Descriptive Writing Examples: My Perfect Vacation to the Middle East, Dubai

Posted on February 24, 2022

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You may agree that describing is the action happening in our everyday life. You describe your day, your work, relationships among others. Therefore, there should be no single issue with descriptive essays. Still, some students, whenever assigned the essay, may be greatly puzzled. This descriptive essay examples review will familiarize you with the definition of this type of writing, and share the example that you may use for inspiration.

What Is Descriptive Writing Format?

The fundamental purpose of a descriptive essay is to describe anything, whether it be someone, a situation, or just something you want to inform people about. You must construct the material for this type of descriptive essay utilizing your own experience. There will be no outside studies or views, only your intellect, and your head. To learn about the descriptive subject, only sensory information is utilized. The description of the simple things is straightforward and clear. Imagination, on the other hand, conjures up images in the reader’s imagination, making this experience one-of-a-kind and personified.

Depending on what you are describing, descriptive essays can take on a variety of forms and topics. This essay format, on the other hand, may help you describe most subjects thoroughly and quickly.

  • Introduction: Introduce the topic you are describing and provide a brief overview of what it entails (something the essay writer has experienced or knows about).
  • Thesis assertion: This is where you will outline your topic description. In the main body, you will go into further detail.
  • The main body: This may be divided into three paragraphs. The opening paragraph might be devoted to a comprehensive explanation of the issue at hand. The second section will go into the topic’s surroundings. Finally, the third one will concentrate on a sensuous and expressive description of how the issue affects individuals who engage with it.
  • Conclusion: This will connect all of your locations without adding anything new.

It may resemble a narrative story format too. Now, check the descriptive writing examples below.

My Perfect Vacation to the Middle East, Dubai

“Dubai is a pearl of the Middle East” – this is what I have heard from the Instagram feed, strange it may sound, and decided to choose it for summer vacation. Dubai is the second in priority city in the United Arab Emirates. The one, which is known for its booming tourism. I would like to transfer you by writing to that destination and help you decide whether it is worthy for 2022 travel experiences.

It was a late night when my parents discussed the perfect spot for celebrating their anniversary with us, my younger sister, and me. I was looking at our parents, arguing and debating – either cold or hot spots, with the ocean or sea, hotel or apartment booking. My mom was pretty persuasive regarding Dubai, while my father was demanding some kind of cold adventure with snow, and skiing. The winner was my mother, and we traveled to Dubai in July.

If you have never been to Middle East countries, you should know that it is not about simple hot countries but the ones with 104-120 °F during the summertime. When you leave the airport, you are immediately in a sweat. Your skin might get burned in seconds.

It is worth first specifying the people. The major religion in the UAE is Islam. It predetermines women and men wearing particular clothes. Emirati men dress in a long, single robe known as a dishdasha or kandura. Abaya is the traditional dress of Emirati women. A flowing black cloak with a free fit. The Abaya is always worn over other clothing. Women dress in traditional or western attire beneath the cloak. Still, the tourists should not wear this type of clothes mandatory but keep in mind Muslim traditions. For instance, my mother needed to cover her shoulders, knees, without giving a too-naked look when in public. To visit the mosque, she should be covered with abaya.

What about the top spots? Dubai was for me a city of fun and tourists and expats. You can spend days in your picturesque hotel because all the possible facilities are prepared. Otherwise, you can take stunning photos of their immaculately clean beaches. To tell the truth, your choice is limited to restaurants, hotels, fountains, and clubs. If you wonder about the museums, arts, it is better to choose Abu Dhabi for the Louvre Museum.

Last but not least, the food culture. Dubai is a mix of tastes with traditional Arab, Indian, and Asian cuisines. Based on my experience, I encountered either too spicy, for Asian dishes, or too sweet delicacies typical for Arab desserts. Still, there is no accounting for tastes. You will always find fast food, and classic Italian, French cuisines, at high-end restaurants.

To sum up, my adventure to Dubai was a worthy experience which I want to repeat with my friends. All the pictures found on social media with Dubai surrounded by beautiful people, clubbing, and enjoying beach time are all true. It is definitely a pearl of the UAE because other cities are more conservative. If you want to learn more about the Muslim culture that underwent some updates to the modern pace of lice, Dubai is the best choice.

What to Avoid in a Descriptive Essay?

Let’s also cover some of the most common mistakes students make within their descriptive essays examples.
Excessive Use of the Verb To Be
Was and were are the two most overused terms in the description and speech. You must use them at times, but they obliterate the majority of good phrases.

Excessive Use of Adjectives and Adverbs

Use words and verbs within the paragraph that will help your readers visualize what you are saying. Keep in mind that using too many adjectives and adverbs will result in telling. This is not to say you should not utilize them. Of course, you need them for the story, but do not use them just to use them. Say ‘yellow sun’ only if the sun is stunningly yellow and needs to be explained.

Being not precise

When you define, be explicit. Do not write about a high-priced gadget; instead, write a sample/draft about a particular brand, like iPhone or Samsung. Instead of writing about animals in general, write about one species.

Now, you may practice choosing the topics, and writing your paper. Refer to PDF Edu materials provided by the colleges and universities on descriptive essays. Ensure to proofread, edit and read your writing several times before submitting it.


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