How to Make Effective PowerPoint Presentations in Your Class

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Posted on September 23, 2015

PowerPoint is a tool that allows you to enhance an oral presentation to a group of people. However, there are many pitfalls that you may fall into if you do not understand how to use this software correctly. In order to discuss how you can improve your PowerPoint presentations, the main stages of this process will now be identified.

They are as follows:

  1. Creating the Basic Design
  2. Creating the PowerPoint File
  3. The Presentation Itself

With these main components established, it would be prudent to examine each one in greater detail so that you may be better equipped to produce higher quality presentations.

1. Creating the Basic Design

This is a necessary part of the overall structure of the process; however, it is often neglected or completely left out by many. It should be realized that if a basic setup is not conceived before the PowerPoint file itself is created, then your presentation may not convey your information in the best possible manner. This means that a script or blueprint of some sort needs to be written before you try to create the actual slides that will appear in your presentation. Of course, this stage can be done mentally, but it must still be done, and writing down a formal plan can be a tremendous aid that allows for a greater organization of your ideas.

2. Creating the PowerPoint File

One of the biggest mistakes made by most students is putting too much text on a slide. Only one piece of information should be placed on each screen. While bullet points and graphs are effective tools you can use to convey your concepts, they should not be overly complex, or they may confuse some members of your audience. You should always remember that you want your PowerPoint to enhance your presentation and not distract from it.

This is why the use of any image that is not vital to the subject matter of the presentation should be carefully considered before it is used. Clip art is not to be used at all, and the use of images that are not essential for the presentation should probably be excluded. Images that are needed to make a point or reinforce a statement may be used as well as pictures that provide critical information about your subject. Also remember that the images that are used should be explained verbally in your speech and not merely with words on the screen.

3. The Presentation Itself

When giving your presentation, you should always remember to speak to the audience. You should not sound like you are reading material from index cards or reading text directly from the screen. Your voice should be natural, and you should sound like you are talking to a room full of friends. You should also encourage the members of your audience to comment or ask questions if there is enough time for such activities.

When a power point presentation is executed properly, it can be a very effective tool to get your point across. Whether you are intending to sell a product or influence the opinions of others, PowerPoint can be seen as an essential component of a successful presentation. If you need some further help with setting up a presentation you certainly can find some pros like But make sure that your organizational skills are of highest importance when you create it with someone’s help and present your ideas. Remember that as long as you stay centered on the primary theme of your subject and do not distract your audience, then you will probably have a greater chance of winning them over to your side.

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