate an added tourist number. The horseshoe casino has been developed to cater for the constraint that limited access to the community through the pedestrian method in travelling. When the work is completed, Horseshoe promises to offer the competition needed in developing Cincinnati’s economy t the desired level.


Cincinnati within the state of Ohio holds famous casinos that have helped in the development of the economic status within the environment (Eаdіngton 183). However, the competition presented with the increasing number of these facilities may develop monopoly in service delivery. There is the need to expand the advertising strategies to attract visitors from other states and external countries to contribute to the revenue generation. This provision is necessary to accord the Cincinnati population the opportunity to gain employment in the facilities. Through the casino business, Ohio has witnessed a significant growth in articulating measures needed to implement development policies (Plain Dealer Staff). Cincinnati has been the leading example of the set establishment in completing the opportunities that may be granted the populating. Development attributes needed to upgrade the casinos and design the preferred structure is boosted by public incentive. This is applied through the forums that promote the participation of the members and community input in designing the facility. The outstanding features of the casino should include accommodation and spacious parking to incorporate foreign visitors. Casinos are linked to gambling that present risky provisions to the development attribute of the participant hence the need to provide regulation without hindering the economic contribution (Wаlkеr аnd Bаrnеtt 182).

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