Essay Sample on Baby Boomers Health Issues: The Current Situation

Posted on October 9, 2013

The baby boomer generation is an age group of men and women who were born between the years 1946 and 1964. “Baby boom” ideally characterizes a time when there was a significant increase in the delivery of children after the Second World War. In addition, this generation characterizes a cultural perspective within the American society. They were born in an ideal environment that promoted the American dream.

Current State of Healthcare in the United States In Relation To Baby Boomers

Congress approved extensive laws to repair health care in the United States. Healthcare in the United States works in accordance with certain motives. The legal criteria establish the aim of health care as excellent care, not care as a universal amount or economy (Lingaraju & Ashburn, 2013, p. 266). Judges concentrate on quality regardless of cost, and the court’s priority is not an expense. Instead, today’s court focuses on whether the defendant practitioner meets the criteria of health care or not. The health care framework in the United States currently offers costly but excellent care (Lingaraju & Ashburn, 2013, p. 266). The legal system describes the level of care as the health care that a typical practitioner would deliver under similar conditions. Ninety-one percent of doctors confess to sensitively working towards unnecessary care. As a result, the legal care criteria constitute of unnecessary health care.

The United States is one of the thirty or more nations with successful single-player worldwide healthcare frameworks. Germany is the single nation with a multiple-payer worldwide care (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 127). It is worth mentioning that this system is the same as the one suggested in 1993 by Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Today, President Barrack Obama oversees the application of a worldwide health care forum within the United States. President Obama’s plan, packed as an economic incentive, set up a program for citizens below 65 years not protected by employer health care plans or not eligible for current government agendas (Figueroa et al, p. 367). This is largely because citizen above 65 years of age come from the baby boomers generation.

Current Policies and/or Bills or Initiatives Addressing Healthcare in the US

Disapproval of the bill strengthened after its approval. As a result, the bill will most possibly endure substantial amendments before it becomes fully functional (Lingaraju & Ashburn, 2013, p. 266). The proposal could initiate the formation of a National Health Insurance Exchange (NHIE). The NHIE is a government-operated association operated to sell healthcare plans to people without health care. The impacts of both the issue and the likely solutions in interventional pain management might be superior to those on other subjects (Lingaraju & Ashburn, 2013, p. 266). Expenses surfaced as a core component of the national health reform discussion that followed prior to the approval of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010. The following is a list of ACA actions projected at cost containment.

  • Superior government inaccuracies and control over health insurer premiums and practices (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 128).
  • Rising competition and cost transparency in the sale of insurance rules through health insurance dealings
  • Payment improvements that aim to lower payments for treatments and clinical admissions coming from mistakes or unfortunate quality of care
  • Money for relative effectiveness studies that compare different intercessions and approaches to hinder, diagnose, treat, and observe health conditions (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 128).
  • Relocating clinical delivery frameworks to be patient-based and advance the coordination and quality of care

The new health care law approved by Congress does not tackle offense reform. Rather, it lowers doctor compensation and raises penalty-oriented expenses and control regulations. Doctors have to deal with the new and the decisive burden of this legislation. This is because of the doctors’ entanglement between health care and criteria. This entanglement strictly calls for excellence irrespective of cost and penalty-based federal orders challenging economic health care irrespective of authorized care standards (Figueroa et al, 2013, p. 369). Congress amended and fixed the universal health care program bill on a number of events. The president did not approve this bill until March 2010 and will not be fully effective until 2014.

How Baby Boomer Healthcare Currently Influences the Nursing Practice

The baby boomer generation slowly gets old as chronicity rises together with the complication of care. Currently, the United States is in dire need of additional nurse practitioners, doctor assistants, and primary caregivers (Lingaraju & Ashburn, 2013, p. 269). The nursing deficiency in the United States may deepen as baby boomers get older, and the necessity for healthcare rises. Intensifying the issue is the fact that nursing schools across the nation struggle to grow registration levels to meet the increasing demand for nursing expertise (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 131).

Older patients who undergo prolonged pain because of soreness or other conditions see chiropractors, acupuncturists and bodywork therapists. These medical workers pinpoint sources of pain and lower it by improving blood flow, exercising stiffness in the muscles, and improving body positions. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) prioritizes the deficiency of enrolled nurses. Learning institutions, lawmakers, affiliated organizations, and the media currently work with the agency to make the nation realize this clinical crisis (NYC department for the aging annual plan summary, 2013, p. 131). AACN currently works on implementing laws, pinpointing approaches, and forming alliances to tackle the nursing shortage issue.

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